Part 44

Sapphire glared at Joshua and her brother all through the remainder of the meal. The two had sat next to each other breaking the usual pattern at the dinning table, they held hands under the table and every now and then Jewel allowed his head to rest on the younger mans shoulder.

He looked longingly at the infirmary wanting to go and comfort his poppa, to tell him that he was sorry that he had betrayed his trust, but he had been frightened by the vision he had received.

Chris sat silently watching the two boys, not saying anything, now wasn’t the time. He wanted to talk to Justin and Lance before he said anything. Really he wanted JC’s input too but he knew that JC had other more important things on his mind.

He didn’t miss the angry looks the boys were receiving from Sapphire or the pained look of envy from Jovian. He made a mental note to speak to the oldest child about his sexuality. Justin didn’t seem interested, assuming the children would pair with whom they were told.

He ran through suitable partners for the nineteen year old, there was of course Lilly but if the lad preferred men then they had a problem Claude Jono and James being out of the question as they were too young and Kieran showing a definite interest in Sapphiee. That in itself was another reason to talk to his best friends.

“Lets clear up.” He said and got to his feet picking up the bowls nearest to him. “And then after the designated washer-uppers have done their chore we will have a sing song.” The children groaned and stood up each collecting an item from the table and carrying it back to the communal kitchen.

Bonnie sulked as she filled the washing up sink and David grabbed the drying cloth. “Why do I always have to wash?” She bitched at the slightly older boy.

He winked at her. “Cus you do it so beautifully.” He flicked her bottom with the corner of the tea towel and leaped backwards to avoid the cupful of soapy water that was sent flying his way. Chris watched as his daughter played with Justin’s son, he couldn’t help but wonder if they would end up together, they were close in age. Soft crying caught his attention. He looked around trying to locate the source as he walked into the darkness round the back of the building.

Jewel sat alone on a tree stump staring at the door to the infirmary. “They won’t let me in,” He sobbed. “I want to talk to poppa but they won’t let me.”

Chris dropped to the ground next to him and rubbed the boys knee soothingly. “Baby they have to see to your poppa, he’s upset and confused. He thinks they are taking the baby away because they don’t want him to have the experience of giving birth naturally, or that your Daddy doesn’t want anymore children, he thinks they are trying to deprive him.”

Jewel looked at Chris his face wet with tears. “But they’re not, he’ll die if they don’t do it.”

Chris hugged the slender boy to him rubbing the brunette curls fiercely. “He doesn’t understand that Gem, he doesn’t want to understand.”

“He’ll hate me forever.”

Chris kissed the inconsolable boy on his forehead. “He will, give him time.” He stood up groaning as he flexed his knees. “I’m getting to old to sit on the floor Gem-gem.” He held out his hand for the younger boy to pull himself up.

Jewel took the outstretched hand and sunk into the supportive embrace of his uncle. “Why don’t you go and spend some quiet time with Joshua? I’m sure he will make you feel better.”

The young JC clone grinned and Chris’ heart lurched , he was so much like his poppa. “You don’t mind uncy that Josh and me … I mean that we want to be …”

“That you are in love and want to be together … I couldn’t be happier and I’m sure Lance will be happy too.”

“Daddy won’t be. As soon as he knows poppa is alright he’s going to make me stop seeing Josh.

Chris’ eyes gleamed mischievously “Gem you leaved your daddy to me. They don’t call me tricky for nothing. Now go on, your honey is waiting for you.” Chris couldn’t hide his smile as the 16 year old scampered away to find his boyfriend. Now if he could just handle the others that way he might be able to distract them from what was going on in the hospital.

“Just try to sleep baby.” Justin gently stoked his lovers face. “We promise that we won’t do anything till the morning.”

Lance opened the drip that was taped into JC’s arm, feeding the sedative directly into his blood stream. The frail brunette wept into his pillow, whimpering over and over “Don’t kill my baby.” Eventually the medication did its job and JC drifted off into a drug-induced slumber, still his tiny body shuddered as he sobbed in his sleep.

Unable to control himself any longer Justin crumpled up into a chair and cried.

“It will be alright Justin, I can fix this.” Lance’s deep emerald eyes were tinged with red, he’d been fighting back his own tears for the last hour. Now his patient was unconscious he felt free to let them fall.

“He wants this child so much Lance, I feel like a monster for not letting him try. But I can’t bare to lose him, call me selfish but I need him so much.” Justin scrubbed at his eyes and sat on the bed next to his lover and began to twirl the thick brunette curls between his fingers.

“We should go relieve Chris, he’s been coping with the whole brood for a couple of hours now.” Lance beckoned his long time friend to join him. Justin looked longingly at JC and started to refuse. “Jace will be fine, it will be hours before he wakes up and we will be back by then.”

Justin bent down and kissed the sleeping man on his slightly pursed lips. “I’ll be back soon sweetness.” He whispered, “I love you so much.” He kissed him again then followed Lance back to the big fire where everyone was waiting for them.

JC stirred in the darkness as the drugs wore off. His eyes flickered open and he stared at the ceiling through the darkness. He shifted and winced as he caught the drip line. Slowly and carefully he sat up, slightly confused. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he could make out the sleeping forms of Justin and Lance. Briefly he wondered why Lance was in their bedroom, then he remembered. He wasn’t in their room, he was in the infirmary waiting to be forced into an abortion. He slid his feet off the bed and tested his steadiness, feeling confident he gritted his teeth and pulled the needle from his arm, pressing a piece of cotton wool to the wound, his bare feet made no sound as he padded over to the work station and ripped a strip of tape off the roll using it to secure the cotton to the bleeding wound.

Stealthy he left the hospital and crept into his quarters, thrusting a change of clothes into a bag. He slipped his feet into a pair of sandals and picked up a blanket from the bed pushing that into the bag also. Moving as quickly and as quietly as he could he snuck into the kitchen, filling up another bag with dried meat, cheese, bread and water.

He barely looked back as he made his way out of the security of the compound and out into the night. If they wouldn’t let him keep his child then he would go it alone. A deep feeling of regret swamped him, but he had to protect the un-born babe inside him. JC skirted the edge of the vampire flowers till he found a safe path through to the forest on the other side. He shuddered as the piercing howl of some unseen creature rang out, drawing his stunner he disappeared into the trees.

Justin yawned and stretched, turning over to gaze at his sweet lover. “LANCE!”

Lance jolted awake. “Wh … What … Where.”

“He’s gone Lance, Josh is gone.” The blond haired man ran out into the compound, spinning frantically not knowing what to do or where to look.

Lance came running after him calling for Chris and the boys to wake up and join in the search. “We have to find him and quickly.” Lance paired the older children into search parties telling the two youngest girls to look after the babies. Kieran and Shaun sped off towards Big Bird while Jovian and Sapphire headed out towards the river. Each search party had their own area to cover and were equipped with communicator devices. Justin’s eyes narrowed as Jewel and Joshua walked off together. When he found JC he would deal with them, for now they could wait. Jaden stood patiently waiting for his daddy to notice him, giving a little cough to get his attention. Justin shouldered his backpack and led his son out into the wilderness.