Part 3

If you peered into the genies bottle you really wouldn’t see much. It was dark and smelt musky. Shaking it upside down didn’t do much either. Well it did, it gave JC a headache and made him dizzy, but it was only when you were inside the bottle that you could see the magical world it contained. From the inside it was luxurious, super-soft couches upholstered in the finest velvet, thick hand woven Persian rugs and cushions covered the floor and the circular bowl was seductively lit with oil lamps. The colours of course changed, they along with the genies apparel were inexplicably linked with his moods. Well that was a lie too, JC knew why his colour scheme changed with his moods, and it was that Aladdin’s entire fault. He goes and makes a stupid wish like ‘I wish you wouldn’t wear black anymore’ and that ‘you have to wear nice bright colours that change with your mood.’ Then the asshole goes and knocks him off the edge of a flying carpet into the ocean. For two thousand years he had to put up with pink and blue, lime greens and yellows, but now he knew he was really in trouble. On waking up this morning everything was purple, oh no not just any purple, deep, sultry purple and this time it was all Justin’s fault. Why was it Justin’s fault? He had made JC horny, and horny JC wore purple.

JC stared at himself in his mirror, dismayed. He tried turning his pantaloons black, they stayed that way for approximately ten seconds before turning back to a more intense purple. He groaned. He knew Justin would be curious as to what mood he was in to bring about such a vibrant colour change. Maybe he could, just stay in the bottle until his hard on dissipated.

“JC,” Justin’s voice filtered down the bottleneck. The genie looked at himself once more resignedly, as the bottle forced him to change into a bright purple plume of mist and filter out into the real world.

Justin was stunned as the genie appeared, the colour of his clothes was the most dynamically, pulsating shade he had ever seen. “Erm JC?”

“Don’t ask.” The genie managed to look totally pissed at his master as if somehow it was his fault that he was wearing purple.

“Okay,” Justin decided to err on the side of caution, after all last time he had a bunny’s tail for nearly two weeks and he hadn’t quite got over his cold from where JC had made it rain on him for four hours. “I just wanted to warn you, the guys are coming over tonight. They have been pestering me for the past couple of weeks, ever since Chris saw you transform and told anyone that would listen that I owned a genie, who lived in a bottle and could grant wishes. Luckily anyone who knows him put it down to senile dementia setting in.”

JC huffed and shuffled his feet, keeping his eyes firmly locked on the curly toes of his slippers. “Why do they want to come here then?”

“Because unfortunately Lance and Joey know that Chris doesn’t have the imagination to make this up.” Deciding to take his life in his hands Justin asked, “Why purple?” recoiling when the genie gave him a death glare. “It doesn’t matter, forget I asked,” he said quickly as he backed away. JC’s eyes narrowed and he nodded and blinked. Justin screamed in horror as his best suit turned buttercup yellow. He ran into his bedroom and slung open is closet door, everything he owned was now a bright sunshine colour. He dropped to his knees and groaned loudly into his hands. “JC turn them back, now!” he looked around. The genie had gone. Deep in the comfort of his bottle JC conjoured up earplugs and rammed them into his ears, after all he could only grant wishes he could hear. Settling back he blinked and conjured himself a book and a Pina colada, complete with fruit and one of those cutsie little cocktail umbrellas.


Justin bristled as two teenage girls sitting opposite him on the subway sniggered and giggled at him. He glowered at them, the tiny hairs on the back of his neck standing on end as he noticed someone else staring. He had screamed himself raw trying to get JC to reverse his spell, but with time pressing on he had no other choice but to run for his train dressed in bright yellow. A gangster type dude sat opposite him, glaring at him, unblinking till he reach his stop and got off leaving Justin to breathe out with relief that he hadn’t been shot or even worse hit on by the six foot tall, six foot wide African American. Justin shuddered thinking that ‘no’ probably wouldn‘t have been in the man‘s vocabulary. He so had to get JC back for this one.

