Part 62

Jovian and Joey put out the torches littered around the compound, they smiled at each other, Jovian blushing slightly and ducking his head, using a move he had see his poppa use countless times before with his daddy. It had been an eventful night, first with the emotion of the wedding then Jewel going into labour, his poppa going into a false labour, his new brother and sister being born and finally he delivered his baby nephew. Joey closed the gap between them, grabbing the younger man around the waist and pulling him back into the shadows. He grabbed a handful of Jovianís curls and pulled his head backwards baring his throat, attacking it with his lips and teeth.

"Iím so fucking proud of you Jovie, you were wonderful, and the way you handled your brother and father like that." Joey sucked hungrily on the soft skin just below Jovianís right ear, biting then licking it better.

"I want that Joey! I want what Jewel has, I want a child!"

Jovian moaned softly as Joeyís lips covered his lips, and his mouth filled with his thick probing tongue.

The Italian broke the kiss, nipping at Jovieís bottom lip with his teeth. "You want that?" He asked.

"Jovian nodded, pulling away and turning his back on his boyfriend. "You donít?"

Strong muscular arms enveloped him, turning him around and pulling him close. Joey lifted Jovianís chin, forcing the younger man to look directly into his eyes. "Jovian, do you want that Ö with me?"


Joey crushed the younger mans mouth beneath his own, using his tongue to demand and gain access to the sweetness hidden behind well padded lips, he swirled round and round, exploring every corner, every surface, till Jovian was gasping for breath. "I donít want to wait any longer Jovie, I want you now, tonight. I want you every night for the rest of my life."

"Joey, Iím scared, what if Iím no good, what if you donít find me arousing?" The big man took his boyfriends smaller hand in his own and guided it to the hard organ tenting in his pants. "Baby does that feel like Iím not aroused?"

Jovianís eyes widened at the feel of the hard cock, slightly panicking at the thought of it penetrating him. Joey felt the teen stiffen and begin to tremble. "Donít be frightened Jovie, you know I wouldnít do anything that would hurt you. Iíll be gentle.. I promise."

"I know. I do want this Joey!"

The dark haired, bearded man closed the gap between them once more, licking playfully at Jovianís slightly parted lips. Hooking his arm round the back of his knees he swept the teen up into his arms and carried him out towards the perimeter fence. Jovian nuzzled his face into the Italianís neck, letting his tongue snake slowly over the short whiskers. "We shouldnít leave the compound."

"Its alright baby, we wonít go far."


Joey hugged the willowy youth tightly, pausing long enough to kiss him. "I promise."

Jovian gasped at the sight before him. "When did you do all this?"

Joey had carried Jovian about Ĺ a mile before he set the nineteen year old back onto his feet. He brushed aside a curtain of foliage, revealing a small clearing, all around, small glow baskets had been placed, their candles flickering, casting a romantic rosy glow on the confined area. A thick warm blanket had been spread on the ground and sprinkled in flower petals, to the side sat a small oval pot that Jovian recognised as lubricant from the infirmary.

"You seemed to be assuming an awful lot Joe!"

Joey slipped his arms around Jovianís narrow waist and whispered in his ear, "Not presumed, hoped, wanted, Iíve had this place set up now for weeks, every evening I replace the candles and light them, just in case you decide that you want me as much as I want you. I wanted you to see the full beauty of this place, the place where I make you mine. I wanted you to have it seared into your memory forever."

"Itís beautiful Joe."

"Like you."

Jovian twisted in Joeyís arms so they were facing each other, he leaned in kissing his lovers lips softly, grinding himself against the rock hard thigh that had slipped between his legs. "Make love to me Joe," He whispered, his breath hitching in his throat as nerves began to get the better off him once more.

Joey groaned at the friction he was being subjected to as the teenager rubbed up and down his leg. "With pleasure," He growled. He attacked Jovianís throat making the younger man whimper as he was laid back onto the petal covered ground. "How does this come off?" He asked confused at the absence of fasteners.

"Itís Velcro," He tore the side of his collar showing where the opening was.

Joey grinned, his white teeth glowing in the candlelight. "Mmm, I like it baby, gives a new meaning to tearing your clothes off." He seized the fabric and ripped it open. He sat back on his heels, his hands resting on his thighs, itching to touch but wanting to appraise every luscious inch of the exposed flesh. Jovian panted in anticipation, his thin cock ridged and dripping with excitement. "You are exquisite." The breathed response to his nakedness brought a smile to Jovieís face. Joey crawled up his new lovers body till he was level with his cock

He dipped his head, flicking his tongue over the leaking slit, savouring the salty sweetness before he nuzzled into the soft pubic hair that dusted lightly over the musky groin. Joey inhaled deeply, nuzzling lower into the full ball sack. "Smell so good." He exhaled, he lapped lovingly at the low hanging testicles, sucking one then the other into his mouth, rolling them round on his tongue, making his young lover pant. He moved upwards, dragging his tongue up over Jovianís chest, pausing to nip at the hard brown nipple, lapping at it lavishly, wetting it completely, then blowing gently across it, making it harden even more painfully.

