Part 8

Justin yawned and stretched. He blinked against the strong sunlight that was shining through the window he gazed down at the frail and beautiful creature in his arms and wondered when he got so lucky. He played gently with the soft brown curls that nestled against his chest, savouring the closeness of the soft warm body. JC sighed contentedly and snuggled closer into Justin.

Justin slid out from under him taking care to cover his lovers’ nakedness from the early morning chill. The brunette stretched like a kitten and opened his eyes. “Go back to sleep my sweet, I will be back shortly I have to check on the plantation and talk to my overseer.” at the mention of Larkin JC stiffened and gathered the blanket round him, his features darkening.

“What is it Jace?” Justin stroked the tousled head.

“”Why did you help me? Is it because you wanted me in your bed? Am I to be handed over to the overseer now?”

Justin sat back down next to his lover. “Is that what you really think my sweet, that now I have tasted your delectable body that I will cast you from me.”

“I’m a slave Justin.” His voice was as small as it was at the dinner table.

“No Joshua, not to me. I love you and I promise I will keep you safe.” Justin leaned forward to claim a kiss. Before their lips met JC whispered “What if I refused you now?”

Justin pulled back so he could look at his lovers face; he traced the scar down the left side of his cheek. “Then I would pout and sulk for the rest of the morning because my balls are full and my cock hard, but I would complete my chores as fast as I could so I could come back to you and just watch you sleep.”

Joshua leaned in to receive the kiss, parting his lips and allowing Justin access to his soft mouth. Justin’s tongue gently massaged his own, twisting and entwining. He seized JC by his shoulders pulling him to him. Slipping his arms round the bony back, walking his fingers up and down the ridged spine, as he possessed the sweet mouth. He straddled the older man, licking up from his navel to his chest, capturing one of the hard pink nipples between his teeth, making the brunette hiss with pleasure. The blond lifted himself up and looked lovingly into JC’s cobalt eyes before leaning back down and kissing a wet trail down to his pubic line. Justin hovered there for a few seconds lapping happily at the tender skin before moving his mouth to the thick phallus that jumped and pulsated between JC’s legs. He took a breath then swept his tongue over the slit, he smacked his lips at the tart taste of the leaking pre-cum then went in for more. Dragging his tongue up the veined shaft, circling the pinkish purple head, tasting as much of his lover as he could.

He deep throated JC and the slim man bucked his hips, a cry of surprise and pleasure on his lips. Justin pinned the sharp angled pelvis to the bed. Holding him still as he slid his mouth up and down his lovers’ exquisite manhood. He pulled away ignoring JC’s tiny cry of protest and buried his nose into the heavy sac, sucking one ball then the other into his mouth and making JC scream again as blissfulness surrounded him. Justin nuzzled into the musky sweetness, using the flat of his tongue to lap at the sparsely hair covered balls. He marked a trail back along the throbbing cock, swallowing him once more.

“Cumming, Justin, Oh Lord.” Joshua groaned and thrust upwards as he shot his load into Justin’s mouth. The curly haired man swallowed it all then moved back to lay claim on JC’s lips, thrusting his tongue into the older mans mouth, swirling around ensuring that JC tasted himself.

Gently lifting JC’s leg and hooking it over his shoulder Justin lined himself up with the tight opening. He gazed tenderly into his lovers’ eyes as he pressed inside. JC caught his bottom lip between his teeth and closed his eyes as he waited out the initial pain. When he opened them again they were tinged with tears. “I’m hurting you!” Justin exclaimed and moved to pull out only to find JC’s arms wrapped tightly round his back pulling him in deeper.

“Make me yours Justin, only yours forever.”

“Oh Joshua.” Justin pushed all the way in and leaned in kissing his lover passionately, savagely as he thrust roughly in and out. Bright lights flashed behind JC’s cobalt eyes as he bucked and writhed, moaning Justin’s name. His scream of ecstasy was swallowed by Justin’s mouth who orgasmed hard into the thin man. They collapsed in a tangled mess on the bed both breathing hard. JC whimpered slightly as his lover slipped out of him.

“Wanted you to stay there.” He purred.

