Part 6

Justin slammed into his rooms; he didn’t blame his prisoner for not wanting to eat the muck he had been given. He wouldn’t eat it either. He put the TV on and put the headphones over his ears and started flicking through the channels, he started to watch a movie, something about a soccer player that was sent to prison. An hour passed and Justin went back into the cage room and stood his hands behind the small of his back. The slim man had pushed the still full bowl through the bars and was sitting on his mattress cross-legged. He looked up his eyes round and angry “I’m cold.” Justin had noticed the drop in temperature.


“Can I have some clothes or a blanket?”


“I’m cold.”

“You didn’t eat your food.”

“Its disgusting, you eat it. I don’t want to eat it.”

“Eat your food and I‘ll give you something to wear.”

“I’m not hungry.” Joshua’s stomach growled and Justin laughed. He pushed the bowl back through the bars.

“Eat it.”

Joshua pushed it back at him. “No.”

“Eat it you little shit or I will starve you till the end of the week and you won’t wear clothes for the whole three weeks. Now fucking well EAT IT” Justin yelled.

Joshua caught his upper lip between his teeth and looked at the gruel like substance with distaste. Determined he wasn’t going to soil his lips with the nasty substance. He looked up defiantly at his jailor, daring him to make him. Justin grabbed his keys from the table, his eyes flashing with anger.

“I’ll fucking shove it down your throat if I have to.”

Joshua swallowed nervously and picked up the bowl. He dipped his fingers inside, scooping a little up. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, pushing his fingers into his mouth, gagged.

He swallowed repeatedly as his stomach lurched and heaved. He looked up, tears glistening in his eyes and scooped more into his mouth, gagging again until he had emptied the bowl, he pushed it at Justin, shaking all over, trying not to vomit.

“Lick it clean.”

“I did what you said, I ate that shit, that’s what you wanted wasn’t it?” Joshua screamed back at him. He pulled his knees up to his chest and hid his face.

“Lick the bowl pretty-boy and maybe, just maybe I‘ll give you something to wear.”

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? Making me beg, forcing me to eat that shit! Joshua scraped his hair back off his face with his fingers.

“I’m not enjoying it, just lick the fucking the bowl.” Justin snapped.

The caged man reached through the bars and picked up the practically empty bowl, his hand shaking. “You’ll give me clothes?”



“Lick the bowl.”

Joshua lifted wooden utensil to his mouth, licking it clean, heaving as he swallowed. He passed the now clean bowl back to his captor. “Please sir; may I have something to warm me?”

Justin put the dish on the table “No, not yet. I’m going to bed; do you need to piss or anything else?”

“But you promised!”

“If you need to piss give me your hands now.”

Joshua turned his back and pushed his hands through the bars, wincing when the cold metal snapped closed over his wrists. He stood up and waited for Justin to unlock his cage and lead him to the toilet. He tried not to shiver as Justin’s hand closed around him. He returned to his cage, his shoulders drooped and his head down. Silently he turned and allowed his jailor to take off his restraints. “Goodnight sweet-cheeks.” Joshua never spoke he just stood hugging his arms across his chest shivering in the already chilling air.

“I said goodnight.”


The captive man stood for a moment, his eyes on the door that led to his jailors rooms. It was getting cold; the tiny hairs that covered his body had begun to stand on end, forming goose bumps. He wanted to vomit, the food lying heavy in his stomach. He lay on his mattress and rested his head on his arm; the lights were so bright, that he almost wished he could have the blindfold back. He closed his eyes, shivering in the rapidly cooling air. He was trapped, frightened and helpless. He had come into this experiment because he was desperate, the two thousand dollars would go a long way to solving his massive debts. “Please.” he prayed, his voice little more than a breathed moan. “Give me the strength to see this through, please help me.” He could do this. He would do this. He opened his eyes and stared over at the closed door that led to his jailors apartments and wondered what it was like in there, was he sleeping on the floor, with nothing to keep him warm or was he tucked up comfortable in a nice warm bed, what did he have to eat, steak, chicken, or did he have to eat the disgusting paste too?. He curled up, hugging himself and closed his eyes again, trying hard not to think, not to remember why he was there, why he had to suffer more than he already had done. He scrubbed away the tears that started to roll down his face. “Why Nat?” he whispered, “Why did you do it to me, I loved you. I loved you.”

The channels on the TV clicked off the TV and yawned, “Time for bed I guess," he spoke out loud even though he knew no one was there. He switched off the light and lay in the dark, a thin strip of bright light shone under his door. “Poor fuck,” he muttered. “They’re not even going to turn off the lights for him.” A sudden thought crossed his mind. Swearing he tumbled out of bed, going in search of a light switch. He couldn’t help but feel sympathy for the skinny pretty-boy; he padded softly into the cage room, unlocking the door as quietly as he could. His prisoner had managed to fall asleep, but lay shivering, his lips slightly blue. Justin sighed, and went back to his room, grabbing up a blanket from a pile on the chair, he couldn’t let the poor guy freeze to death. He gently covered the long wiry body, then sat down watching as his chest rose and fell. His prisoner had been crying; red lines where his tears had burned his face were clearly visible. “Not as tough as you pretend to be are ya?” he whispered, not wanting to wake the sleeping man. “I’m going to have to think up a name for you, guess I could always call you SC, or PB. Yeah I like that. PB it is.” Justin got up and searched around for the light switch, giving up when he couldn’t find one. He looked over to the caged man, his heart almost breaking as PB let out a small hiccupping sob in his sleep. “Three weeks isn’t all that long, you’ll see.”