He then lifted back up so he was at face level once more and licked hard across Jovianís lips. He stared down into his eyes, sinking into the sapphire depths.

"Let me taste you Joey, please." The big man nodded and rolled over pulling Jovian on top of him. The willowy brunette kissed Joeyís chest, moving hesitatingly downwards. He paused, breathing hard as his lips reached Joeyís long thick penis. He gasped at the girth, swallowing the spittle that had built up in his mouth.

"You donít have to take it all my precious, just the head." Jovian gave a weak smile at the reassurance of the older man and lowered his mouth. He swirled his tongue over the fluid tip, smacking his lips at the tart unfamiliar taste. "You donít have to Jovie, not if you donít want to."

"I want to." Jovian said . He took a deep breath and opened his mouth wide, engulfing the hard phallus, his head bobbing up and down as he sucked. The head of the cock hit the back of his throat making him gag. Joey pulled out completely, ignoring his young lovers protests, concerned instead about not pushing the nervous boy too far.


"Itís enough Jovie, really. I want to make love to you."

Taking the blue-eyed brunette by the shoulders he lay him down on the blanket. He leaned down kissing his lips lovingly his eyes half closed. When he pulled back away Jovian was gazing at him, his bottom lip captured between straight white teeth. "I wonít hurt you Jovian, just relax." He picked up the small oval pot sitting on the floor and unscrewed the lid. He dipped his fingers into the thick transparent gel, coating them thoroughly. He stroked his un-gelled hand down the inside of the teenís thigh, reaching up and under to play with the full ball sac.

Jovian groaned and wriggled down, bending his knees and lifting his ass, allowing his lover better access. The dark-haired Italian leaned down and engulfed Jovianís solid cock. The teen gasped and sighed with pleasure. As soon as Joey felt him relax, he rubbed his middle finger round the tight virgin opening, spreading the gel, making sure the boy was well lubricated before he pressed hard. His finger met with tight resistance, as Jovian tensed. Joey dragged his tongue up his shaft, then sucked hard on the throbbing cock head. As his young lover bucked his hips up, Joey pushed hard again entering the scalding confines with a slight pop.

Jovianís eyes snapped open, his mouth in a perfect O. Joey let Jovianís cock slip from his mouth. "Relax into it baby, I have to stretch you a little." Jovian nodded and closed his eyes breathing heavily. Joey removed his finger and re-lubricated it. He kissed Jovian gently on his lips, parting them with his tongue as he slid his hand back between the teens long legs. He tempted Jovianís tongue out of his mouth, suckling on it. He pressed once more past the ring of muscle, sliding his finger in and out, he added a second causing Jovian to stiffen a little. "itís alright my sweet." Joey whispered, "It will start to feel good, I promise."

The graceful hybrids breath came in short bursts as his prostate was stroked, he whimpered as Joey removed his hand, trying to wriggle back onto the probing digits, only to be held away. Positioning himself between Jovianís legs he lifted the slim manís leg over his shoulder. "Iíll take it slow, if you need me to stop say." Jovian nodded and tried to make himself open.

The head of Joeyís cock pressed forcefully on the virgin bud, sliding slowly and painfully inside. Jovian whimpered again and bit his lip, breaking the skin and causing it to bleed. The burning made his eyes water, he knew that his lover was well embowelled but didnít expect it to hurt this much. "Do you want me to stop darling?" The concern clouding Joeyís eyes made Jovian want to cry even more. He shook his head no and tried to calm his breathing.

"Ok." He whispered. "Iím ready."

Joey withdrew slightly, then thrust back in, making slow exaggerated circles with his hips. He moved faster and faster as Jovian hung off his shoulders, his face buried in the big manís neck.

The younger man shuddered and screamed into Joeyís chest as he came violently, he began to cry silently as Joey finished deep inside him. They stayed glued together like that for what seemed hours, the only sound was Jovianís soft sobs.

" I hurt you!" Joey exclaimed, "I tried to be gentle, I never wanted to hurt you."

"Iím alright Joe. Iím not crying because you hurt me Ö Iím just so Ö so happy. I love you so much."

Joey crushed his lover to him, attacking the tears flavoured lips with his. "I love you too," he breathed into the lush warm responsive mouth.