Part 11

I'm not populating a whole planet

“What’s the plan?”

Chris rested his chin on his hands and whispered. “I see it two ways. One we take the shuttle and do a runner or two we take over the ship maroon the rest of the crew and do a runner.”

“I guess we take the ship then.” All eyes fell on Justin. “Josh and I have five children all under the age of one no way can we get them safely onto a shuttle without it being noticed and I’m not leaving them.”

JC gasped at the thought of abandoning his precious brood. “I second that.”

The four friends sat planning their escape each one would have their role to fulfil. The ship was only a small scientific research vessel with a crew consisting of thirty-five but still that meant they were out numbered nearly 10-1.

“We could defrost the human cargo.” Chris suggested.

“I haven’t got the time or resources to make the adjustments to them, they wouldn’t understand our instructions.” Lance explained as he clutched tightly to his lover‘s hand.

“Well couldn’t Chris and me instruct them?” JC asked.

“Too risky Josh.” Justin interrupted. “If we do this it’s just the four of us.” He waited giving the other men time to protest. “Ok, we need to know exactly what everyone is doing and we need to be able to keep this secret. That is why I have had Lance working on a way of hiding our thoughts from the rest of the crew.”

Lance stood up and pressed a hypo-spray to his lover’s neck then to JC’s and Justin’s, finally administering the drug to himself. “This is a thought disrupter, it will shield our thoughts from the rest of the crew. Unfortunately it will do the same to the rest of us.”

Justin spoke again. “We trust no-one.”

“When?” JC asked his face grey with worry.

“Tomorrow, before first mark. Only basic night crew will be up. I can lock down all the crew quarters except for ours.” Justin turned to Lance. “I need you to introduce a sleeping gas into the air supply, make sure that Chris, Josh and yourself are equipped with gas masks.”

“What about you Justin?”

“I’ll sort myself out, don’t worry.”

“What about the boys?” Josh asked anxiously.

“Don’t worry all the gas will do is put them to sleep, it won’t hurt them.” The blond doctor reassured the slender man.

Justin carried on. “Once the gas had been administered we maroon the crew. I have located a m-class planet, it’s within distance.” He pulled a star chart from the inside of his robe spreading it over the table. “This is where I suggest we dump the crew. And here is where I thought we could start our own colony.” The three other men looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Chris was the one that voiced the thought they were all thinking. “Justin there are only four of us. Four do not a colony make.”

“I’m not populating a whole planet Justin, no way.” JC jumped up from his seat panic written all over his face and backed away slowly.

The tall elegant alien rolled his eyes “No one is suggesting you do. Lets just get Lance to safety then we can worry about reproducing later.” He stood up and took hold of his lover’s hand. “Come on angel we all need to get some sleep.” Josh dutifully followed his mate back to their room.

“You gave Josh the medication didn’t you?” Lance asked Chris.

“Oh yes, why do you think he isn’t running through the ship screaming right now. He’s trusting you Lance.”

The blond grinned “I know I won’t let him down.”

Justin drew his lover into his arms as soon as they reached their apartments. Nuzzling at his neck, sucking on the tender hollow at the base of his throat. Jc melted as Justin’s hot tongue lapped at his skin sending electric shocks ebbing down his spine. He shuddered as his top was slipped off his shoulders. Justin’s mouth followed the gentle slope of his collarbone sucking hard, nipping with his teeth, marking his pale body with angry red love bites. Jc groaned as the elegant alien slipped his hands down the front of his pants, cupping his balls carefully as his mouth slid softly over his. Justin’s tongue flicked eagerly over JC’s lips teasing and tempting him to open his mouth allowing him access to the sweetness hidden inside. He sucked on the brunettes tongue, capturing it between his teeth making his lover whimper. Justin smiled into JC’s mouth still holding on to his tongue. The slender man pulled back trying to escape the intimate hold. Justin clenched his teeth tighter making JC whimper with fright.

Justin let go. And smiled sweetly. “Just reminding you my angel who is in charge of this relationship.” He placed a soft kiss on JC’s forehead. “I do love you Joshua and I want you very, very much. But don’t try to make a fool of me.”

Jc winced as his lover squeezed at his balls. “I .. I wouldn’t try …”

“It’s alright my love, don’t try to explain anything just answer me a question. I’ll know if you are lying to me. Are you taking a suppressant to stop you from conceiving?”

Jc groaned as his lover rolled his sac round in his hand. “Y .. yes. Lance g … gave me…” JC’s head fell back as he succumbed to the intense pleasure he was being subjected to.

Justin’s mouth attached itself back to the tender flesh just under his angel’s right ear. “Oh thank god for that, I couldn’t bear you pregnant again, you are horrible when you are pregnant all moody and confrontational.” He walked JC back till they both toppled backwards onto the bed they shared. He used his greater weight to hold his lover down as he slipped JC’s pants over his narrow hips. He caressed the flat belly, dipping his tongue into his navel, feathering light kisses over the satin softness. “you can’t tell you know.”

“W .. what?” The slim brunette stammered as Justin’s mouth swallowed his cock sucking it lightly as if it was a Popsicle. He pulled off and grinned up at his panting lover. “That you have carried six children, you are still every bit as beautiful as the first day I laid eyes on you and I want you more now than I did then.”


Justin slid up JC’s body as the slender man wrapped his legs round his waist. “Inside now Justin please.” The brunette wriggled beneath him till he was in the right position then thrust his hips upwards onto Justin’s penis screaming with a mixture of pleasure and pain as he was penetrated deeply. Justin held still as his lover worked under him, rolling and thrusting his tiny body, panting and howling with ecstasy as he manoeuvred and tilted his pelvis till Justin’s cock was jabbing into his prostate.

“Jussssstinnnnnnnnnnn.” JC came long and loud his cum coating both their bellies. His ass contracted round Justin sending him spiralling into sexual oblivion. They lay in each other’s arms, enjoying their closeness, relishing in the intensity of their sensuality. JC sighed contentedly as he tucked his head into the crook of Justin’s neck kissing him lovingly.