Part 6

I really wasn't kidding about the force

“JOSHUA” Justin grabbed for his lover as he went limp and his eyes rolled back in his head. “Lance, Lance, what’s wrong with him?”

“I think he has low blood sugar.” Lance rolled his eyes when Justin looked puzzled. “He’s human Justin, they have sugar in their blood, don’t ask me why, but if it’s too low they go unconscious and if it’s to high they go into a coma. Humans really are very complicated.”

“Is he going to be ok?”

JC groaned slowly coming too. Justin patted gently at his face and rubbed his hands. “Josh, honey, sweetie, can you hear me?”

“Justin, I just had the most awful dream. Lance examined me and told me I was having quintuplets.”

“It wasn’t a dream Josh.” Lance couldn’t help but smirk as he said it, this was getting better by the second he could write a book on Josh and the way his body reacted.

The heavily pregnant mans eyes snapped open. “He’s shitting me! Please Justin tell me he’s shitting me.”

JC searched his lovers face for a sign any sign that the two were just funning with him.

“You’re serious? Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Justin reached out to calm him and was slapped away. “You …… you don’t touch me. You never fucking touch me again. Five oh my god, oh my god. What are you a fucking rabbit? A fucking baby making machine? I can’t do it …. I can’t… five?”

Lance stood grinning at his desk as the human man ranted and raved. This was interesting; it couldn’t have worked out better if he had planed it, which of course he hadn’t. He had just miscalculated with the fertility drug he had been feeding the slender man. He cringed as JC smacked Justin across the head as he tried to comfort him and wondered if he should sedate the furious young man and save Justin anymore physical assaults, nah this was too much fun. JC turned on him.

“What the fuck are you grinning at?” A well-aimed blow caught him on his chin. “This is your fucking fault … you and your fucking experiments.” That was it; sedative it was. He motioned for Justin to hold the irate pregnant man and he rushed to administer the drug. JC started kicking and screaming and by the time he was hanging limply in Justin’s arms both aliens had acquired a multitude of cuts, scratches and bruises. “Well that was fun!” Lance said sarcastically as he helped lay JC on the bed. “I’m going to confine him to medical, he’s pretty close anyway and I’d rather him not go into labour.”

Justin winced as Lance held a cold compress to his right eye, his lover had caught him with a right hook and now it was swelling fast.

“Use the force field. Its safer.”

Lance chuckled “I thought he took it rather well.” This time it was Justin who rolled his eyes.

“Yeah I guess that WAS well for him. I had better get back to work.” The tall alien bent and kissed his lovers forehead. “He looks so delicate doesn’t he, like he’d break if you touched him, you wouldn’t believe he had a right hook that could knock a trooper down.”

“In this life I have found looks can be deceiving Justin.” lance said rubbing his sore chin.

“Yeah, when he wakes up tell him I’ll bring Jovian to see him. Oh and Lance I really wasn’t kidding about the force field.”

“I’m on it don’t worry.”

The tall blond alien made sure his friends mate was comfortable then turned his attention to the shorter human. Chris was still out cold. Lance got odd looks from his assistants their eyes fixed on the dark blue-black bruise developing on his jaw. He bent over the human male turning his head from side to side as he decided where to make the first incision. It was going to be a long day.

When the drugs had worn off JC had screamed and yelled for about an hour before lance threatened to sedate him again, so far the force field was holding the furious pregnant human still. The tall blond thanked Justin’s foresight to suggest it, had no doubt he would have had his hands full in trying to control JC, who had turned from a rather cuddly kitten into a wildcat. He ran a scanner over his patient, who was pouting, sulking and refusing to answer any of his questions. “Can I get you anything josh.” He asked patiently


“Sulking isn’t going to make this go away you know.”

“I wish you’d fucking go away.”

Lance smirked. The language coming out of the pregnant mans mouth made light shining through a prism look dull “Justin will be here to see you soon.”

“He needn’t bother, he can go to fucking hell too. I never want to see him again.”

“He’s bringing Jovian with him.”

“Jovie …. Is he ok with the cat woman? He’s not fretting or anything?”

Lance stroked the side of his face. “Your son is fine, has a lot of you in him, very stubborn. A very human quality. Anemone has her hands full. I believe he has been using a few of your more colourful words.”

JC cringed. “I told Chris not to swear in front of him, he’s way too bright.”

“Like his papa.” Justin stood at the end of the bed doing his best to hold on to the struggling toddler who had spotted JC and was desperately trying to wriggle free and cuddle his father.

“Leave Jovie but you can get lost.” JC’s lip stuck out a mile as he began to pout again.

“My love it’s really not my fault you know. I’m as shocked as you are.”

The brunette spat out angrily “Yeah, well its not you who is being forced to give birth to a litter. I‘m scared Justin.”

“I know you are sweetness. Lance I think we can forgo the force field now.”

The blond looked unconvinced as he flicked the restraining beam off. “If he hits you again I’m off.”

“You won’t hit me will you Josh?” Justin looked pleadingly at his boyfriend.

“ I ought to, but I don’t want Jovian subjected to violence.”

JC held his arms open to his little boy who gurgled and chucked happily as he fastened his fingers in his fathers long curls and gave him a wet sloppy kiss, sucking slightly on his nose. “Eww Jojo what was that?”


“It was a beautiful kiss.” The little boy giggled and sucked the end of JC’s nose again. “Nuther kiss.”

Justin smiled happily, Jovian seemed to calm the raging beast in his lover.

“Do you still want Josh to stay here Lance?”

The brunette looked between the two men his eyes curious, why would he have to stay after all he had calmed down now.

“Josh I know you would like to go back to your apartments but I would really feel better if you stayed here for a few days. Your friend will be awake soon and you’ll have some company and also I will be on hand if you go into labour.” Lance turned to Justin and continued. “I’m actually thinking of removing the babies before labour begins, it would be easier on both them and Joshua.”

“Are they ready? … you know to be born … I mean..”

“It’s alright, they are more than ready. If you and Justin agree I’d like to deliver them tomorrow.”

The pregnant man gripped his lover’s hand looking for him to make the decision. “Tomorrow then.”

Chris woke up with the distinct feeling that he was floating, he scrubbed his fist over his eyes. Man he really should be more careful of what he took in future. He yawned loudly and stretched opening his eyes. He rubbed his eyes again. There was JC still heavily pregnant with a baby JC crawling all over him and two rather bruised looking tall guys fussing over him like he was made of glass.

He got shakily off the bed and wobbled over to take a closer look at his friend. “Fuck!”

JC looked shocked and held his hands over his baby’s ears. “Do you mind?”

“You’re still fucking up the duff?”

The horrified look on JC’s face made him giggle. “Don’t swear in front of Jovie he picks it up you know.”

Justin nodded “He’s very bright.”

“And very human.” Lance interrupted. “That’s not really a good thing.” he added as an afterthought.