He stirred. Stretching luxuriously as he worked out the kinks in his body that his sleep always left him with. Sounds of fighting filtered into his consciousness pulling him prematurely from his rest. He yawned and stretched again arching his back cat like and seductively as he raised himself into a sitting position. His eyes focused on David. David had made a kill and was in the process of draining him. Joshua was just about to pout that his sire hadn’t saved any for him when he realised who the vampire was feasting on.


Josh jumped off his resting place and threw himself at his sire wrapping his arms round the older vampires neck and pulling desperately in an attempt to save his lover. David snarled and threw Josh effortlessly from him smashing him into the stone coffin leaving him stunned. The brunette heaved his abused body back to his feet his hand closing over a broken piece of wood. He spurred himself back into motion as David bent over Justin to finish the job he had began. The younger vampire rushed his sire plunging the wooden stake through his back and into his heart. Josh staggered back as his sire exploded into dust leaving Justin to fall to the ground.

The surviving vampire fell to his knees by his lovers side and cradled his head in his lap, his tears falling over the golden curls. The blond was ghostly white and near to death. Josh rained kisses on his pretty face knowing his true love was dying. “Forgive me Justin” He whispered. He bit deeply into his own wrist and held it to his lovers mouth forcing him to swallow his blood. Justin began to suck vigorously till Josh had to tear him away. He scrambled back too weak to stand still clutching his hand to his chest. Then he sat and waited for Justin’s body to die.

Josh sat cross legged unmoving on the damp floor staring at his lover. He had laid him over the same stone slab he had awakened on, how long ago? Time meant nothing to a vampire all that mattered was he fed. He was starving the night was nearly over but he was reluctant to leave Justin’s side. He had no idea how long it would be till his lover rose again. So he sat silently and waited. His eyes fixed on Lance who feeling himself scrutinised cringed back against his restraints and squeezed his eyes tight as if not seeing his tormentor would make him disappear.

Josh smothered a laugh and turned his attention back to the golden curls that glowed in the candlelight. He gasped as Justin stirred. Just one breath before he screamed throwing himself upright breathing heavily as he looked wildly round himself. Justin licked his lips and focused his eyes on Josh who looked on excitedly. The newly made vampire ran his tongue over his sharp protruding fangs and grinned wickedly at his maker. His baby blue eyes rested on Lance who screamed and thrashed about terrified against the thick rope that held him fast. Josh moved into his lover resting his forehead against Justin’s, running his fingertips down the side of his pretty face now free of the bruises and cuts he had sustained at David’s hands.

Their lips met as they fell into each other licking and petting. Hands grasping at each others hair, sucking one another’s tongues in a wild erotic dance of pure lust. Josh pushed his fingers into his lovers ass as he consumed Justin’s mouth

“My love .. My only love” he breathed as the blond vampire ground into him. They made love hard and dirty, biting and clawing at each other. Taking turns to bottom each other as their lust grew.

Much later they lay entwined in each others arms together for eternity. Justin’s eyes wondered again to the green eyed blond suspended between the stone pillars and he licked his lips. Josh chuckled and kissed his blond lover tenderly.

“Have him, I give him to you.”

Justin jumped to his feet and seized the helpless man in his grasp and sunk his teeth into his throat sucking him dry.

“DAMN, What a fucking rush.”

Josh wrapped his arms round his prodigy and licked his neck.

“They won’t know what hit them.” He whispered ruthlessly. “It will soon be night my love then you and I together will show the world the true meaning of darkness.

The End

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