Part 20

You like to be unique?

“I’m taking the whole ship down.”

Lance looked up from changing Joshua. “Is that wise? What if we have to leave?”

Justin swung round in his chair. “It’s a better option than leaving it in orbit like a giant beacon flashing woo hoo look over here two renegades and their pet humans hiding down here.”

“Sarcasm doesn’t become you Justin. “Chris snapped back jumping to the defence of his lover. “Just explain why we won’t be able to leave if we land.”

Lance lifted Joshua up in the air holding him above his face making baby noises at him and pulling faces. Justin rolled his eyes disgustedly. “Any chance you could actually act like an adult for the duration of this meeting Lance?”


Justin heaved a annoyed sigh. “Ok basically it’s physics. To leave the surface again we will need lift, more lift than this ship is capable of.”

“Well how did it get off your planet?”

“It didn’t.” Lance explained, “It was constructed in space, we always use shuttle to go back and forth.”

“But it’s capable of landing?” Chris asked.

Lance looked at Justin chewing his lip waiting for him to answer.

“Technically yes.”



Chris leaned forward in his chair. “Technically yes doesn’t inspire true confidence Justin.”

The tall short haired alien looked to his long term friend for support and back up, when none was forthcoming he continued. “The ship IS equipped to land although no-one has ever actually tried it.”

“Well Joseph did.” Lance offered.

“Joseph was crashing anyway Lance.”

“This Joseph he wasn’t a big Italian guy with a beard that eats everything in sight was he, cus he owes me from that last load of shit he sold me. And he’s a real crap driver too.” Chris grinned mischievously.

“WHAT?” Both aliens echoed each other as they gawped at the short brunette incredulously.

Justin shook his head giving Chris a look that could kill as he elaborated on his theory. “What I propose is that Josh and Lance take the kids and the shuttle down to the surface along with some supplies in case.”

“In case?” Lance asked.

“In case we crash.”

Chris leaped from his seat “Whoa, whoa, whoa. We? What’s this we?”

This time it was Justin that smiled his lips turning up gleefully at the corners of his mouth as the short man paced nervously. “Yes Chris we. I need Lance to pilot the shuttle or do you suggest I let Josh take it down alone.”

“Josh can’t pilot it, he‘s never even been in it.” Lance tried to convince his lover.

“Chris I can’t land this thing alone I’m going to need you. I’ll let you push some buttons.”

“Cheap talk Justin.”

“Did it work?”

“You will let me push some buttons?”

Justin groaned silently and crossed his fingers “Yep promise.”

“Ok but only cus you need me.”

Justin clapped his hands and spun his chair back round and began typing furiously on his console. “Ok we take this baby down in two hours that should give you and Josh time to gather supplies and strap the boys in.”

Lance started feeding his baby having collected a bottle from the replicator. “Talking of Josh, does he get a vote?”

“On what?” Justin carried on his calculations.

“On landing, does he get a vote?”

Justin spun his seat back round facing his two companions. “The three of us have voted yes even if he disagrees its 3-1 we land ok.”

JC spent most of his time getting to re-know his children, the changes in them had been incredible. The quads had been babes in arms when he succumbed to his self-imposed coma, now they were walking talking little clones of their daddies, and Jovian had doubled in size. Confused he had asked the baby boy how old he was. Jovian had rolled his eyes and said “Ohhh poppa, I’m nearly three you know that.” Then he had toddled off berating Jared over banging Jaren on his head with a building block. As much as Jovian surprised him with his wonderful command of himself and language. It was Jewel that really amazed him. The child was not only sensitive and loving but wise beyond his years. He spent hours his ear pressed up against JC’s stomach giggling and chuckling as he cooed and gurgled. His tiny hands pressing on his unborn sibling as it kicked and turned stating simply that baby was happy but missed poppa being with him.

JC was laying on his bed his five boys cuddling up to him as they settled down for their afternoon nap, each one sucking greedily on their bottles of formula when Lance came in. Baby Joshua already sleeping in his arms. “Can we talk Josh?”

“Sure.” He extracted himself carefully from the small bodies wrapped round him. Jovian sat up.

“Go to sleep baby boy I’ll be right back.”

“Joshua sleep with us too poppa please?”

Lance looked at JC for permission. “If you don’t mind? I got stuff to do, it would be easier without having to look after him too.”

“Yeah sure, what’s one more?”

The blond doctor laid his child tenderly in Jovian’s arms, the little boy hugged him and then settled back down to sleep, his fingers curled round Joshua’s tiny hand.

The love in JC’s eyes was unmistakeable as he gazed down at the sleeping children.




“You should call me JC now, its going to be confusing with two Josh’s on board, that why I changed my name to JC in the first place, I used to be in a gang and there was already a Josh so I changed my name.”

“You like to be unique?”

JC stared down at Jovian as the little boys face pressed hard in his pillow. “Well that’s not going to happen, not with this little man toddling around. Do you have any idea how much he looks like me when I was that age? Well not that age cus he is way bigger than I was.”

Lance chuckled “I was wondering when you would mention that. It’s normal with hybrids, my people reach maturity quickly, we just don’t breed as quick. So by the time Jovian reaches 5 he will be roughly the size of a human ten year old.” Lance paused seeing the worried expression on JC’s face. “Don’t worry about it Jo ….JC, Chris said when you found out you’d over analyse it and come up with a whole set of new problems and questions.”

“It’s not that.” JC pouted. “What I mean is … if they are growing up quickly … well it doesn’t mean that … oh my Lance what’s happening to my babies?”

“Calm down JC, the boys growth will stabilize when they reach the size of a human 18 year old. They will be normal teenagers I promise. Joshua will be exactly the same.”

“You … you’re sure. “ the brunettes stared worriedly at his brood.

“I’m positive. Now I need to talk to you. Get your stuff together you and me are taking the kids to the surface in 1 hr.”

“Just us?”

“Yeah Chris and Justin are coming after. Pack enough for a few days and bring the boys to shuttle two when you’re ready.”

The blond left JC to wonder just why they weren’t all going together.