Part 32

Chris opened one eye, quickly closing it again. Feeling braver he opened both eyes, no blinding headache, no nausea so far. Looking good. Lance shifted against him, his naked skin sliding like satin over the coarser hairier body of the thicker set brunette. Lance sighed sleepily and snuggled his face into Chris’ neck.

Chris groaned and tried to ignore the growing erection now rubbing against his thigh. Their legs were a messy tangle and Chris was trying to figure out whether to try and extract himself without waking up the peaceful blond or to just ravish him. Nature decided for him as his stomach lurched. Maybe he would just throw up instead he tumbled out of bed unceremoniously landing with a loud thud on the floor. “Oomph. Shit,” He crawled towards the bathroom making it just in time. After five minutes of vomiting he hauled himself to his feet using the dressing table for support. ‘What the fuck have I eaten?’ he wracked his brain trying to think of anything unusual. They had tried some of the local vegetables and wildlife but Lance has assured everyone that they were perfectly safe and ok for human and whatever race him and Justin were consumption.

A tiny giggle sounded behind him. “Who’s that?” He asked in a silly voice.

“Jewel.” the giggling intensified. “You all naked uncy Chris, I can see your bottom.” He giggled even more as Chris turned round to face him. “Now I can see your …”

“Jewel!” Chris quickly used his hand to cover his exposed genitals. “Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“Nope.” the little boy shook his head gravely. “Sapphiee was hungry and Joshua was fed up so me and Jovie got them up. We made breakfast come see.”

Chris cringed at the mess the two toddlers had made.

“Jovie made p’cakes n srup daddy look!” Joshua held up a sticky handful of goo before shoving it into his mouth. Chris gagged. Sapphiee was in heaven her little fingers squishing in the half cooked batter and syrup, trying to put it in her mouth but succeeding instead in getting it up her nose and in her ears. Jewel giggled as Jovian tossed a pancake staring at it in wonder as it joined the two others already stuck to the kitchen ceiling. The patter of little feet caught his attention as four more little bodies clambered on to kitchen stools to join in the fun. Chris ran his hand through his hair and considered the situation.


The blonde alien came running out of the bedroom clutching a sheet round him, his hair dishevelled for his nights sleep. He arrived just in time to see his son shove another handful of batter into his mouth.

Lance slapped his hand over his own mouth and bolted for the bathroom. There was familiar sound of someone being sick and then the sound of running water. Lance stuck his head out of the bathroom. “Call their dads, I can’t cope right now.”

Chris looked at the sticky gunged up boys and one little girl and wondered if Jaycee would notice if he slipped Joshua in with them.