Part 36

JC slowly melted into a weeping mass on Justin’s shoulder. “It’s going to be fine sweetie, you don’t have to cope alone. Now lets get that bath drawn.”

The weeping man started to shake his head knowing what water they had left in the tanks could be put to better use. “Don’t shake your head at me.” Justin reached out not wanting to leave JC in the state he was in.


I’m here

I need you to get a bath ready for JC

No problem.

Lance he’s in worse shape than we realised. Can you ask Chris to provide a bottle of that rocket fuel he laughingly calls wine?

He could hear Lance’s mental chuckle.

Sure, but do you think JC can handle it?

I’m only going to give him one glass. While he’s soaking in the bath can you and Chris watch the kids and set up a table for the four of us. JC already fed the children.

Again no problem.

I’m going to stay with him. He is way to fragile to be alone.

I’ll prepare the bath now and send Chris to the children.

Thanks Lance.

Justin held JC tightly, rubbing his back till he felt some of the tension start to drain away. “Come on sweetness.” He said as he urged JC to his feet and led him out to where the bath had been set up.

The brunette stared dismayed at the sight. The tub was filled almost to the brim he suppressed a small cry. The tanks must have been emptied to fill the bath so full. He had bathing the kids down to a fine art. Twelve inches of water in the bottom of the tub was enough to bathe three of them another twelve inch’s finished the job. Maybe he could utilise the water by bathing all the children as soon as Justin left.

“Undress honey.” JC allowed his lover to strip him and help him into the hot bubble filled water. He sunk back relishing in the luxury, his eyes drifting closed as Justin stoked his hair.

“I can bathe myself Justin.”

The blond smiled knowingly. “What and leave you to get out as soon as my back is turned and put the children in there.”

“Its such a waste of water Justin, the tanks must be dry, the tanks should never be dry what if there’s an emergency? What if there was a sudden drought? What if …”

A soft pliant mouth sinking over his own cut off his words. “I will worry about the tanks tonight my love you just enjoy this little luxury. It’s our gift to you for all you have done for us over the past months.”


JC sunk lower in the water as Lance came into the curtained off area carrying a large glass of ruby liquid. The alien handed it to him and he sniffed it suspiciously.

“Its Chris’ home brew. He found some berries before we discovered our pregnancies and decided to see how well they would ferment. I have to say they worked really well. Try it.”

JC lifted the glass to his lips and sipped the wine. A large smile spread across his face. “It tastes like cherries.”

“So Chris informs me but as I have never tasted cherries I’ll take your word for it. Well I’ll let you finish bathing. Dinner is in about an hour so take your time.”

JC sat bolt upright “But I made dinner.”

Lance grinned “I know sweets, I’m just going to serve you for a change. Enjoy your bath, you earned it.” Lance left the two lovers alone. They sat in silence JC sipping at his drink.

Justin soaked a sponge and washed soothing circular strokes across JC’s taunt back, easing away the tension and the knots from the muscles. The brunette exhaled a contented sigh as the sponge worked over his tired body. “Feels so good,“ he murmured under his breath.

“You deserve this my angel. Its decadence at the worse kind to you I know, but you’ve been working so hard for so long and we have let you. Too wrapped up in ourselves not to see the sheer exhaustion you were suffering. Well no more. From now on we will be pulling our weight.”

JC let out a small groan as Justin let his hand drift under the waterline and rub intimately at his ass cheeks. “There something else you haven’t enjoyed for a while now my sweet.” Justin lean in and breathed into his ear “Me.” the blond aliens robe was on the floor before JC could grasp what had been said to him. He moaned delightedly as Justin slipped into the water in front of him pulling him into his arms and sliding his lips over JC’s own. He lovingly teased a soft brownish nipple with his fingers pinching it and pulling till JC’s head rolled back and he groaned with pleasure and pain. As soon as it did Justin attacked the bared throat biting hard at the Adam’s apple, dipping his tongue into the soft hollow just underneath. He licked up to the sharp chin, planting soft possessive kisses along the jawbone. Justin pulled JC impossibly close to him sliding the humans legs round his waist. JC groaned again as the unborn child moved against his abdomen. He pressed closer still imagining in his minds-eye that the child was within him. Justin pulled the small of JC’s back clasping his hands tightly behind him supporting and holding him in place.

“You miss this don’t you? Having another living thing inside of you.”

The brunette buried his face into Justin’s neck and soon wet the skin with his tears. “I understand Jaycee really I do. But you haven’t failed me. You don’t have to kill yourself trying to make it up to me.” Justin tilted JC’s face up to look at him. He brushing his lips over the willing ones of his lover and proceeded to lick away the rivulets that were running down his pretty face. “This is your child too Jaycee. You made him.” He kissed his human lover again deeper this time tempting the slender man to open his mouth, playing with the sweetness he found within, twisting and twirling his tongue against JC’s, drawing him deeper and deeper into an aroused state.

JC cock thickened as it ground relentlessly against his lovers‘ skin. He gasped as Justin’s thick cock slipped between his cheeks and pressed relentlessly up into him, impaling him. “ this is something else I know you miss my love.”

“Make love to me Justin please, love me like you used to.” the tiny plea tore into the blond aliens heart. He thrust up filling the tight cavity, assaulting JC’s prostate making the slender man reel with the flashing stars that exploded behind his eyes. He came hard hanging on Justin’s neck, his bones turning to jelly as he trembled and shook from his exertions.

A small giggle escaped his lips turning into a strangled sob as the unborn baby kicked him hard in his ribs. Justin thumbed away a tear and held him tighter. “The others will be waiting sweetheart.” slipping JC off his lap the blond got out the tub and wrapped a towel round his waist then held up one for his lover, surrounding him in the fluffy softness. He held onto the willowy man till the trembling had stopped, drying him and helping him dress before dressing himself then he took JC’s hand in his and led him to where Chris and Lance were waiting.