Part 34

“No, no, no, no, NO!” Chris paced back and forth shaking his head. Muttering the negative under his breath.

“It’s positive.” Lance held up the test for Justin, JC and Chris to see.

“No, you made a mistake, do it again.”

“Chris he did it three times already.” JC grinned as the irate shorter brunette scowled at him.

“Do the test again.” Chris demanded.

Lance sighed, “It’s going to be the same result Chris. You’re pregnant.”

Chris balled his fists and turned angrily on his lover. “I’m not bloody pregnant. Men don’t get pregnant!”

Lance looked down at Joshua who was playing happily with two of the J’s. “Ok” the brunette relented “Human men don’t get pregnant.” A small cough sounded behind him and he turned round to find JC sitting cross-legged on one of the examination beds, naked from the waist up nursing Sapphire. Beaming all over his face. Jewel was sitting on one of his legs sulking cus he wanted to nurse too. “Okay most human men don’t get pregnant, but you can’t class Jace, he wasn’t very masculine to start with.”

“HEY.” JC frowned “I resent that.”

Justin leaned forward and placed a kiss on the nursing mans forehead. “Honey no offence but he’s not wrong you know, that’s why I chose you and only you.”

JC pouted and gave his baby girl his full attention ignoring the argument that continued to rage on around him. Jewel slapped his bare chest to get his attention. “What is it sweetie?” he asked the little blue-eyed boy.

“Jewel want to nurse too.”

JC smiled kindly “But honey you’re a big boy now.”

Jewels lip stuck out and began to tremble as his pretty eyes filled with tears. “Okay honey you can nurse too.” JC allowed the baby to attach his mouth to his free nipple and begin to feed.

“You give in too easy Jace, He’s too old to do that now.” The slim brunette shot his lover the bird behind Jewels head making the blond alien roll his eyes.

Chris stomped his foot getting the attention back to him. JC grinned again “You’re pregnant Chris get over it.” He chuckled loudly causing Sapphiee to jump. “I’m so going to enjoy this,” he gloated.

Lance shot him a stern look. “Don’t forget I’m pregnant too Jace, by the way Justin your results were positive too.”

“WHAT?” Justin jumped to his feet “I can’t be!”

“Ha, retribution” JC smirked. “Congratulations Justin, maybe you’ll have sex-duplets. This is just getting better.”

Justin shot him a look that would have killed a lesser man.

Chris broke out in a wide smile. “Oh yes.” He yelled as he punched the air “there is a Santa Claus.” He began to do the funky chicken dance round the room much to the delight of the five little J’s littering the floor.

Jewel released his poppas’ nipple and looked up with sleepy eyes and milky lips. “What’s a santy clus?” he asked innocently.

“Justin take him from me will you.” JC kissed the boys tousled curls. “I’ll tell you in the morning sweetness. Daddy will put you to bed now. Goodnight juju.”

The little boy hugged his poppas neck and kissed his sister goodnight before lifting his arms to Justin to pick him up. Jaden, Jared and Jaren each took a turn to kiss JC and Sapphire goodnight before following their daddy to their bedroom. Jovian sat playing with his fingers cross-legged on the floor pretending he didn’t see his brothers going to bed. JC hid a smirk and just raised his eyebrows.

“Jovie.” The toddler ignored him. “Jovian? I can see you, you know.”

Jovian sighed unhappily. “But I’m a big boy, the babies go to bed first. Please poppa!”

Lance un-crossed his arms and heaved himself up onto the worktop. “Rebellion in the ranks JC?”

The slim brunette stuck his tongue out at the blond and beckoned Jovie to come to him. The small child got up and ran to him clambering on his lap. “Please poppa.” big pleading eyes locked with his.

“Ok you can stay up for thirty minutes more.”

“Sucker.” Chris sniggered then remembering he was meant to be pissed he forced a scowl back on his face. “Talking of bed, Joshie don’t think I can’t see you skulking under that table. Bed little man, now.”

The tiny brunette whinged “But dada, Jovie up.”

“Jovie is older than you honey and so are the quads so bed,” Lance said kindly. Joshua crawled out from his hiding place. Sulking he kissed every one goodnight and lifted his arms to Chris.

“I’ll tuck you in little man,” Chris lifted his child and rested him on his hip “Say Nite nite.”

“Nite Nite,” Joshua blew kisses over his daddy’s shoulder as he was carried from the room.

Jovian had settled in his poppas’ arms, his eyes were growing more and more heavy. JC smiled lost in the beauty of the boy brought back to earth by Lance’s observation. “He’s not going to make 30 minutes.”

JC’s face was a picture of serenity as he gazed at Jovie. The little boy wriggled shifting in his arms till he was more comfortable. His thumb found his mouth and his eyes slipped shut as he breathing evened out indicating sleep.

“I wish I could capture that image.”

JC looked up at the blond doctor. “Why?” He asked.

“You look the picture of happiness. Shall I take Sapphiee?” JC nodded his thanks.

“Jovie is a little heavy now, holding both is really killing my arms.”

Lance grinned and lifted the sleeping girl from the willowy man. “I can’t believe how much she has grown, I swear she is almost as big as Joshua.”

“I think she is maturing faster than the boys and that worries me.” JC worried his bottom lip, Lance couldn’t help but recognise the signs.”

“JC don’t worry, I checked her over she will slow down like the boys will. I explained this to you.”

“Yeah but I though of another problem.”

Lance sighed, he should have expected this and had a sneaky suspicion what JC was going to say. “Your worried about suitable partners for her aren’t you?”

JC inclined his head slightly indicating that his friend was right. “I know we have years before I need to really worry, but forewarned and all that shit.”

Lance nodded “I do understand Jace and she is the only female on the entire planet, maybe its something we should begin to think about. The boys are going to need partners eventually, incest really isn’t an option here.” JC nodded his agreement as Justin returned rolling his eyes at the sight of JC cradling the little clone of himself.

“You two look serious,” He said as Chris joined the trio.

“We were discussing Sapphires mate choices for when she gets older, the boys too.” JC’s chest heaved “We never really considered them in all this did we?”

Justin lifted Sapphiee from Lance resting her against his shoulder. “I did.” All eyes rested on him.

“You did?” Chris asked.

“Why do you think I spend so much time in Big Bird, I’m maintaining the pods? We have over 150 males in those capsules. We only lost three in the crash.”

“I’m not letting some old man get his hands on my daughter” JC snapped.

Lance grinned “But they won’t be old Jace, the capsules put them in suspended animation. Effectively freezing them, they will be the same age as they are now till we thaw them.”

Chris grinned, “So the kids will just catch up with them. Cool”

“Well I don’t know.” JC still wasn’t convinced “It still kinda seems, I don’t know …. Sleazy.”

“You know you managed to get the conversation away from me not being pregnant don’t you?” Chris suddenly said.

Lance heaved an exasperated sigh. “Chris you’re pregnant get over it. I’m pregnant. Even Justin is pregnant and I’m sure if JC can survive giving birth you can.”

“Well I’m still not convinced” Chris sulked.

“Me neither!” Justin added as Lance rolled his eyes and JC sniggered smugly.