Brittany was less than subtle as he arrived at the office, falling over her desk with tears of laughter rolling relentlessly down her perfectly made up cheeks until she was gasping for breath. After that Justin’s day got steadily worse. Every time Brit came into the room she gave a strangled giggle then ran out again and just when he thought nothing more could happen, Joey walked in.

The big Italian sat down opposite him and stole his coffee, dipping one of his cookies into the cup. He never laughed, never said a word, just finished Justin’s coffee then stood up and walked back out, leaving Justin puzzled.

Joey stood out side the office his whole body trembling with the self-control it had taken not to collapse in a quivering giggling mess. His phone rang.

“Hey Joe.” Brittany’s voice was saccharin sweet. “I told you didn’t I?”

“Yep you did. Looks like Justin’s coming out to the world at last.” he hung up and unable to resist poked his head back into the small office where Justin sat behind his desk. “I forgot to say, I’ll see you tonight buttercup.” Joey slammed the door shut and ducked, laughing loudly as Justin’s paperweight flew through the air towards him.


Certain that he was alone at last JC wound his way out of his bottle. Time to teach Justin a lesson for making him horny and purple. He blinked, nodded and dropkicked his turban across the room. Every shade of yellow materialised around him as the room transformed into a banana coloured Turkish brothel, complete with eunuchs and grape peelers. The genie sniggered into his hand and went back into his bottle to wait.

Normally JC was very conservative and before the unfortunate wish that made him a walking rainbow, he would stick to subtle colours. The purple around him deepened and pulsated as the silk drapes rippled and swayed in the limited light of his bottle home. Purple, god purple made him feel horny, it always had. He settled backing the plush velvet and tried to relax but the throbbing in his groin wouldn’t relent. Breathing heavily JC played his fingers over his bare midriff, drawing lazy circles over his super sensitive skin. His breathing intensified and he followed the fine trail of hair that led downwards from his navel and disappeared beneath the dark purple silk that hung low over his hips with his fingertips. He hissed as his nails brushed against his hot cock head, moaning and squirming deeper into the velvet cushions as he spread the small amount of pre-cum that was leaking from him, over his tender palpitating cock. He groaned throatily, almost purring as he tightened his grip, pulling his hand up and down slowly over himself, jacking off to the picture of his master in his mind. He pictured himself writhing in nothing but chains as the delicious blond licked every inch of him, paying particular attention to his ball sack, spreading his legs and chaining them open so that he could do nothing but endure the erotic torture. In JC’s hands his cock leaped, it wouldn’t be long now before he was splattering goblets of hot creamy cum over himself. He used his long slender fingers to their fullest, as he played with himself. Using his thumb to smear his rapidly building pre-cum over his length, giving him more lubrication. He thrust up into his hand again and again as Justin’s face danced behind his eyelids. JC shuddered and writhed in the throes of climax, panting as he sank exhausted into the soft cushions of his couch. He smiled serenely as the colours around him paled to lilac. Now if he could just keep it that way.


Justin swore under his breath when at 5:27 Joey, Lance and Chris turned up at his office to collect him. Chris smirked. “JC?” he asked, already knowing the answer was yes.

Justin nodded angrily as his three friends giggled like little schoolgirls at his misfortune. Their laughing intensified as the entered his newly decorated house. Justin sank down to the living room floor, dismayed, even his brand new cream couch looked like an over grown banana.

Lance walked around the room genuinely impressed and nodding with respect “Justin, are you sure JC’s a genie and not a vengeance demon, like that Anya chick in Buffy?”

“Ha bloody ha.” Justin retorted, now he was pissed off, for the past half hour he had endured all the yellow and pineapple jokes he could stomach.

“JC, get your purple ass out here right now.”

The four men watched a puff of lilac smoke appeared and took human form.

Joey swallowed hard and stepped behind Chris, pushing the older, smaller man forward.

