Britany rolled her eyes and slammed the receiver back into its cradle. Three days had passed and Justin still hadn’t turned into work. She had phoned and phoned but all she had got was his answer machine. She had even tried to call Joey, Justin’s so called best friend. All she had got from him was raucous laughter and a cryptic quote about being in a happy place. Huffing she sauntered over to her mini bar and sorted through the bottles.

“Wow where did you come from?” she exclaimed and reached into the back of the bar and pulled out a beautiful glass bottle with a large bulbous bottom, a long elegant neck and a round stopper. The glass its self was a mixture of rose and red hues that caught the light and sparkled like glitter. The rim and base were lined in gold and the whole thing was covered in gold filigree. She pulled out the stopper and sniffed the opening.

What do you want Britany?

Britany spun around to see who was speaking.

The voice spoke again. What do you want Britany?

“Who’s there?” she asked a little frightened.

I can give you immortality Britany. You will be beautiful forever. Men will fall at your feet.

“Who are you? Why should I listen to you?”

Power, all the power you could ever want can be yours. Any man or woman. Never get old Britany. Imagine.

“Oh yeah its that easy, I wish.”

The office was suddenly filed with a blinding flash of light and Britany screamed as two thick metal cuffs snapped closed around her wrists. Terror marred her pretty face as the lower part of her body started to turn into pale pink smoke. The pink cloud filtered into the bottle and the stopper floated up and sealed it in, and in another flash of light the bottle disappeared hiding somewhere until it could train its new slave.

The End.

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