Part 14

That was some wake up call!

Lance looked up from dealing with the alarm just in time to see JC disappearing through the bridge doors. The warning light began to flash again indicating the impending return of shuttle 1. He opened a line.

“Are you on your way back this time?” he asked sarcastically.

Justin’s voice came back to him. “Yeah but I had to strap your significant other to a passenger seat.”

“I can’t believe he tied me up, Lance tell him to untie me now.” Chris sounded frustrated Lance smirked to himself. Justin’s voice came back. “I’m sorry but that man is a menace.”

“You think I don’t know that? I’ve banned him from medical bay.” Lance tried to hide his amusement “He’s worse than Jovian for touching things.”

Justin chuckled. “Talking of which, how is Josh coping?”

“He managed to get the quads fed and settled, although he won’t be able to continue feeding them all, they aren’t getting enough nourishment, I’m working on a formula as we speak. He also persuaded Jovie to go back to sleep for a little while, he’s with them now.” Lance paused his fingers flying over the computer consul in front of him. The view screen flickered to life. “I got you on visual, you’re cleared for approach.”


“Where was I?” The blond man scratched idly at his belly. “Oh yes, Justin he’s exhausted already. He’s not going to be able to cope alone, but he’s adamant about anemone.”

“We’ll find some way of helping him.”

“Opening landing bay doors.” Lance depressed a small green button. “You’re cleared for landing you should see the landing lights by now.”

“Copy that.”

Lance’s cool bass tones filled the shuttle. “I’ll break orbit as soon as you are on board.”

“Fine.” Justin leaned back in his seat as the small ship settled lightly in the immense hanger. “Will you be ok for a while longer Lance I want to check on Joshua.”

“No problem. I’m closing the bay doors now, re-pressurising. Ok you are clear to disembark.”

The hiss of the shuttle hatch sliding open came over the open line. Then Chris’ slightly panicked voice. “Hey … untie me.”

Justin giggled to himself as he left the brunette struggling against the security straps, he wondered how Lance handled him, he was surely the most exasperating man he had ever had the misfortune to be alone on a shuttle with. He made a mental note never to allow Chris to accompany him ever again. Sure Josh was an emotional time bomb but Chris was a literal wrecking ball on a collision course with life. As he made his way towards the quarters he shared with his human lover he casually wondered if he could persuade Lance to freeze him again till after they had settled in to their new home. A deep slightly amused voice sounded in his head.

“Not a chance.” a small smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “Looks like the thought buffer has worn off.”

“Yeah it lasted longer than I thought. What did you do to Chris he is driving me mad yelling for me.”

This time Justin did laugh. “Oh I left him tied up on the shuttle to teach him a lesson, the restraints are on a timer they will let him go in about 10 minutes.”

The buzz haired man reached his rooms and waved his hand over the panel and went inside. JC had been busy, he’s moved all five cribs into their rooms, the four 12-week-old babies were all quiet. Jaden and Jaren were both awake and were gurgling and cooing at each other through the bars, their little fingers entwined. Justin grinned at the twins communicating with each other, their closeness obvious. Jewel whimpered slightly as if he realised they were talking to each other and was fretting for his own twin, then began to suck at his thumb. Jared laid spark out on his back his pink rosebud lips pursed as his little tongue caught between his gums.

“All gone.”

Justin looked over to the source of the baby voice. Jovian was standing in his playpen holding his bottle out to his daddy.

“You are a good little man, have you been good for poppa?”

“Poppa sleep.”

“Is he? Ok Jovie you play nicely, I’ll go check on him.” He leaned down a placed a kiss on his tiny sons head. Everyday he grew more like his poppa, same sweet mouth, same nose, same stunning blue eyes. Justin glided silently to the bed. JC had stripped and crawled under the comforter, he laid on his belly his arm draped above his head. The quilt had slipped down his back revealing the smooth expance of his back and giving a hint of his firm round buttocks that lay hidden from view. Justin sat on the side of the bed careful not to move too suddenly, he didn’t want to wake his lover, not yet. His fingertips traced the bones of JC’s spine counting the discs. He was so thin, much thinner than when they had first removed him from the life he knew. His hair was longer too; it hung in ringlets almost to his shoulders curling prettily around the sharp angles of his face. JC stretched luxuriously as he rolled onto his side then onto his back. The quilt slipped lower over his hips revealing the dark trail of hair leading down to his groin. His cock laid soft nesting in the dark thatch. Justin’s mouth watered, his lover was radiant. The tall alien let his robes fall to the ground and straddled the beauty sleeping soundly, still careful not to wake him. He leaned forward unable to resist the swollen brownish nipple, licking it, sucking it gently, milk filled his mouth, he released the tender bud and swallowed. His eyes rested guiltily on the bottle of birth control pills, JC hadn’t noticed that he had exchanged them for a simple chalk based tablet; he had had the replicator duplicate them almost precisely. Time was against him, he only had three more years to reproduce and the human gestation cycle was a long one. He reached down and pressed his thumb to a hidden panel in the base of the bed removing a small jar of gel, one he had secured from the crate Lance had left for the crew. Silently he removed the lid and smeared it over his hard organ before hiding the jar once more. He gently positioned himself between JC’s legs, freezing when the dark haired man murmured and scrubbed at his nose with his fist before relaxing back in to the deep sleep. Justin manoeuvred his gel slicked cock to the tight opening of his lover’s ass sliding inside. JC’s eyes snapped open, slightly frightened and sleep confused not recognising at first the man thrusting in and out of him. Justin’s lips pressed on his, moving slickly and firmly, his tongue pushed into JC’s mouth, licking at the sides of his mouth, entwining round JC’s own tongue. The brunette relaxed slightly rolling his hips into his lovers. Encouraging the alien to push harder and deeper. Their skin slithered against one another the sweat forming a fine sheen as both men worked their bodies hard, clenching and grinding. Justin took a long wet lick at JC’s chest tasting his saltiness. The sleek brunettes head fell backwards as he wrapped his legs round his lover’s waist, his mouth falling open as his breathing increased till he was panting and groaning with ecstasy. He purred and mewed as Justin hit his prostate over and over. Screaming with fulfilment as he succumbed to the onslaught and sent ropes of thick cum spilling between their sweaty bodies. Justin shuddered and joined him in his ecstasy minutes later.

They lay glued together both breathing hard. Justin tucked his face into JC’s neck, nuzzling him contentedly.

“Wow.” JC finally found his voice even though it was thick and shaky. “That was some wake up call baby.”

“I couldn’t help myself sweetness. You looked so lovely laying there sleeping, so tempting, so delicious.”

“You are describing a dessert.”

“Mmmm that’s what you are my love a exotic dessert that sits irresistibly on the side, tempting you to take a bite, leaving you feeling guilty because you know its really not good for you but also knowing that you can’t resist.”

JC reached over and unscrewed the bottle of pills, tipping one into his hand then swallowing it. “I didn’t take one yet today, better safe than sorry eh.”

“Yeah, better safe than sorry.”