Part 8

When Joshua woke up he was stiff; his whole body ached. He coughed and groaned bringing his knees up to his chest as the bruising on his stomach contracted. He really didn’t know how much more he could take. He had called out for hours the previous night as the room temperature fell, begging his jailor for a blanket so that he wouldn’t freeze to death. The jailed man lifted his head and recoiled in fright as he realised that his jailor was sitting on a chair outside his cage just watching him.

Joshua got painfully to his knees and turned his back on the bars, lowering his head and thrusting his hands through the bars to be cuffed once more.

To the defeated man it felt like an eternity before the familiar feel of steel encircled his wrists and the sound of the cage being unlocked occurred. He pushed himself up to his feet and left his cage, kneeling as soon as he was out in the open and lowering his head to the hard tiled floor.

He shook under the scrutiny of the stranger that ‘owned’ him and bit his lip to stop himself from speaking.

The plain wooden bowl filled with paste was put down in front of him and with reluctance Joshua lowered his head further and began lapping up the foul grey substance.

“You are very brave PB,” his jailor said kindly. “There will never be a repeat of the other night I promise you.”

The paste stuck in Joshua's throat and he forced himself to swallow over and over to clear it. Another bowl was slipped under his nose; this one contained water. Thankful the bound man slurped at it with his tongue, using the fluid to ease the passage of the gruel.

Justin waited until his prisoner had finished choking down his breakfast and then dragged a chair over to him and sat down. “I’ve noticed that you haven’t been emptying your bowels.”

Joshua kept his head down and his eyes on the floor so that his jailor wouldn’t see the humiliation on his face.

“PB I’m not trying to hurt you; I’m concerned.” Justin sighed. “Look at me,” he ordered.

Joshua looked up meeting his eyes and then looking away quickly ashamed.

“What I’m going to do isn’t to humiliate you or punish you; I want you to understand that. It is for your own good. If you don’t empty yourself soon you will get sick.”

Joshua met his eyes again and then let his gaze drop down to Justin's hands and the object he held. His mouth began to tremble and he lowered his head again. Justin stood back up and walked over to a table, placing the enema kit on its surface. “Come here,” he said sternly.

Joshua didn’t move.

“I said come here PB. Either you submit to this or I will hit the quit button on the grounds of you being too ill to continue.”

“If you do that you won’t get paid and neither will I.” Joshua muttered.

Justin walked back over to his prisoner. “I’d rather not get paid than to have you get sick and you will get sick PB. That paste stuff obviously doesn’t have enough roughage to make your digestive system work correctly. I’ll talk to the organisers but in the mean time we are left with only one option.” Justin squatted down in front of the humiliated man. “This isn’t to hurt you PB.” He placed a gentle hand on Joshua's arm. “Trust me.”

Joshua let Justin lift him to his feet after all what choice did he really have?


Justin held his prisoner in his arms soothing him with kind words and stroking his hair. The whole enema thing had been traumatic for both of them and Joshua had eventually broken down in floods of tears making Justin feel like a monster. He tightened his grip on the humiliated man as Joshua’s tears soaked through his shirt and wet his chest. In a move that surprised himself Justin got up and lifted his prisoner up and carried him back to his cage, laying him carefully on the mattress. He leaned down and kissed his forehead. “Try to sleep PB. I’ll be back in a bit.” He locked the cage and went directly to his apartment and to the emergency phone.

He lifted the receiver and was connected to the observer’s office. His voice shook a little when a deep voice asked him what the problem was.

“It’s PB, he’s not digesting the paste properly, it’s making him ill,” he explained.

“Does he want to suspend the experiment?”

Justin chewed the inside of his mouth. “No,” he replied. “But I think that he needs better food, something to kick start his digestive system. He’s not,” Justin stumbled over the words he wanted to use, not wanting to sound coarse. “Emptying himself.”

“He is suffering with constipation?”

Justin cringed at the intimate details he was giving away about his charge. “Yes, extremely. I had to take drastic steps today and well I don’t want to have to do that to him again.”

The voice on the end of the telephone went quiet for a moment and Justin could hear a low muttering in the background. The voice came back. “Throw away the powder that you have, a new formula will be brought to you later this afternoon.”

“Thank you,” Justin said.

“If the problem persists, let us know.” The telephone went dead and Justin let out the breath he was holding. He was taking a gamble that they wouldn’t end the experiment there and then. He sat for a moment and then went to the cupboard and took out the powder and threw it into the trash.


The new food was delivered in the late afternoon as was promised. To Justin it looked the same as the last lot but the note attached assured him that it was infused with ground bran and a mild laxative to ensure that there were no ill effects. It was almost time for PB’s feeding so he mixed up a bowl and went back to the cage room.

