Part 55

The sky was a rosy hue of pinks and reds as the sun set over the compound, Jaden and Jared had set up the long table and arranged the ballot box, ready for Lance and Chris to count the voting slips. Sapphire had made a bowl of roasted tuber roots and a creamy dip, which she divided into smaller bowls and dispatched round the communal area. Sally and Lilly-Anna settled the younger children into bed, despite the protests of Bonnie who at eight years old felt that she really should be included. Joshua and Jewel sat wound round each other, Jewel on his boyfriends lap. The younger teen rested his hand on Jewels protruding belly, smiling contentedly every time the baby moved. Jaren sat cross-legged on the floor building Lego blocks with Shaun, Kieran and David. Sapphire rolled her eyes at the four boys, “Kids!” she muttered under her breath.

Lance, Chris, Justin and JC made their way behind the table, Jewel looked up, and grinned at the rosy glow on his fathers face, JC hung happily onto Justin’s arm, sitting in the offered chair, tilting his head up to accept the accompanying kiss. He blushed prettily feeling his son’s eyes on him; Jewel nuzzled his nose into Joshua’s neck and whispered in his ear. “I’ll tackle daddy tonight, it looks like he had a good afternoon.”

“What if the vote goes against him, won’t he get pissed?” Joshua whispered back.

“From the look on poppas face I don’t think daddy will really care. He will just be thinking about poppa, its an ideal time believe me.”

Joshua licked his lover’s neck, sucking hungrily, marking the golden brown skin. “Stop, daddy’s watching you.” Joshua paused, swallowing nervously, his eyes seeking out his lover’s father. Justin gave him a disapproving look then turned and spoke softly to JC.

Chris stood up banging a stone on the table getting everyone’s attention. “Thank you for coming children, it is time for the vote to be counted. Lance if you wouldn’t mind opening the ballot box.”

The alien doctor broke the seal and reached in, pulling out a number of paper slips. Chris looked at each in turn placing it into its appropriate pile. “Justin, would you like to check the votes?”

Justin shook his head. “I am happy with your word.”

Chris raised himself to his full height. “The vote is as follows. 13 votes for no, 3 votes for yes.” Justin shook his head in disappointment. JC ‘s mouth was set in a thin line, not giving his true feelings away. “The pods will be separated from the rest and sealed in a chamber for all time. This we have agreed on democratically. Are there any questions?” No one spoke.

“Are there any other matters that need to be discussed?”

Again no one spoke, “Then I call this meeting to a close, don’t stay up too long.” He held his hand out to Lance, helping him to his feet and walked off towards their cabin.

Jewel approached the table. “Daddy, can I talk to you for a minute?” Adding “its important.” When he looked as if he was about to say no.

“Go talk to your son Justin.” JC encouraged, “Its not often he comes to you.”

“That’s because he’s your ‘mini me’ my darling, and he has your stubborn streak.” JC coloured and sniggered slightly.

“When was I ever stubborn with you?”

Justin pulled JC too him, holding him tightly with one arm around his narrow waist, both his slender wrists trapped in Justin’s big hands. “Do you really want me to say in front of your baby boy?”

He pressed his mouth hungrily over the trembling lips of his love, devouring him slowly, pressing his tongue against JC’s teeth until he opened his mouth and let Justin have access. The blond alien moaned, tasting the sweetness of JC’s mouth. Reluctantly he pulled away giving his lover’s kiss swollen lips one final swipe with his tongue. “Go check on your babies my darling, but don’t be too long, I have plans for you tonight.” JC giggled and skipped away towards the infirmary, glancing over his shoulder long enough to throw a loving kiss. Justin pretended to catch it and pressed it to his heart.


“I’m sorry Gem, your poppa has me a little preoccupied tonight. What was it you wanted?”

“Can we go sit on the porch swing?”

“Sure.” Justin said. They walked arm in arm to the old swing. “This is your poppa’s favourite place you know.”

“I know, he told me.” Jewel studied Justin’s face, the square chin and high cheekbones, blond curls framed his face giving him an angelic look, he certainly didn’t look his 36 years, then again for all the hardship JC had endured, he had aged gracefully as well. “Daddy I love Joshua.”

“I know you do baby. Is that what you wanted to tell me?”

“No, I was reading a book I found, an earth book. In it the two main characters were very much in love and they talked about getting married so that everyone knew how much they loved each other.”

