Part 3

Justin sat on his chair waiting to be seen. He sighed and looked at his watch once more then began picking at a hole in his jeans. The door opened and a pretty brunette lady came in a box in her hands. “Good morning, its Mr. Randall isn’t it?”

“Yes ma’am.” Justin went to stand up, his impeccable southern manners coming into play.

“Please don’t stand up Justin, I can call you Justin can’t I?” She never waited for an answer. “My name is Janine and I just have a few things we have to go through. Can you sign the consent please?” she handed Justin a sheet of paper; he read through it quickly and signed, handing it back.

Janine smiled and readied her syringe. Justin raised a questioning eyebrow and held out his arm when it was asked for. “You’re very trusting Justin.” she observed as she injected him.

“Well I figure you’re not going to kill me on the first day.”

Janine laughed, her laugh like the tinkling of little bells. “No we wait till the third day to do that.”

Justin grinned at her and blushed. She was attractive and he was only in here for two weeks. “ So you married Janine?”

The doctor flushed, a sly smile spreading over her lips. ”Are you flirting with me Mr. Randall?”

“Hell yeah.“ The doctor handed him an envelope. “What’s this, your home address?” Justin wriggled his eyebrows comically.

“No, its your assignment, read it memorise it then follow the instructions. Please leave the note behind when you leave, and remember you may not discuss its contents with anyone until the experiments have concluded and you have been debriefed.”

Justin grinned, “And will it be you that de-briefs me?”

“Mr. Randall I believe you are the wickedest volunteer we have ever had.”

“It was just a thought, so when I get out, you wanna do dinner?”

“I’ll let you know.” Janine giggled and left. Justin sat back on his chair and opened his assignment.

Dear Volunteer,

You have agreed to participate in experiment No4.

This is a social experiment where you will be isolated with another volunteer for the total of and no longer than two weeks (14 days). During this time you will be obliged to carry out certain acts, you will be informed of this via the chip in your arm.

The main rule is you must not discuss your assigned tasks with your fellow volunteers. If you do the experiment will be suspended and you will be sent home along with the rest of your group.

Experiment No4 will consist of two people, one is the jailor and one is the prisoner, you have drawn the prisoner identification. You will be completely at the mercy of your jailor, depending on him or her for every little thing.

Your tasks.

1) You will become uncooperative when the chip signals you.

2) You will be subservient.

3) You will become violent and uncooperative.

4) You will become withdrawn and quite.

5) You will use abusive language and be uncooperative.

These tasks will be repeated. Your chip pulsing the number of times relating to the task.

Again I warn you discussing your tasks will mean instant dismissal from the experiment.

Memorise your tasks and make yourself ready for the next two weeks

Good luck.

Justin gulped; he was going to be at the complete mercy of a stranger. His heart pounded as he sat waiting for them to come and get him.


“Stand up.” The barked command made Justin jump. He looked around as he stood trying to see where the disembodied voice was coming from. “Strip.”

Shaking he began to remove his clothes until he stood shivering in his boxers. “Everything.” The voice demanded again. Swallowing a lump in his throat Justin dropped his underwear adding them to the pile at his feet. “Place your clothes through the slot at the bottom of the door.” the young man picked up his discarded clothes and did as he had been told. Hands snatched them away and put a piece of cloth in their place. “Blindfold yourself.”

“Why?” he was becoming scared now.

“Obey,” was the only reply he got.

Justin picked up the black strip of fabric and wrapped it around his eyes securing it firmly in place.

“Kneel.” the slot opened again, grating on its runners. There was a clinking noise then the slot shut again. “In front of you on the floor are handcuffs, cuff your hands behind your back.”

“Please I don’t want to, I don’t like this.”

“The prisoner will obey now!”

Justin felt around till he found the metal cuffs, shaking he snapped a bracelet on his left wrist, it took him a little time but after some fumbling he managed to cuff his right hand. Kneeling naked, blindfolded and cuffed he had never felt more vulnerable. He suppressed his urge to cry, forced with no other choice but to wait