“I did to sweetie, but Jim and the boys is plumb tuckered out.”

JC giggled at Justin’s description of his wedding tackle. Then his mood became sombre again. “Justin.” he whispered, “You won’t betray me … will you?”

Justin grabbed his lover close and kissed him hard. “Never.” He breathed.


Justin skipped out of the mansion and breathed in the glorious fresh air, he smiled secretly to himself as he imagined the naked beauty still curled up in the big four-poster bed. He sighed wanting to go back to him but knowing it was impossible for the time being. Rolling up his sleeves he sauntered down to the stables to check on his horses. He hadn’t got more than a few hundred yards when a shout went up and the powerful thundering of horse’s hooves filled the air. Miss Lynn came running out of the door to see what he noise was all about closely followed by Lance, Chris and Joey. Justin turned running back towards the house as Alexandra McLean Wheeled his horse. “Its war.” He cried. “The south has declared independence we are at war with the north.”

His horse reared and he shouted “Victory to the Confederacy.” and galloped away to spread word.

Chris and Joey stood stunned on the steps.

“I don’t know what to say!” Lance muttered he had turned a deathly white and Lynn Randall was crying quietly.

Joey spoke up. “We’ll pack, we’ll be gone within the hour.”

Justin pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes tilted back his head and yelled angrily. He ran up to them, “Don’t leave yet, I have some thing I need you to do for me.” He ran into the house and up the stairs to where he had left JC sleeping. “Get up.”

The sleepy brunette sat up rubbing his eyes, confused at the new tone that was being taken with him.

“I said get up.” Justin threw his clothes at him. “And get dressed, QUICKLY.”

“What is it Justin? What did I do?” JC struggled not to cry as he watched Justin thrusting his clothes into a small bag.

The frantic blond stopped what he was doing. “Just get dressed.” He said using a calmer tone. He snatched up the bag doing up the catch as he strode out of the room.

Joshua slipped out of the bed and pulled on the clothes that Justin had thrown at him. He stifled a sob, it was happening again, he’d given himself completely in love and now he was being cast aside. He crept slowly down the stairs towards the drawing room where he could hear Justin’s voice ranting and raving about fighting and protecting his loved ones. He stood in the doorway watching as Joey hugged Lance and then the irate curly haired man. Chris did the same and both men thanked Miss Lynn for her hospitality. Joey turned to the door catching sight of JC hovering uncertainly in the doorway.

“Justin.” He inclined his head in JC’s direction.

The younger man had tears rolling down his face as he drew his lover fully into the room. “We are at war.” He explained. “Joey and Chris must go back north, home. You are going with them.”

JC felt the world spin, he clasped Justin’s hands tightly shaking his head. “No Justin, I don’t want to go, not without you.”

Justin pulled his hands way. “You have to go,” he said forcefully.

“Why, why do I have to go?” JC began to cry.

“You know why.” The reply was spoken softly as Justin gathered the tearful man into his arms. “It’s not safe for you.”

“Come with me.”

“I can’t.”

“Yes, yes you can, tell him Miss Lynn tell him he can come with me. Please.”

The matronly lady wiped at her eyes. “Now honey you know Justin and Lance can’t come with y’all.”

Lance took JC by his shoulders pulling him away from the young plantation owner.

“Justin don’t send me away!”

Justin turned his back as his cousin dragged JC out of the room, Joey and Chris at his heels. Outside three riding horses and one packhorse stood waiting. JC fought every step pleading for Justin not to send him away. He broke free and ran back up the steps to where Justin stood subdued. The lovers hugged hard before JC was once more dragged away.

“Get him to safety Chris, I don’t care if you have to knock him out and tie him to his horse. Get my boy north.” Joey manhandled JC onto the back of his horse and took up his reigns. The two northerners kicked their horses into motion warning JC to hold on tight.

The former slave looked piteously over his shoulder at his lover as his horse was led away at a gallop.

Justin choked back his tears. “I love you Joshua.” He whispered before following Lance back into his house to pack. Their home was now at stake and the safety of their kin. The cousins clasped hands and made an unspoken pact soon they would both be wearing the rebel grey.