Part 3

Josh put the finishing touches to his outfit then closed his eyes before turning to face the mirror. Tentatively he opened his eyes and looked at himself. A stranger stared back at him. The man in the mirror was beautiful. Gone were the thick rimmed glasses that he had worn all his life, gone were the drab shapeless clothes that he had always worn when he wasn’t wearing the colourless uniform he was forced to wear by his dominating mother and gone was the home cut hair.

The man in the mirror had startling blue eyes rimmed with thick black lashes. He wore tight black leather pants with silver studs running down the outside seams. His torso was covered by a black and silver tiger striped muscle shirt and his hair had grown out and hung in curls around his face, no longer hacked at by his mother, but smoothly shaped by a stylist.

Josh took a deep breath and drew himself up to his full height and left his bedroom. He looked at the clock on the living room wall; Justin should be there anytime soon. He picked up his wallet and stuffed it into his back pocket then went down to the coffee shop.

Britney looked up as her boss came downstairs. “Wow Josh you look fabulous.”

Josh bristled with joy and he gave his favourite employee a shy grin. “Do you think he’ll like me?” he asked.

Britney came from behind the counter wiping her hands. “Honey if I thought I’d stand a chance of you saying yes I would ask you out myself. I always liked you Josh but your momma wouldn’t have let me or any other person within a foot of you. You were hers alone.”

Josh lowered his head thoughtfully. “She’s gone; she can’t tell me what to do anymore.”

Britney lifted her hand and gently caressed her bosses face. “You will have a fabulous time and I’m envious of who ever he is.”

The bell on the shop door rang and Justin came in. “Wow!”

Josh gave him a smile and Britney gawped open mouthed. “Oh, oh now I’m really envious.” She slapped Josh on the shoulder. “You never told me he was nearly as hot as you.”

The brunette blushed at the backhanded complement and kissed her forehead. “You going to be okay to lock up?”

“Yes, yes,” Britney insisted and started to shove the two men out of the door. “You have a great time, stay out as late as you want I’ll open up tomorrow for you.”

Josh beamed at her. “Thanks Brit.”

“Call a cab, don’t walk home,” Justin insisted.

“Take the fare out of the cash register Britney,” Josh offered. “Justin is right. I couldn’t bear anything happening to you.”

“Sure anything you say. Now go.” Justin dropped his arm around Josh’s shoulders walking him away.

The restaurant was dimly lit and a candle on their table cast flickering shadows on the wall.

“That’s perfect thank you,” Justin said sipping his red wine. The waiter filled Josh’s glass and then waited to take their order. “I’ll take the steak and fries with spring vegetables please.”

Josh chewed his lip for a long minute. “Poached salmon in dill butter sauce with the baby new potatoes please.”

“Not a meat eater?” Justin asked.

“I tend to stick to fish or chicken. I don’t’ have much of a taste for bloody meat, well blood really; and needles. I’m a bit of a whimp really.”

Justin chuckled and lifted his glass. “Josh lifted his glass clicking it carefully against Justin's.

“So tell me about yourself. All I know about you is that you are a police officer and you date guys.”

Justin sipped at his wine, “well honey that’s about all there is. I’m 23, I have two half brothers that still live with my mom and step dad that’s it. What about you?”

“I’m 28, no brothers or sisters. My mom is dead and I never knew my dad.”

The waiter placed their meals in front of them. “Mmm smells good,” Justin said sniffing the air. They ate their meal in silence both men too nervous to make small talk. Justin paid the bill and they left.

“I’ll walk you home,” Justin offered.

“No it’s okay,” Josh leaned against a low wall and fiddled with his fingers, his eyes downcast.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Justin asked lifting Josh’s chin so that he could see his eyes.

“I’ve messed up haven’t I?”

“What makes you think that?”

“We didn’t have anything to say to each other. I bored you,” Josh said sadly.

“No, no, no, no. Josh I really like you.” Justin moved closer so that their bodies touched. “When I’m nervous I clam up and get tongue tied. I’m sorry if I made you feel unwanted.” Justin leaned forward and peaked Josh on the lips. He pulled back slightly waiting to see if his kiss was accepted.

Josh had his eyes closed and was slightly flushed. He opened his eyes and with trembling mouth leaned forward letting his lips brush over Justin's once more. Encouraged by Josh’s bravado Justin took the lead and wrapped his arms around the older man, kissing him harder, licking his lips until Josh opened his mouth and gave him access. The two made out for nearly fifteen minutes before Josh dropped his head and rested it on Justin's shoulder. Justin hugged him back sighing happily.