Joshua was sitting up, his hands still cuffed behind his back. He watched Justin as he crossed the room carrying his bowl, averting his eyes when he saw that Justin was watching him back.

“Did you sleep?” Justin asked kindly.

Joshua shook his head. “I couldn’t.”

“It’s going to be okay you know. We only have seven more days to get through and then you will be free again.” Justin noticed that Joshua's eyes had rested on the wooden bowl in his hands. “Yeah,” Justin said sympathetically. It’s that time again. Come to the bars.”

Joshua hesitated momentarily and then shuffled forward on his knees till he was kneeling before his captor. Justin gave the paste a stir and then held a full spoon out for Joshua to eat. He could see the repulsion on the captive man’s face and he frowned when Joshua never made a move to accept it.

“You have to eat it PB.”

Joshua's shoulders sagged and he leaned forward accepting the spoon of grey paste into his mouth. He screwed his face up at the nasty tasting mixture. “It tastes different,” he complained. “I didn’t think it could get nastier but it has.” He gagged slightly but forced himself to swallow and accept another spoonful.

Justin fed him the whole bowl and then sat back and studied the young man at his mercy.

“Tell me about him.”

Joshua blanched. “I don’t want to talk about it.”

Justin smiled slightly as his chip pulsated once in his arm. “You don’t have a choice. You will tell me all about him or I will punish you.”

Pain filled Joshua's eyes as he calculated whether or not his captor was bluffing. Justin sat waiting his impatience growing. “I won’t ask you again. Tell me about the man that destroyed you and made you resort to the drastic measure of volunteering for this hell or I will take my belt and I will thrash your ass until it bleeds.”

Joshua looked away. “He ruined me,” he said speaking so softly that Justin could hardly hear him. “He took my love and threw it in the trash can but not before he maxed out my credit card and emptied my bank account. He even bought a car by taking out a loan in my name.”

Justin could see that this was going to be painful but pressed the issue anyway. “What was his name?”

A tear rolled down Joshua's face and he stared at the wall behind his captor. “Nathanial,” he whispered. “Nathanial James.”

“How did you meet him?”

Joshua wet his lips. “A singles bar. My best friend Lance thought I needed to get out and meet people so he made me go with him. When Nathanial offered to buy me a drink I was flattered. He was so beautiful you see. I didn’t really understand what anyone that beautiful could possibly see in me. But he stayed with me all night, buying me drinks, flattering me and then at the end of the evening he asked if he could take me home.”

“You said yes obviously,” Justin interjected.

“Foolishly yes. By then I was half in love with him. By the time he left the following morning I was lost.”

“Did he fuck you?” Justin asked suddenly.

Joshua whipped his head around not believing what his captor had just asked him.

“Well did he fuck you or did you fuck him?” Justin asked again impatiently.

The muscles in Joshua's throat worked hard as he swallowed repeatedly. Justin could tell he was gauging if he could avoid the question or not.

Joshua looked away first. “I bottom,” he said in a whisper.

“Was it good?”

Joshua met Justin's eyes. “The best I’ve ever had,” he whispered blushing red.

“You will meet someone else PB.”

Joshua shook his head. “I’ll never trust anyone again.” Justin watched as Joshua's eyes drifted down to his forearm and he suddenly realised that his captive had been chipped too.

“You have to do something don’t you?” Justin asked him already knowing the answer. Joshua nodded and lowered his head closing his eyes for a second before opening them again.

“It’s hard to remember the tasks isn’t it” Justin said, letting Joshua know that he was chipped as well.

Joshua spat in his face shocking Justin. “You bastard,” Justin hissed. He went to reach through he bars but stopped himself seeing the fear in the captive mans face.

Joshua's mouth moved but no sound came out. “I’m sorry,” he mouthed. “I didn’t want to.”

Justin unlocked the cage and took Joshua by his arm and dragged him over to his mattress. He pulled a blindfold from his pocket and wrapped it around Joshua's eyes. He then returned to his apartment and collected a piece of cord and a soft soled running shoe. He tied Joshua's feet together and then rolled him onto his belly. With out warning him he brought the runner down hard on his buttocks five times before rolling him back on to his back. He lifted Joshua up so his face was mere inches from his own. Next time think of something better to do than that. I know it wasn’t personal and that is why I only hit you five times. Do it again and you won’t be able to sit for a week.” Justin's chip pulsated and he leaned in kissing Joshua hard on his mouth making the bound man gasp. “That is my sorry for being so personal with you.”

He stroked the side of Joshua's face and the tied man shuddered. “Don’t,” he whispered.