Justin nodded, listening and wondering where this conversation was going.

“It seems to me that if you really love each other then being married is important, I know that Debra, that was the girls name in the book, was really happy when her lover asked her to marry him, up till that moment she never believed he truly loved her.”

“Do you want to marry Joshua baby?”

“He asked me, yes, I’d like it very much.”

“Ok, I’m sure your poppa will agree, you think very much like him. I’ll tell him tonight.”

Jewel kissed Justin’s cheek. “Thank you daddy.” He jumped off the swing and skipped away his belly jiggling in front of him.

“So much like JC.” Justin whispered to himself. His face softened at the thought of his sweet lover. Married … if Gem wanted to get married to prove his love to Joshua, would JC like it if they got married too? Promising himself to the gracile human might just be the proof that JC needed. Justin swung back and forth on the old swing, thinking hard. Making up his mind he got up and walked towards his home and the waiting man. Yes JC would like a wedding.

Jewel watched, concealed behind the washroom wall as his daddy got up and walked slowly towards their house. Joshua’s arms snaked round him. “Well did he agree?”

“They’ll announce their engagement in the morning … guaranteed.”

“How did you convince him?”

“The trick with daddy is to let him think that it’s his idea.”

“And that works?”

Jewel grinned smugly “Poppa says every time.” Both teens started to giggle at their craftiness. “Come on lets go tell the J’s and Sapphiee the good news, they are partying down by the river tonight.”

Justin entered his bedroom and smiled, all round there were candles burning brightly, casting hundreds of flickering shadows on the wall. Smooth satin sheets adorned the bed, glistening in the candlelight. Justin took a deep breath; JC lay naked, sprawled over the sheets, his arousal evident.

The alien growled deep in his throat as he crawled up the bed, kissing every square inch of exposed flesh. A shudder shook JC’s body as Justin’s mouth grazed his throbbing cock, his tongue drawing circles over his groin. Reflectively the willowy brunette bucked his hips, only to be pinned down, Justin’s mouth claiming his flesh. JC Moaned through blood infused lips as his lover worked back down to his engorged phallus, swiping his hot wet tongue over the slit, groaning with pleasure as the sweet salty pre-cum tantalised his taste buds. JC fixed his fingers in the unruly curls guiding Justin’s head as he swallowed him whole. Bobbing his head up and down, licking and sucking. Justin reached under JC, cradling his balls gently in his hand, rolling them carefully as he rubbed his tongue on the sensitive underside of JC’s penis.

The brunette writhed under his lover’s ministrations thrusting into the willing mouth that enveloped him. The human cried out, giving one final thrust, before he exploded into Justin’s mouth. JC lay back panting, his eyes filled with desire as Justin slid slickly up his body, pushing his tongue into his mouth, sharing JC’s cum with him. JC moaned as his leg was lifted over Justin’s shoulder, and the hard member pressed relentlessly against his tight hole. He hissed as the thick cock penetrated him. Gasping, he reached desperately for Justin’s lips as he was pounded without mercy. His ass spasmed, clenching round his lover. Justin screamed in ecstasy “I love you. I love you… marry me!”

JC stiffened, not believing the words that had tumbled in a rush from the sweat covered man draped over him. Justin lifted himself up, his hair wet and plastered to his head. “You’re not saying anything my darling, I asked you a question Jace, will you marry me?”

JC sucked his lips into his mouth, his steel blue eyes liquefying as he fought not to weep openly. “Yes …. Yes, yes, yes, yes.” Every yes was accompanied by a kiss to Justin’s face, his eyes, his cheeks, his nose, his forehead, his mouth. “I love you … I love you so much.”

Unable to control himself any longer JC began to cry, burying his face into the younger mans neck, he licked at the sweat covered skin, his tears mixing with the salt of Justin’s body. “I love you Justin.” He lifted his face, gazing up into his lovers eyes, his own crystalline orbs pleading for the words he longed to hear. His mouth was covered and made love to by Justin’s tongue, leaving him gasping for breath.

“I have always loved you Joshua, I know I haven’t always said it, and I know I don’t always show it, but I do. I don’t want to live without you … I couldn’t live without you. You are amazing and I want you to be my husband …”

“I want it too, I dreamed of this … but why now? After all these years.”

“Something Gem said about being human, he opened my eyes and I promise I’ll never let them close again.”