Part 2

The killer dragged his hand over his victim’s calf and she whimpered in fear. He had stripped her and she was suspended by her wrists from a hook. The thick tape that encircled her wrists also fastened her ankles together and covered her mouth. All she could do is watch in terror as the man she had tried to pick up sat cutting slices off an apple with his knife.

The killer had plenty of time he was in no hurry. The longer he took the bigger his boner would be; besides the security guard that guarded the paper mill at night was reliable. When he had first considered the mill as a possible location he had sat for hours watching until he knew the routine inside out. Even though he was meant to stay on the premises every night at 1am the guard would get in his car and drive away, not returning until 4. The killer finished his apple and put the core in a plastic bag, putting that in turn into his bag. He yawned and stretched. Standing up he walked around her. She recoiled as he ran his fingers over the bloody welts that covered her back and buttocks.

“Nearly done,” he whispered in a soft calming voice. The killer depressed a button on a pad that he held in his hand and the giant paper shredder ground slowly into motion. The girl’s eyes widened in sheer terror as she realised what was happening. The killer depressed another switch and she was swung over the machinery. She began to scream against her gag trying to lift her feet away from the razor sharp blades churning beneath her. The killer pushed another switch and she was lowered down. He watched until the blades started to tear into her feet, slowly shredding her alive then he blew the terrified and agonised teen a kiss and left her to her fate.


“Do we have a name?”

Joey held a handkerchief over his mouth and nose. “Justin we don’t have anything left to identify. Forensics is scraping up what is left and taking it to the lab.”

Justin peered down into the giant shredder at the blood stained blades. “I hope to god she was already dead but somehow I don’t think she was. Justin choked back the bile that was rising in his throat. “Who found her?” he asked.

“Night security. Seems he slipped out for a couple of hours and when he got back found the shredder working.”

“Where is he now?”

Joey pointed over to the men’s rest room. “Throwing his guts up.”

“You had better get him some medical attention. I want to talk to him as soon as possible.” Justin's stomach lurched as one of the forensic officers bagged up what looked like bone and hair. “Oh sweet Jesus,” he muttered swallowing the desire to join the night watchman in the bathroom. “I got to get out of here.” He strode to the exit and gulped in large lungfuls of air before striding over to where Joey had parked the car and getting inside. A few minutes passed and Joey joined him.

“They are taking him to the hospital. I’ve sent a uniform with him and they will inform me when he is in a fit state to be interviewed.”

There was a tap on the window and a young blond uniformed officer peered in at them. Justin rolled down his window.

“We found a pile of her clothes and belongings. Forensics have bagged them up and added them to their pile.”

Justin turned and looked at Joe then looked back at the young officer. “Where did they find them?”

“They were folded neatly on a chair outside the manager’s office.”

“Id?” Joe questioned.

“Laid open and right on top,” the young officer replied.

“He wants us to know who she is. He could have dragged the agony for the girl’s family out but he didn’t. He left us a means of identity. I’m terrified at what he has planned for the next one.” Justin wound up his window and Joey started the car. They needed to get back to the precinct and then someone had to tell the girl’s family that she was dead.


Josh looked up from where he was working behind the counter of his coffee shop and was surprised to see the officer that had interviewed him a couple of days previous standing opposite him.

“Hi,” he said shyly. What can I get you?”

Justin leaned on the counter. “Coffee double strong, I’ve had a bad day.”

Josh poured a large mug of coffee and handed it over to the tired looking police officer shaking his head when Justin tried to pay for it. “It’s on me.”

Justin beamed brightly. “Thanks.”

“Why don’t you sit down over there and I’ll bring you a cake to go with it.”

Justin sat down in the booth that Josh pointed to and watched the lovely young man working as he sipped his coffee. Josh was good with his customers for the most of the time but every now and then he thought he saw something in his eyes. He dismissed the feeling and smiled as the tall thin man came over with a refill and two choux pastries topped with chocolate.

Josh placed the cakes in the in the centre of the table and sat down opposite Justin. “Do you mind if I take my break with you, I’ve been on my feet since 6 this morning?”

Did he mind? “Of course I don’t mind,” Justin said just a little too enthusiastically and Josh giggled and lowered his eyes before looking back up through his thick dark lashes.

He seemed to Justin about to say something and then changed his mind taking a sip of his coffee instead.

“So how long have you worked here?” Justin asked truly interested in getting to know the beautiful man sharing his table.

“Since I was 12. My mom used to own the shop and then when she died it came to me. I’ve never done anything else.” Josh stared into his coffee cup intently.

“I’m sorry about your mom. How long has she been dead?” Justin asked.

Josh snorted. “Not long enough,” he muttered under his breath.

“I’m sorry?” Justin replied not quite catching what Josh had said.

“Just under a year. She had an accident, car accident. I’m over it now.” Josh finished his coffee. “I had better get back to work. Enjoy your cakes.”

Justin grabbed Josh’s hand as he started to walk away. “What are you doing tonight?” he asked.

For a minute Josh looked startled and then he slipped into a shy smile. “Nothing. Why?”

Justin pulled Josh into the booth beside him. For a moment he was unsure then he gathered his courage. “I’d like to take you to dinner.” Josh blinked at him now totally shocked.

Justin winced. “Shit you’re straight aren’t you? Look I’m really sorry I didn’t mean … “

“It’s ok,” Josh said softly. “I like you too. I was just surprised that someone like you would want to go out with me.”

“Of course I want to go out with you! Any man in his right mind would want to be with you, you’re gorgeous.”

Josh blushed a deep red. “I have to get back the coffee will need remaking soon and Honey is useless.”

Justin frowned not understanding and Josh nodded towards the petite brunette that was working behind the counter. “Oh,” he said understanding. “She is Honey.”

“Well some guys seem to think so,” Josh said sarcastically. “I personally think she should have been called sour lemon.”

Justin's phone began to ring. He pulled it out of his pocket. “I’ll pick you up from here at 7 if that’s ok?” He flipped open his phone. “Hold on Joe,” he said into the receiver. “7” he whispered to Josh. He waited for Josh to nod before he blew him a kiss and left going back to his phone call.

Josh watched him till he was out of sight and sighed. He was actually going on a date, his very first date. He went back behind his counter and snapped at Honey to brew some more coffee before picking up a photo of his mother.

“See someone does want me,” he whispered to her. “You were wrong.” He tossed the photo into a drawer and went back to work.