Part 47

The argument raged into the day, Justin tried to shake the life out of poor Joshua who was clearly in shock. Chris ripped the furious father off his oldest son and shoved him back towards his seat.

Jovian took the initiative and herded the youngest children away pulling Lilly along with him, instructing her to take the babies to play. Jewel sunk to the ground shaking his face streaked red from crying. His three birth brothers surrounded him, closing ranks not letting their irate father near him. Lance was pleading for calm, ducking a blow that had been aimed at Joshua.

Chris stopped the fist mid punch and crushed Justin’s hand in his own. “Behave yourself. “ He hissed. “He’s 16, you want to start something you start it with me.” The furious brunette pushed the blond alien hard causing him to stumble backwards.

Lance crouched near Jewel and spoke in low soothing tones convincing the protective J’s into letting him take the distraught boy into his apartments.

Without warning Justin broke down slumping back into his chair, his face in his hands. “I don’t know what to do.” he cried.

Chris’ anger melted away and he cradled his friend. “JC would know what to do, where is he Chris? How far could he have gone on foot and in his condition?”

The rest of the day passed in a tense quiet, even the babies played it almost silence. Jovian and Jaden started their chores for the need to do something positive. Even Sapphire was unusually subdued.

They sat round the dining table for the evening meal JC’s place set as it was every night since he disappeared. Justin stood up, his head bowed.

“Thank you for the food on our table and the love in our hearts. We beg you to keep our beloved poppa safe and bring him back to us soon. Please give Jewel the strength he needs to bring up his child and give Jovian the insight to choose his lover wisely. Above all thank you for giving us each other.


Amen echoed round the table. Jaden and Jared served dinner.

The meal was finished in the same uneasy silence that had tainted the whole day and when it was done they all drifted off to do their own little thing before going to bed.

Jewel remained behind as the others drifted away. He shuffled nervously from foot to foot waiting for his daddy to notice him.

“What do you want Gem?”

“Do you hate me?” Jewels voice shook as he voiced the question that had haunted him all day.

“No angel, I don’t hate you.”

“But you were so angry.”

Justin drew invisible circles on the table surface. “Not at you, at myself for not knowing, for not caring enough to make sure you knew the implications of your actions. “ Jewel moved into his fathers’ arms and rested his head on his shoulder. Justin rubbed the boys lower back, he smiled briefly remembering how much JC enjoyed having the small of his back massaged while he was pregnant.

Jewel mewed contentedly as the long strong fingers worked their magic.

“Your poppa loved having his back rubbed when he was carrying you.”

“I wish he was here daddy, I call him every night, begging him to come home to us.”

“Come on Gem-Gem, time for bed, tomorrow Joshua and I will erect your new home.” Justin kissed the boy tenderly and sighed. “You do love him don’t you Jewel?”

“Yes daddy I do.”

“Goodnight son.”

“Goodnight Daddy.”

Justin waited until late into the night before going to bed. He hated the night, blamed it for his misery, it was at night that JC had left him and it was the night that left him lonely in his cold empty bed.

A serious feeling of de-ja-vu struck Chris as he woke up squeezing his cock in the half-light of dawn. He groaned knowing he had to get up and pee. He cussed Lance for sleeping peacefully while he had to make his tri-nightly trip to the can. Passing the window he saw a figure curled up against the cold night air wrapped in a blanket and swinging gently back and forth on the old porch swing.

“Jovian.” He muttered to himself. Now what was wrong with the lad? He pushed his feet into his slippers and wrapped his coat round him. Opening the door as quietly as he could he walked the short distance to the porch. He sat down next to the curled up bundle. “Still can’t sleep Jovie?” He asked. He pulled the blanket back and gasped with delight.


“I’ve come home Chris.”

“Oh god JC!” The older man hugged at his friend, kissing and stroking then hugging again, not knowing what to do first tie him down so he didn’t run off again or scream for joy.

He screamed for joy.

His shouts roused Justin, who stuck his head out of his window intent on giving the perpetrator of the racket a piece of his mind. On seeing his lover he added his own screams to those of Chris. Before long the whole compound was awake and JC was being handed round like a parcel at a kids party as everyone tried to hug and pet him all at once. Finally he found himself in Justin’s tight embrace.

“Baby I missed you so much. Never ever leave me again JC. I can’t go on without you.”

JC nuzzled into his lover, savouring the feeling of safety in his strong arms. Soft pliant lips sought his, licking and tasting. He winced, groaning as the baby moved, grasping at his stomach and breathing heavily through the pain.

“Jace, You’ve gone pale, what’s wrong?”

“Lance .. Let Lance …” JC sunk to his knees his teeth gritted together.

The alien doctor pushed his way through the horde of kids and scanned the fallen man. “Justin bring him to the infirmary now.”

Justin scooped him up in his arms and practically ran to the hospital building closely followed by Chris and lance. Jewel slipped through the door before Chris could slam it shut locking the anxious children outside. He stood at the rear of the room well out of the way and linked minds with his siblings, allowing them to witness the events as they happened.

“there’s no room for the baby.” Lance said as he undid JC’s pants and slipped them off his legs. “He has to deliver now.”

“No, lance I can’t … you can’t I wouldn’t have come back if I thought you’d kill my baby.”

Lance spoke smoothly his bass voice giving a calming effect on the now panicked pregnant man. “You have to deliver, the baby is compressing your internal organs, I haven’t been sitting twiddling my thumbs waiting for you to come back honey, I knew as soon as you felt safe you would come home. I have developed an artificial womb that will keep the baby alive till full term.”

“But I want to give birth myself.” JC sniffed back his tears determined not to show weakness.

“Its your choice angel, give birth and have a still born, let me operate and in four months have a health baby you can hold in your arms.”

JC felt his eyes drawn to his youngest son standing pale and drawn in the corner, wringing his hands together with anxiety. “You will save Teddy?”

“You named him already” Justin said as he clasped his lovers’ hand tightly.

Lance stroked back the sweat soaked curls from JC’s forehead. “I give you my word.”

JC looked again to his son and then up into the eyes of his lover. “Operate.” He said.