Part 9

The countryside flew past as Justin put his foot down. With just over 1187 miles to travel it was going to take them the good part of the next twenty-four hours, and that was if he drove non-stop. Of course with having Joshua and Trystum in the jeep with him that would be impossible. They would need to rest and sleep. Where as he could sleep under the jeep if need be, Trystum especially needed the comfort of a bed. Justin went over the map in his head, Owensboro, then Evansville, if he was lucky he might be able to make Saint Louis before he was forced to stop for the night. They had only been driving an hour and Trystum was already squirming, the baby pressing on his bladder. The older man seemed to be clenching his knees together and concentrating very hard.

Justin groaned inwardly, he was going to have to stop and offer the pregnant man some relief.

“I think we could do with a break don’t you?” Justin could almost hear the relieved sigh that emanated from Trystum’s direction.

“Oh thank god.” The breathed statement had come from Joshua. “I have never had to travel so far by road before and my ass hurts something bad.”

“Well get out stretch your legs and do what you have to. I have to check the map. You have 20 minutes and there is some water and food in the back.” Justin pulled the map over the hood of the jeep and started to study it intensely. He looked up having the feeling that he was being watched. “What is it my love?”

Joshua looked a little embarrassed, “There’s no bathroom here.”

Justin gave an exasperated half laugh, half snort. “We’re in the middle of nowhere Josh, what do you expect? Just go do what you have to. We need to leave here soon and I’m not stopping again for at least three hours.” When Joshua never moved Justin snapped, “NOW Josh.”

Unused to people raising their voices to him, Joshua staggered back, his face pale with fright.

“Justin, can I have a word with you? Josh darling, you see that big tree over there, wait just on the other side for me will you?” As soon as the spooked teen was out of earshot Trystum spoke in slow, quiet urgency. “Be patient with him. Strange as it may be to you, Joshua has never peed anywhere other than a toilet pan. It’s a horrifying thought to him that he has to just drop his pants and do it anywhere.”

“All boys have peed up a tree or a wall at some time or another,” Justin said mockingly.

“Not a southern breeder, not before he’s been penned and forced to live like an animal.” Trystum lowered his voice, not wanting to let Joshua know that he was talking about him. “I guarantee that my son has never even peed standing up before.”

Justin stifled a laugh when he saw the complete seriousness on the older mans face. “We don’t have time for this. I can’t find him a bathroom every time he needs to take a piss or a dump. We are still in southern dominated territory.”

“I’m not saying find him a bathroom Justin. Just understand what he’s going through. Show him what to do. Don’t just assume that he knows.” Trystum touched Justin’s face softly. “He’s behind that tree and scared that he has upset you. Go share the moment with him, teach him.”

Justin gazed over to where Joshua had disappeared behind a massive tree trunk. “I could use a piss,” he said as he walked over to join his husband.


“I’m sorry I shouted at you.”

Joshua backed away slightly, turning his back on his husband. “It’s ok. I didn’t mean to be a nuisance, I’m sorry.”

“No love, I’m the one that should be sorry. I forget how protected you have been.” Justin undid his pants and pointed his cock at the tree, relieving himself. “Did you go yet?”

The teen shook his head, his eyes fixed on the steady stream that was pouring from his husbands dick. Justin shook himself off and tucked himself back into his pants.

“Let me help you,” he said, and moved behind Josh, pulling down the zipper on his combats.

“Justin.” Joshua exhaled as his husband’s hand slipped inside the fabric and eased his penis free.

Justin gave a sly smile as he pointed his husband’s cock at the tree. “Now pee.” After a few minutes Justin smiled into Joshua’s neck. “I meant now my love.”

Joshua shuddered. “C- c-can’t, not with your hand h- h-holding me.”

Justin rubbed his thumb over Joshua’s slit, spreading the leaking pre-cum over the spongy cock-head. “Let me see if I can change your mind.” He wrapped his fingers around Joshua’s shaft and began to slowly pump him. Building in speed and friction. The dark haired teenager slumped back, his breathing increasing and his knees buckling as his husband worked his cock. “J- J-Justin. Oh Justin!”

“That’s it my love, let it go, enjoy the sensations.” Justin’s fingers flexed around Joshua once more and gave a gentle tug. That was all it took to send the teen over the edge. He came hard, sagging in his husband’s arms. Justin licked the side of Joshua’s neck, nipping it softly before finishing with a kiss. “Now my love let your bladder go.” In his totally relaxed state Joshua gave in to his needs. When he was done Justin tucked him away and zipped him back inside his pants. He turned his husband around in his arms and kissed his lips, parting eventually with a loud smacking sound. “Get back in the car my love we need to press on.”

