Part 27

“It’s okay Justin you don’t have to say anymore, I understand.” JC had sat silently as his lover had explained that he had suffered extreme injuries during the delivery of his baby girl and now sat his head in his hands biting back the pain he was feeling, he stopped Justin not wanting to hear the words he though he was going to hear flowing next out of the blond aliens mouth.

“What do you understand Joshua?”

“That I’m no longer any use to you, I can’t five you anymore children. I failed you. I was too weak, three pregnancies and my body failed me. You want to use one of the other specimens don’t you? It’s okay I won’t fight you Justin.” his mouth trembled as he blinked back the tears waiting to fall, displaying his weakness further in front of his lover.

“Stop it Joshua.” Justin felt anger welling in his chest; it was killing him seeing his lover so dejected, so resigned. “Stop it, you have given me so much, so much more that I could ever have dreamed of, more that I deserve. You have given me five healthy strong sons and an amazingly beautiful daughter; if any one has failed its me, I failed you. O tricked you into the last pregnancy, I destroyed your body, why don’t you blame me, hate me?”

JC lifted the petite bundle from her crib and placed her in Justin’s strong arms. “How could I hate anyone who gave me so precious a gift?” He hesitated a little afraid to ask. “So … where do we go from here?”

“I love you josh.”

“But I can’t give you anymore children.”

Justin pulled JC close with his free hand. “No baby you can’t. But I can give them to you.”

“Justin do you mean that … that you would bottom for me?”

Soft lips found his; he tasted the sweet taste of the chocolate coffee beans as Justin’s tongue pushed inside his mouth in a heated kiss.

Sapphiee cooed in delight as she found herself caught up in the loving embrace.

“I want you Joshua, I want you with me and inside me. Let me give you the precious gift that you have given me over the past three years.” He cradled JC’s face in the palm of his hand, the brunette rubbed into the touch, turning his face so he could lick and suck at the salty skin, sucking Justin’s fingers into his mouth. He released the digit and kissed softly at the upturned palm.

“I love you” JC whispered, a single tear ran down the side of his cheek and was licked away by a hot wet tongue. “I will show you how much I love you angel when you are well again. Until then though you will stay in bed, we have coped this long without you running around being mommy and we can cope for as long as it takes. So you will rest even if I have to tie you to the bed.”

JC smiled through his tears “You getting kinky on me honey?”

Justin grinned wickedly “You’d like that would you?”

The slim man laid back on his pillow. “Maybe” He blushed.