“Hey, no fair, I’m not getting anywhere near pissed off JC,” he said as he promptly hid behind Lance. Justin stood with his hands on his hips, his face unreadable while the wayward genie took his time to solidify.

JC grinned sheepishly, “good evening master.”

Justin scowled, “what did you do to my house?”


JC howled as Justin grabbed his ear and pulled him over to the couch. “What did you do to my couch JC?”

The genie howled louder. “It’s it’s a pretty colour now, it matches you suit. Oww, oww, oww.”

“Change it back.”

“No, owwww.” Justin twisted his ear harder. “It’s changed, it’s changed.” The room reverted to its previous state of gold’s, browns and creams. JC sat on the carpet rubbing his abused lobe.

“Don’t even think about it JC. I wish you would behave yourself for the rest of the night.”

The genie climbed off the floor and threw himself down on the couch, his arms folded over his chest and a big pout on his face.

Justin grinned at him, “JC sweetheart how about some refreshments for our guests.” JC huffed and put his nose in the air ignoring his master completely. “Oh I see, you want it played by the book. Okay, I can do that.” Justin smiled again even more smugly. “JC sweetheart, I wish you would provide some refreshments for my guests.

The genie puffed out his chest and did his genie blink. A table appeared covered in every food and drink you could imagine. “Thank you sweetie.” Justin picked up a bunch of grapes and tucked in. “Help yourselves guys.”

The rest of the evening passed pleasantly, well if you ignored a very irate genie glaring at his master, with a look that could cut diamonds in half. Chris more than once had Justin’s ‘behave yourself wish’ to thank that he wasn’t a toad or a gnome, especially when he asked what colour depicted what mood. Deciding not to push his luck any further with the magical being he started to make out with his rather drunk boyfriend.

Justin groaned. “Oh for fucks sake guys, when you start with this touching shit I really wish I was somewhere else.” Justin clamped his hand across his mouth and started to retract his words. JC nodded and blinked and Justin disappeared.

Lance stiffened and Chris jumped so high he fell off his boyfriends lap, landing on his rump with a loud thud.

“What did you do to Justin?” Joey asked ashen faced.

JC chewed his lip worriedly. “It‘s not my fault.”

“What did you do to him?”

“It‘s not my fault, its his fault,” JC protested.

Lance got down on his knees in front of the agitated genie, so not to look threatening. “JC, sweetie where is Justin?”

The genie winced. “Somewhere else.”

Lance sat back “okay, can you bring him back?”

The genie rolled his eyes and huffed. “Of course I can bring him back.” He gave Lance a look that screamed ‘do you think I’d disappear someone if I couldn’t bring them back.’

“Bring him back then. Joey demanded.

“It’s not my fault.”

“JC, ok, it’s not your fault so bring him back.”

“ He wished to be somewhere else.”

Lance patted JC’s leg. “We know, now bring him back.” JC sank into the couch, worrying his bottom lip with his teeth. “You do know where he is, don’t you JC?”

“He’s somewhere else.”

“You do know where somewhere else he is don’t you JC?” Chris asked

JC tried to grin sheepishly, “Sort of.”

“Sort of.” the three friends yelled together. Joey leaned over the cowering genie. “Where exactly is Justin?”

JC gulped. “I’m not sure.”

“Can you bring him back?”

JC nodded. “Oh yeah …. Eventually.”

The three friends made a collective groan. “Eventually?” Lance asked.

“When I can find him.”

“When you can find him?” JC was beginning to think there was an echo in the room.

“it’s not my fault.” he said defensively.


Justin landed with a bump on his ass, he stood up and brushed himself down. Where the fuck was he? The street he was standing in was dark except for a few lights shining through a couple of windows. He watched stunned as a body came flying through the salon doors and landed in a heap at his feet. The man picked himself up put his hat back on his head and brushed down his chaps, before staggering off into the distance. Justin’s mouth opened and closed as he tried to breathe.