In a daze Joshua walked back to the jeep and climbed into the front seat and curled up contentedly, purring like a kitten. Trystum climbed in behind him. “Everything ok between you and Justin my darling?”

“Wonderful,” Joshua said dreamily. “Absolutely wonderful.”

The older man frowned and looked over at his son in law, confusion on his face. Justin just shrugged and got behind the wheel. Joshua snuggled up to him, making him smile. “I’m not stopping again unless we really have to. We need to get as far north as possible before nightfall,” Justin said as he started the jeep.

Trystum leaned between the front two seats. “Don’t worry about us. We’ll do whatever you tell us to.”


Within a few minutes of driving Joshua was sleeping, curled up in a ball on the passengers seat and using Justin’s jacket as a pillow. The soldier looked into his rear view mirror, checking on his other passenger.

“Are you really going to hand over the baby to James Fatone?” Justin was finding it hard to swallow that Trystum was going to just give his baby away.

“Yes, I am.”

“Don’t you feel anything for him at all?”

Trystum didn’t answer right away. “Of course I feel something. It’s inside me, part of me. Like a parasite living off of me, using me but I don’t hate it. It’s not its fault that it is there. It didn’t ask to be born. It deserves to have a father that will love it. Forgive me god I never will.”

“Yet you love Josh?”

“Joshua is different. I fell in love with his father. Even after everything that had happened to me. The beatings, the raping, the hunger, I still believed in my heart that he would come for me. That we would be a family, Roy, Joshua and me. Maybe even a baby brother for Joshua to play with so he wouldn’t have to grow up alone like I did. Before they took Josh I looked at him. He was beautiful, so very beautiful. Then they came back and told me that he was a breeder and I would never see him again. I cried for the first time in fourteen years that day.” Trystum rubbed his protruding belly. “Joshua and I are putting a lot of faith in the union. Trusting that you have told us the truth about our new lives. Have we leaped from the frying pan into the fire Justin, or have I really bought my sons freedom?”

“No one will ever hurt Josh while I can draw breath. You have my word Trystum.” Justin let his hand slip from the steering wheel to his husbands lap.

“I believe you Justin. I just pray that Fatone will make sure that this child is loved too.”

Silence followed the conversation, and time and miles drifted by. It sat uneasy with Justin that Trystum referred to the unborn baby as it rather than him. The older man was so full of love but he pushed it away, terrified that he would be hurt again if he let himself feel.

The hair on the back of Justin’s neck stood on end and a feeling of dread flooded through him.

“Trystum,” he whispered urgently. “Wake Joshua.” The pregnant man tried to hide his panic as he shook his son awake, clamping his hand over Joshua’s mouth so that he wouldn’t make any sound. Justin in the meantime had pulled off the road into a thickly wooded area and turned off the jeep’s engine.

“Stay low,” he ordered as he clambered out, rifle in his hands. He stood perfectly still listening for a minute or two then ran back to the jeep. “Get out,” he hissed. The two frightened southerners moved with speed, running in the direction that Justin indicated to them. The northern soldier lingered just long enough to grab their bag of supplies before he followed.

He caught up with the two breeders with ease, forcing them to change direction and driving them deeper into the undergrowth. “Get down,” he ordered. Joshua and Trystum got down on their bellies, straining their necks trying to see what Justin could feel. “ Heads down now,” Justin snapped. “Cover them with your arms, don’t move, not a sound.” He started covering them with fallen branches and leaves. The dark green camouflage helping to blend them into the darkness of the woods.

Justin crawled on his stomach, his rifle in his hands till he could see the jeep clearly, but still remain hidden. Dry mouthed he watched as ten Rebel soldiers converged around his vehicle. He held his breath praying that they wouldn’t check the engine for heat. They didn’t, choosing instead to rifle through the remaining bags that were left in the back. He cursed as one of the soldiers climbed into the drivers seat and started the engine. The offending private received a sharp blow to the back of his head.

“Idiot! Turn it off. The damn thing could have been booby-trapped.” The boy switched off the ignition and got out.

“Sorry sir, I didn’t think.”

“At least now we don’t have to walk,” another soldier said.

The commanding officer pointed his rifle and fired three shots into the engine and Justin groaned. “Now move out. Keep your fucking eyes peeled.” Justin waited till the southern soldiers had all left then crawled silently to his damaged jeep. He waited, listening, making sure that they had really gone before he popped the hood. The bullets had ripped through the radiator and air filter and severed a hose. There was no way he could repair that. He slammed the hood back down and swore, raking his fingers over his hair. Now he was in the shit.