Part 59

Joey curled under his duvet, deep in thought. His head ached, pounding relentlessly. The soft snores of his roommates sounded like elephant trumpets to his ears. He felt as if he was in some weird episode of the Brady Bunch. Joshua turned over in his sleep, facing the big Italian who was sharing his bed for the night. His pouty lips pursed as he breathed gently in and out through his nose. His eyes were red and puffy from where he had been crying most of the night, ever since his father had confessed that he was dying. Joey sighed and turned on to his back, listening to the occasional sob from the other four boys in the room.

His thoughts turned to Jovian. The soft golden brown curls, the red pouting mouth, his steel blue eyes. He imagined that he looked pretty much like his father used to at that age. He frowned; confused at the feelings he was experiencing. He was a red blooded heterosexual man, never had he had feelings for a member of his own sex; yet when he looked into Jovian’s beautiful eyes for the first time he knew he had met his soul mate. He had hoped to talk with his new friends delicate looking father, only the frail man had suffered a stoke, sending the entire colony into a panic.

The hard talking, tough looking head man who had been introduced to him as Jovian’s daddy, disintegrated, sobbing like a new born baby as he cradled his unconscious lover’s head In his lap. Begging him piteously not to leave him, but to fight and stay.

Joey laid on his bed and looked out of the window, gazing up at the stars. Which one was earth? He wondered. He knew he should be angry; after all he had been ripped from his life. Thrown into a community where it was not unusual for men to love men, and yet he wasn’t. He was amazed by how easily he had accepted the situation, but it just felt natural, as if he had been waiting for Jovian all of his life. His skin prickled and he turned over to find two chocolate brown eyes resting on him.

“Can’t you sleep?” Joshua asked.

“Nah, its too quiet.”

Joshua chuckled quietly. “Its not quiet, this is noisy, trust me.”

“Well you haven’t had to sleep in Brooklyn, now that is noise.”

“Can I ask you something, being as we are going to be related an all?”

“We are?” Joey asked confused.

“Yeah, Jovian is Gem’s brother, me n Gem are going to be married, well after Uncle JC and Justin do anyways.”

“Can I ask you something first?” Joey whispered.


“Your boyfriend; he’s rather fat.”

“He’s not fat he’s pregnant.” Joshua laughed, “For gods sake don’t say that to him, he’s rather touchy right now, you know hormones and what not. He thinks he’s unattractive and that I don’t love him anymore.”

“But he’s male!”

“Yeah, well it’s a long story, one that will be explained later.”

Joey nodded. “Do you … you know love him?” he asked softly.

“Of course I do. He’s having my baby that makes him more beautiful in my eyes than you could ever imagine. You know for a powerful telepath, you’d think Jewel would have worked that out by now, but dad says he’s emotional, like JC, and that clouds his judgement.”

“Jewel, who‘s Jewel?”

Joshua sniggered, “sorry, Gem, is Jewels pet name. You know, a jewel is a precious stone, and a precious stone is a gem, hence Gem for short.”

“I’m confused.”

A sleepy voice in the corner piped up, “Yeah well wait till you meet Blue, now that’s confusing.”

“Kieran has a crush on her.” Joshua mouthed.

Joey mouthed back “Oh. What was it you wanted to ask me?”

“Do you love Jovie?”

Joey smiled to himself, “I don’t know if its love, not yet, but I do feel as if we are meant to be together.”

Joshua smiled, “That’s all I wanted to know. Try to sleep. The sun rises early here and there will be work to do with JC out of action, someone will have to be with him all the time till he is strong again.”

“Is JC headman in the village?”

Again Joshua chuckled; a snort came from Kieran’s direction. “No Justin is.”

“Will you two go to sleep please,” Kieran moaned as he snuggled down.

“Sorry Kieran, Good night, try to sleep.” Joshua mouthed again as he turned over and closed his eyes.

Joey sighed, and looked out of the window again, counting stars till he drifted off to sleep.

He was woken by, childish giggles and two chubby hands squishing his face. “get up.” He opened one eye regarding the chubby blond baby, sitting on his chest.

“Who are you?”

The blond toddler giggled “I Jono.”

“There you are you little monster!” Jono Jumped off the bed laughing loudly and wriggled underneath,. The green eyed young girl smiled apologetically. “Hi I’m Lilly-Anna … Sorry, he slipped away from me.” she reached under the bed and grasped a tiny foot dragging the little boy out and slinging him over her shoulder. “Breakfast will be in about five minutes, we all eat together, you can wash up in there.” She pointed to a door over in the corner. “Just come outside when you are ready.”

As soon as she left, Joey swung his long legs off the bed and went in to the bathroom.


The brunette stuck his head back into the bedroom, smiling when he saw Jovian laying on his bed.

“Good morning.”

Jovie smiled shyly. “Hi. I came to take you to breakfast.”

Joey dried off his face and slinked over to the younger man, he leaned in brushing his lips over Jovian’s ripe tender lips. “How’s your dad?”

“Much better, we haven’t told him about Uncy Chris, so when we go see him after we eat, don’t mention it. Ok?”

“No problem.” They kissed again. “Come on I’m starving.” They walked arm in arm out into the courtyard and over to the communal eating area. Everyone was already seated. There was an empty place next to Justin and one opposite him. Joey went to sit in the one on the other side of the table to his future father in law. Jewel whispered urgently. “Not there, next to daddy, that’s poppa’s seat.”

“I’m sorry.” Joey ducked his head and sat gingerly next to Justin.

The tall blond Scrutinised the young newcomer, “You weren’t to know.” Shaun and Jewel got out of their seats and went into the kitchen, carrying out platters of food, placing them evenly down the table.

The two boys served their daddies then the rest of the children. They sat back down in their seats silently, waiting. Justin smiled, “Enjoy your breakfast everyone.”

The silence broke and a low chatter hung in the air while they ate. Joey took a bite of his bread. Yes defiantly the Brady Bunch.