“Now can I walk you home,” he asked again.


By the time they reached Josh’s coffee shop Britney had locked up and gone and it was in darkness. They lingered outside holding hands and sharing soft kisses, both reluctant to let the evening end.

“Do you want to come in?” Josh asked nervously.

Justin looked up at the upstairs windows. “Do you live above the shop?” he asked.

Josh nodded shyly. “We always have.”

Justin kissed Josh once more. “I would love to come inside but I really want to take this thing slow.” He laced his fingers with the pale brunette’s. “If I come upstairs I’m going to want more than a nightcap.”

Josh let Justin's hand fall from his and turned to unlock the door. “Would hot chocolate be alright?”

A smile spread over Justin's lips and he pulled Josh to him, grinding into him, growling with his desire for the elegant young man in his arms.

“You know what you are doing don’t you Josh? I don’t want you changing your mind half way through.”

Josh nodded his head towards the door. “It’s up to you,” he purred. “My bedroom is through the back door and up the stairs, first door on the left. I’ll be in bed if you decide to join me. If not please make sure you lock up before you go.” Josh left Justin standing staring bewilderedly at the empty space that he had just occupied. Where had this vamp suddenly appeared from? He stood back and gazed up at the window, watching as Josh’s silhouette pulled his shirt over his head and then bent to take off his pants.

“Okay Timberlake I think that’s slow enough,” he said to himself as he darted into the coffee shop slamming the door behind him.

He took the stairs two at a time and burst into Josh’s bedroom. The slim man was already in bed, the sheet pulled up to just over his waist.

“Holy shit,” Justin breathed to himself. Josh was an innocent, he could tell by the apprehensive look on his face. The young coffee shop owner pulled back the sheet that covered him and displayed himself making Justin lick his lips with anticipation.

“Do you want me?” Josh asked, worry of rejection marred his voice and he looked as if he was about to cry.

Justin kicked off his shoes, peeled off his shirt and pants then yanked his underwear off. He crawled up the bed covering Josh’s shivering body with his own and loosing himself in a long dirty wet kiss that found his tongue trying to taste the back of Josh’s throat.

The beautiful man in his arms mewed and whimpered with every touch of Justin's hand. He needed love he desired love; their mouths collided. “Make love to me,” Josh breathed into Justin's mouth. “Be my first time.”

Justin could hardly believe his luck or his ears. Did Josh really just say this was his first time? He lifted up so he could see Josh pushing the stray locks away that were covering his face.

“You are a virgin?”

Josh captured his bottom lip with his teeth and nodded. “Does that matter to you?”

“Yes,” Justin said. “It matters. It matters a lot. I’m honoured that you chose me, of all the men you could have and you chose me.” He quickly covered Josh’s mouth again, nibbling at his bottom lip. He ground himself into Josh’s groin knowing that the friction was making his soon to be lover hard. Suddenly he was very wet. Josh blushed bright red and turned his head away in embarrassment.

He had come just from being rubbed.

“Don’t be embarrassed, there is no need to be.” Justin lifted up and scooped Josh’s cum up onto his fingers and began smearing it over the head and shaft of his cock. He parted Josh’s legs and got between them. Gently he lifted both legs up to his shoulders so that Josh’s ass was displayed for him. The slim man was chewing his lip again and looking up at his lover with huge trusting blue eyes.

“Take it slow,” he begged and Justin leaned down kissing him passionately.

“Ready?” Justin asked.

Josh nodded and whimpered when Justin's cock pressed against his opening. He gripped the sheets so tightly that his knuckles turned white.

“Relax,” Justin said calmingly. He pressed harder and this time Josh cried out as his ass was penetrated for the first time. Justin halted all movement and just waited until Josh’s breathing had returned to normal before he started to move again. With slow rolls of his hips Justin pumped his new lover, taking his virginity as gently and as lovingly as he was capable of. He gritted his teeth against his impending orgasm wanting to make Josh come once more. He changed the angle of his penetration and there … that was it. The sudden startled look in Josh’s eyes told him he had found the beautiful man’s sweet spot. He rammed into it again and then again, repeating it over and over until Josh was covered in sweat and gasping with every thrust. Justin smiled as a sudden splash of wet covered his stomach and he thrusted harder, letting go of the feelings he had been suppressing. With a gargled cry he came not quick enough to pull out.

The two men lay entwined panting for breath, their sweat already cooling on their bodies and making them feel cold.

Justin went to get out of bed and Josh captured his hand. “Stay,” he said simply.

Justin looked at the bedroom door then back at Josh and then he got back into bed covering them both with the long ago discarded sheet.