Part 3

Pathway to the stars

The tall thin alien known as Lance readied his operating theatre. Justin was his oldest friend and when he came into season to mate he had decided to put aside his career and travel the solar systems looking for a suitable match. Time had been against them, Justin had become ripe early, the usual age for sexual maturity was 36 Justin was just 21. Because of the emergency they couldn’t use their usual source of mates, by the time they had reached the outer rim of the galaxy Justin would have been barren. Finding the humans had been pure chance, they observed for a few days, picking up the odd isolated human here and there. Justin examined each one delving deep into their minds looking for the mate he described as ‘The One’ more than half had turned out to be female of the species and totally useless for their needs. The males still needed extensive alterations to be suitable, but he was a skilled surgeon and had no real problem adapting the males he experimented on. When Joshua was taken Justin had become enamoured with the thin pale human, hovering round as lance did his tests and performed the necessary alterations, the biggest was to create a safe environment for any child to develop. It took major rearrangement but he had pulled it off, but he didn’t tell his friend that he didn’t know for sure if the host would survive the birth, the child was all that had mattered to him. Saving the human he had done only for the love of his friend. And now Justin wanted to keep the primitive creature. He pulled out all the information he had gathered in the past year of study, hoping that it would be enough.

Justin sat stroking JC’s hand, his eyes bright and hopeful. Lance had given him a draught to put his lover to sleep so the bright room wouldn’t frighten him again. It was the one vision that echoed loudly in JC’s mind the helplessness of the cold slab, of the agony of his first surgeries. He smiled happily as Joshua lifted the child to his chest, one of the unexpected side effects of his pregnancy was his ability to nurse. Lance deducted that it was something unusual in the human species. This simple act of feeding the infant created such contentment in both JC and Jovian that the whole ship relaxed. “Josh drink.”

“What is it Justin?”


JC took the glass, sniffing cautiously at the dark amber fluid. “Will it hurt Jovian?” Justin worried his bottom lip and did the annoying muttering thing that irritated JC’s brain then he looked serenely at his lover and said “No hurt Jovian. Josh drink now.” The slender brunette chewed his nails, wondering why Justin was being so insistent. “Josh, Drink Now.” This time it was more than a request it was a demand, The high pitched muttering that he now recognised as the alien’s form of communication hung in the air. The panel slid open and anemone came in her long tail swishing behind her. She reached to take Jovian from JC’s arms; He clung to the child, turning his back to the feline nanny. Justin grabbed him by the wrist, firmly but gently, taking the now fretting baby from his father. JC cried out in anguish as the tall alien handed over the whinging bundle. Anemone left quickly the silver panel sliding shut behind her. JC tried to follow her, anxious to retrieve Jovian, only to be pushed back down onto the bed.

“Josh Drink Now.” The demand was more threatening this time and the glass was thrust to his lips. He clamped his mouth shut and shook his head suddenly fearful of his lover. Justin scrutinised the father of his child his temper building. Calmly he played his ace card. “Josh drink Now Or Jovian Gone.”

“No Justin please.” The tall alien had gone to the door and was preparing to leave JC to contemplate his threat. The human mans emotions bombarded him. Fear, horror, love for the child, confusion as to why Justin would do this to him. “Justin …. Please don’t take him from me.” He snatched the glass from where it rested and swallowed the contents in one gulp. “Justin please, … I’m sorry … I’ll be good for you just please don’t take him away.”

Justin looked at the empty glass then at the pale frightened face of his human lover; He had never in his life seen such a fierce bond between a host and an offspring before. Taking JC by the shoulders he leaned in kissing him sweetly, resting his forehead against his. “Josh down.”

The brunette started to drop to his knees only to be stopped. “Not ground Josh, there.” Justin pointed to the bed. “Now Josh.” JC looked longingly at the panel Jovian had been taken through then back at Justin, he sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Down josh.” JC lay down curling his long legs into the foetal position. Justin sat down beside him. Stroking his brown curls from his face. He turned his lovers face to his, using his thumb to wipe away a salty tear that was rolling slowly down his face. “Justin bring Jovian back to Josh soon.” He stood up to leave he turned back smiling “Josh.” Steel blue eyes met his. The alien thought hard about what words he wanted to say. “I …. Love ….You.” He grinned widely feeling the reaction from the beautiful man curled on his bed. “Sleep now, soon josh will.” He clicked his fingers together rapidly as he searched his limited English for the word he wanted “under ..stand soon.”

Lance lifted his head as Justin’s voice sounded in his head. “Josh is ready for you, Are you sure this will work?”

Lance didn’t answer right away “Justin you need to know the procedure is complicated, there is a chance that your pet human could be damaged.”

“How damaged?”

