Part 8

Justin got out of his friend joeys truck and checked the address again. “Dude this is it.”

Joey peered up at the building, it’s a bit of a shit hole isn’t it?”

“well the guy that answered the phone said that this was the forwarding address if anyone called about the jeep.”

“That must be it there.” Joey walked over to the metallic black 4x4. “Its really clean, how much he want for it again?”


Joey whistled. “that’s a lot of cash man. You sure about this?”

“Too fucking right, I earned that dough.” Justin ran his hands over the shiny hood.

His friend guffawed, “Told you there was no such thing as easy money dawg.”

“Smart ass.”

Joey laughed loudly. “This must be the dude now.”

Justin kept his eyes on the jeep, looking for anything he could pick up on to get the price lowered.

“Hi, you the dude that called for my jeep?”

Justin turned around sharply. “Joshua!”

“Justin! Oh my god Justin!”

“They wouldn’t give me your address, they said it was confidential.” the younger man stepped closer, reaching out and cradling the sharp jaw of his former jailor in his hand.

Joshua nuzzled it lovingly.

“So you two know each other then?”

Justin’s smile lit up his face. “Joey this is Joshua, Josh this is my main man Joey. Joshua was the dude I told you about.”

The brunette blushed, “You told your friends about me?”

“Well how else was he going to get us to help him look for you dawg?” Joey said as he scrutinised the thin man. “By the man, you were right, he is too cute for words.” Joey winked and walked away shouting over his shoulder. “This is one deal I think you can handle alone Randall.”

The two men stared at each other uncomfortably, neither knowing what to say. Joshua broke the uneasy silence. “You wanna come up?”

Justin sat on the threadbare couch and looked distastefully around him while the brunette fixed a couple of sodas. Joshua didn’t miss the look on his former lab-rat’s face and he felt ashamed.

“You lived here long?”

“About a week.”

“Why the hell you move here, it’s a bit…” Justin trailed off seeing that he was upsetting his new friend. “I’m sorry, it’s your home I shouldn’t be badmouthing it.”

“I’m broke.”


“That’s why I live in this cesspit, that’s why I’m selling my wheels and that’s why I volunteered for the experiments. I had to quit my place to pay off debts that my ex boyfriend left me with when he cleaned me out.”

“I’m sorry Josh.”

Joshua laughed bitterly. “Why you didn’t make me fall in love with a shyster.”

Justin got up and wrapped his arms around Joshua’s slim form, surrounding him with affection. “I need a new room mate”

“I don’t need your pity.” Joshua said as he pulled away. “I got enough of that for both of us.”

“It’s not pity.”


“No. Its purely selfish.”

Joshua looked puzzled, as Justin slipped into his personal space. “Don’t you remember what I said to you? You know before you quit the experiment.” he leaned in moving his lips softly over Joshua’s, playing his the tip of his tongue over them until he was granted access. They broke away, breathless and kiss bruised.

“You asked me to make love to you.” Justin whispered, reminding the slender man of their last conversation. “And I told you that I would make love to you as often as you wanted me to. I can’t do that unless you live with me.”

“You’re serious, you want me?”

Justin laced his fingers with Joshua’s. “I want you. Besides,” he said wickedly, “I’ll save myself $4000 cus I’ll still get the jeep.”

Joshua pouted. “I knew there was a catch.”

“You are the only catch I want Josh.” They kissed again, longer this time. “Come on, I’ll help you pack.

The end.

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