Part 6

Justin and Lance carried the big metal bath between them up to Justin’s room. They tapped the door and were let in by Joey who left the room leaving them to their chore. Joshua sat cross-legged on the floor his back pressed to the wall. He jumped to his feet and clasped his hands before him nervously twisting his fingers as he watched the two cousins drag the big bath inside.

“Joshua, get into the closet please, some of my people will be arriving soon with hot water. I want you out of sight.”

Joshua opened the closet door and silently got inside. Justin twisted the key locking him inside. “Be quiet Josh.”

“Yes sir.”

Lance opened the bedroom door so that the slaves could walk right in. It took ten slaves to fill the bath. As soon as it was ready Lance locked the bedroom door and Justin unlocked the closet. “Come out Joshua.”

The skinny brunette stepped out of the small cupboard.

“Strip.” The slave hesitated briefly then obeyed dropping his dirty rags to the floor. “Get in.”

Again Joshua obeyed with out question. He sank into the hot water and let out a long contented sigh as the hot water soothed his abused body. He flushed red and hung his head thinking that he had committed an offence, he had allowed himself pleasure. His mouth began to tremble again as he waited for the blow he was sure was coming.

“Joshua, look at me.”

The slave looked up at master Justin. “What did I tell you about cowering?”

“That I wasn’t to anymore, that I was to act like a free man.”

Justin sat on the edge of the tub. “Then why are you shaking like we sat you in frozen stream water?”

“I’m sorry master … I mean Sir.”

“Justin. You will call me Justin. And this is Lance.” Justin pointed to his cousin. “I have been thinking we should change your name.”

“It’s a good idea.” Lance said thoughtfully. “To what though?”

Justin tilted the older mans face up so he could look at him properly. “He looks as if he has Cajun blood somewhere along the line.”

“Mmmm.” Lance studied his face. “I know a family down in Louisiana, name of Chasez. Joshua Chasez sounds good.”

Justin nodded his agreement. “But I was thinking more of his Christian name, they are looking for a white slave called Joshua remember.”

“Then we call him JC, use the initials. JC Chasez.” Lance grinned pleased with himself that he had thought up such an original name.

“Maybe Jace for short?” Justin added.

“Do you like that Joshua? JC Chasez. Jace.”

“It’s nice. Thank you.” Justin tipped some soap over JC’s head and began to rub hard working the lather through the tangle of curls. “I may have to cut some of this,” he said.

Lance picked up some scissors, “I’m in favour of a trim.”

Half hour later JC was standing naked before them, his hair curling prettily round his face and his body pink from the heat of the water, his cock hung flaccid between his legs. “Now clothes.” Justin said he opened a trunk he had dragged down from the attic earlier. “My stuff is too big for his emancipated body I had to root around for this stuff. He threw some old patched underwear and stockings to the naked man, then some black pants and a white frilled shirt with frills round the cuffs. “Put them on.” He grabbed a pair of his own boots and measured them to JC’s feet. “They are a bit big we’ll just pad them out till we can get him some more.”

The two cousins stood back while JC struggled with the shirt buttons unable to hide their amusement as he became frustrated with the flouncy material as he trapped it between the small circular mothers of pears.

“Here let me.” Justin brushed JC’s clumsy fingers aside and nimbly did the shirt up. “You’ll get used to them.” He whispered. He looked up smiling and was surprised to find himself looking into JC’s eyes.

“Thank you Justin … for everything.” JC dared to lift his hand a stroke Justin’s face. Realising what he had done he recoiled as if he had been burned. “I’m sorry.” He whispered and took a few steps backward. “I didn’t mean … I’m sorry.” Justin spun on his heel and strode out the room.

“JC lock the door, don’t open it for anyone except me, Joey, Chris or Justin.” Lance chased after his kin not waiting for JC to agree.


“Justin wait up.” The curly haired blond took the steps leading to the courtyard two at a time. “In the lords name Justin will you stop!”

Justin spun round his fists clenched. “What?” He spat venomously.

Lance seized his arm and pulled him in close. “We need him to act like a free man and the first time he does you throw a hissy fit. Do you know the damage that could do? Do you?”

Justin sighed his temper cooling. “He took me by surprise that’s all.”

“Well I suggest you get your ass back up there and tell him that. He likes you Justin, he’s not as afraid of you as he is of the rest of us. Justin don’t blow this. Its his only chance of survival.”

The blond man breathed out heavily and gazed up at his bedroom window.

“I’ll talk to him.”



“Now Justin.”

“Alone, I wanna talk to him alone.”

Lance smiled “No problem. Oh and Justin.” The younger man stopped and waited for his cousin to speak. “Start schooling him in his cover story. I wanna introduce him to Miss Lynn at the end of the week.”

Justin paled “Lance momma will spot him in an instance, she’s a very shrewd lady.”

“I think not, he has a very believable accent, I wanna test it at church on Sunday.”

Justin went back into the house and was greeted by his mother at the foot of the stairs. “Justin honey Lance tells me to expect more company.”

“I was going to tell you momma, its Mr Chasez, JC, he was in the academy with us last year, but he had to go back to Louisiana when his father died.”

“Oh I am so sorry to hear that.” Miss Lynn flipped open her fan and linked her arm through that of her sons, “why don’t you tell me all about him?”

Sunday came way too soon for Justin, he walked round JC scrutinising his appearance. The brunette stood straight. He wore a white frilled shirt and brown pantaloons, High boots and a brown jacket. His hair was captured by a black velvet bow and hung in a thick ponytail at the back of his neck. He stood tall and proud as he was inspected. The four friends had smuggled him out of the house the night before and now were ready to have him ride onto the plantation.

“I’ve said before and I’ll say again. Fucking amazing.” Joey said his arms folded across his chest.

Lance grinned “this is gonna work.” He said.

“This is gonna work.” Chris echoed.

The three men slapped hands and JC allowed himself a small smile. Justin pouted still unconvinced. “He still has to get past momma.”

Chris ignored Justin and approached JC. “You look great Jace, every inch a southern gentleman.”

Lance came up to him and rested his hand on his shoulder “You are going to be fine, keep calm, we will be close by to back you up. Chris is going to ride in with you and we will greet you at the front door like we haven‘t seen you for months.”

Joey and Lance swung up into their saddles then waited patiently for Justin to join them. “It will be ok JC I promise.” The blond plantation owner squeezed JC hand tightly then mounted his horse and galloped back to his home.