“He will still be able to breed, but his mind could be lost.” He could see the disappointment written across his friends face in his mind. “If I don’t do the alterations you can’t keep him you know that don’t you?”

“I trust you lance … he means a lot to me and Jovie needs him. Do it.”

Justin watched as JC slept, lance had completed the surgery on his brain hours ago and he still hadn’t regained consciousness. In the back of his mind he could hear his child fretting for his poppa. Lance popped his head round the door. “Still sleeping?” Justin nodded “I can’t hear his thoughts lance.”

“That’s normal, He’s pretty heavily sedated, and he had to be the surgery was very invasive.”

“I know … But.”

“But what? … What if he doesn’t wake up? He will … what if he is brain damaged? He’ll still be able to carry your children.”

Justin’s eyes blazed “I don’t just want a host lance … I want him too.” The shaven headed man brushed his lips over his unconscious lovers brow. “Wake up my sweet .. Please.” he whispered. Through his mind he called out to anemone to bring Jovian back, the feline appeared almost magically with the grizzling child. “Heeeee won’tttttt ssssstopp Heeeee wantttsssss hisssssss poppa.” She mewed. Justin took the baby from her paws and laid him on the bed next to JC. He laid down facing his lover, tenderly twirling the brunette curls in his fingers, watching and waiting. The blond surgeon made a tactful withdrawal leaving the new family together.

Pretty steel blue eyes flickered open, closed then slowly opened again; Justin smiled and touched his lovers face. “Someone has been crying for you.” JC sucked his lips into his mouth as he realised Jovian was lying between them. “You brought him back to me.”

“Did you think I wouldn’t?”

The sleepy brunette held a tiny hand between his long slender fingers, cooing sweetly at his pride and joy. Suddenly his head snapped up. “You’re speaking English!”

Justin started to laugh, “No actually I’m not. … You are reading my mind.” JC’s jaw hit the floor. “But … but … how?”

“My sweet, remember I told you, that soon you would understand?”

The human man nodded.

“Well it was necessary to make another adjustment to you, that’s why I needed you to drink that potion.” Josh shuddered at the thought of the cold slab. “Josh you never had pain did you?”

The brunette shook his head. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“For the same reason josh, I didn’t have the words to explain what we wanted to do.”

“You kidnapped me, impregnated me, and blackmailed me. Threatened to take my child from me. Drugged me and altered me, why should I trust you Justin? I want to go home and I want to take Jovie with me.”

Justin pulled JC’s mouth onto his, sucking on his bottom lip. He gently manoeuvred the infant laying between them to where he couldn’t be injured. Then pressed his body against the slender man, rolling his hips, grinding his pelvis into the hardness growing between JC’s legs. “I won’t let you go Josh, not you not Jovian.” He smoothed brown curls from his lover’s eyes. JC didn’t look at him. His lip trembled.

“Josh my people need a host to breed, if we are lucky we can produce offspring for five years only, normally I would impregnate as many hosts as I could in that time, but that’s not what I want, I want one mate, I want you. That’s why I was willing to risk you Joshua, because if I didn’t have you then Jovian would have been my only child, because I will never mate with anyone other than you. I love you. … I love you josh.”

Justin lifted the pointed chin, and gazed into the stormy blue eyes, which flashed with a kaleidoscope of shades, he gingerly stroked the shape angles of his lovers face. Leaning in gradually He brushed their lips together, increasing the pressure till the pasion flamed between them, making Josh groan with wanton need. “Put Jovie in the crib, I want you now.” The tall slender human man slipped off the bed gathering his gurgling baby in his arms, carrying him to the cot. He took a sharp intake of breath as pale muscular arms wrapped round his waist. A think hard cock nested between his ass cheeks, pulsating and leaking as Justin rubbed against him. He groaned again as he was turned to face the beautiful alien, his own cock springing to life from the friction caused by Justin’s engorged organ. His mouth was claimed as he was walked backwards till he hit the edge of the bed and spilled backwards, Justin landing on top of him, grinding relentlessly against his groin. “Want you Joshua.” Justin grabbed JC’s leg, pulling it up and hooking it over his shoulder. “So sweet, so marvellous ……. So tight.” The brunette yelped as Justin thrust inside him, the familiar burn as he was suddenly stretched open made him hiss, but it was lost in justins mouth. The graceful alien moved relentlessly. Filling his lover with his eagerness, pumping in and out taking care to ensure JC’s cock was trapped between them, subjecting it to an onslaught of sensations. The lithe man tensed and shuddered crying out loudly as he exploaded with orgasm. Within seconds Justin had joined him. Their mouths found each other’s again, kissing tenderly now that their urgency had died. “If you truly what to go Joshua I won’t try to stop you, I want you to be happy. I hope that you decide that your happiness is here with me.”

Jc fell into the deep pools that were Justin’s eyes. “I’ll stay.”