“Why not?” Justin asked. “Don’t you find me attractive?”

Joshua never answered.

“I asked you a question PB.” Justin kissed him again, this time playing his tongue over Joshua's lips enticing another low moan. He pulled away and looked down the length of the bound body in front of him. “You do find me attractive,” he whispered and slid his hand down to stroke Joshua's erection.

“Don’t,” Joshua whimpered again. “Please don’t.”

“I wouldn’t take advantage of you like that. But once this is over I will have no morals about getting you naked and in my bed.”

“I want to end this. I want out,” Joshua begged in a low voice.

Justin shook his head even though Joshua was blindfolded. “I won’t let you PB. Five more days, that is all you have to endure. You can do it, I know you can. You have been so strong so far, don’t quit now.”

Joshua's mouth quivered. “I’m scared,” he admitted quietly.

“Of me? “ Justin asked as he caressed the side of his prisoner’s face.

Joshua turned his head away and didn’t answer. He was scared of his captor, terrified of him. There were times when he forgot that this was a controlled experiment. Justin had complete control of him, deciding when he ate, if he ate; when he used the bathroom, when he slept. The younger man decided every aspect of his life and it did scare the life out of him. He almost sighed as Justin combed his hair with his fingers. Despite being afraid he was beginning to feel something else too. His captor had been right when he said that he found him attractive. In fact he found him amazingly attractive and it was all he could do not to turn into a quivering mess every time his captor wrapped his big strong hand around his cock and pointed him at the toilet.

“You didn’t answer me,” Justin persisted breaking into Joshua's thoughts.

“It’s not you, “Joshua whispered. “It’s the situation that scares me. I feel so helpless and when you touch me intimately; I’m afraid.”

Justin slipped his hand down his captive’s chest and stroked the interior of his thigh making him whimper. “What are you afraid of PB?” he asked as his fingers tickled the head of Joshua's cock.

Joshua turned his blindfolded eyes back towards Justin. “I’m afraid that I like it.”

A slow grin spread across Justin's face; PB was falling for him. He made his touch more definite and Joshua groaned and tried to move away but Justin wouldn’t let him. Instead he pressed closer using his free hand to turn Joshua's face towards him again before smothering his lip with his own.

For a brief second the captive man went ridged, resisting the kiss. Justin began to slowly jerk on his cock and Joshua groaned. This time the groan was one of need, intense physical need. He pressed forward into Justin's hand, rotating his hips the best he could and opening his mouth so that Justin could fill it with his tongue.

Justin pulled away gasping. “No,” he panted, resting his forehead against Joshua's. failing to resist he captured Joshua's mouth again, tasting the remnants of the foul paste that he had force fed the slender young man earlier. Again he pulled back. “I want you,” he whispered. “But not like this, not here. Begrudgingly Justin lowered Joshua onto his mattress and left the cage, locking it shut behind him.

“I can’t be in here with you PB. I’m going to my apartments. I’ll be back in a couple of hours to take you to the bathroom again.”

“Sir,” Joshua shouted as he heard the cage door lock. “Stay with me.”

Justin leaned against the cage, his hands gripping the bars so hard that his knuckles went white. If he stayed he wouldn’t be able to control himself, already his cock was throbbing in his pants. He drank in the naked caged man. Joshua's back was arched up slightly from the mattress and his chest was rising and falling rapidly from his panted breath. His cock jutted up towards his navel and leaked silky white pre-cum on to his belly. Justin hadn’t meant to kiss his prisoner; he certainly hadn’t meant to bring him to the height of arousal like he had. Joshua's lips parted ant his tongue snaked out licking his lips, moistening the dryness left by the paste. Inwardly Justin groaned as Joshua rolled his hips, turning himself onto his belly and grinding into the already grubby mattress, trying to relieve the tension building in his cock. He imagined what it would be like to rub himself between the pert white ass cheeks and how tight would the captive man’s opening be.

With a whimpered cry Joshua came and he shuddered as he realised what he had done, unaware that Justin had witnessed the whole masturbation session and was busy squeezing his own cock in reciprocation. Justin's eyes drifted closed as he stroked himself towards his climax then snapped open looking back at his prisoner. Joshua had lifted himself up and was looking right at him’ even thought the blindfold was still in place his head was cocked to the side, listening and Justin realised that his prisoner could hear his laboured breathing. With control he didn’t know he had Justin tucked his cock back into his pants and went back to his apartments. He stood with his back against the door breathing heavily, his full cock straining to be freed once more. He pulled down his zip and pulled himself out, dragging his hand up and down his shaft until he came hard with PB’s name on his lips.