Part 10

Justin made his way back to where he had left Josh and his father. Both men were still belly down on the ground, covered in leaves.

“They’ve gone,” he said brusquely.

Trystum struggled to stand up and had to be helped of the ground by his son. “We heard gun shots, it was all I could do to stop Joshua from running to find you.”

Justin turned on his young inexperienced husband. “I told you to stay put. What part of that didn’t you understand Josh?” Justin snapped roughly.

The younger man blanched at Justin‘s tone and backed up a couple of steps. “I’m sorry. I just panicked. I thought they had killed you.”

“And what if they had? You would have just been handing yourself back over to the south. Do you want to be put in a breeder’s camp? Do you?” Justin advanced angrily and took hold of his young husband‘s jacket, shaking him savagely.

“Justin! Stop you are frightening him.” Trystum tried to push between the two young men and prise Justin’s hands off his son only to be shoved away, falling and landing hard on his rump.

“Stay out of it Trystum. This is between me and my husband”

Joshua was staring wide-eyed between his father and husband, fear holding him ridged. Justin gave him a little push backwards so he was backed against a tree. “I don’t have the time to baby-sit you Joshua. When I tell you to do something, YOU DO IT. If I tell you to jump of a cliff, DO IT. Don’t ask me why, just do it. Do you understand me?”

Joshua nodded, trembling from his husbands barely contained fury. “I’m sorry.”

“Sometimes sorry isn’t good enough Josh!”

“Justin, please.” Trystum had stood back up and was tugging at Justin’s combat jacket. The soldier spun on him making him cower back from the intensity of his flaring blue eyes.

“I swear Trystum if you tell me to be patient once more I will get a roll of tape out of my pack and tape your mouth shut. He has to learn.” Justin turned back to his now crying husband, his temper softening at the sight of Joshua’s tears. He lifted his hand and Joshua whimpered, cowering away from what he perceived to be a coming blow.

Justin immediately lowered his hand. “I wasn’t going to hit you Josh. I was just going to touch your face. Don’t cry my love. I didn’t mean to scare you. I was angry with myself for getting us into this situation. Darling dry your tears.” Justin wiped his thumb under Joshua’s eyes. “We have to move on my love and I need you to be strong. I can’t take the time to be patient any more. I have to know that you can do as you are told. There will be times when I shout at you, but it’s not because I don’t care for you because I do.” Justin pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to the still tearful teen. “I will make it up to you, I promise.” Justin slipped his hand around the back of Joshua’s neck and pulled him towards him till their mouths met. The younger man melted in his husbands embrace and let his lips softly part, inviting Justin’s tongue to explore inside.

“I do care for you my love. Really I do.”

Justin released his grip and shouldered his rifle. “We need to see what they left us. Trystum, I’m sorry but you are going to have to walk for a while. Your countrymen killed the jeep.”


The two breeders stood looking at the remains of the jeep forlornly. The younger of the two looked over to his husband, chewing his lip apprehensively as Justin rummaged through what supplies he had managed to hide before the Rebel soldiers had converged on them.

“Justin,” Joshua said chewing his nails as he waited for his husband to reply.

“Mmmm, what?” Justin asked as he thrust a bedroll into a rucksack.

“What are we going to do? Trystum can’t walk for too long, not in his condition.”

“I know.” Justin picked up a rucksack that he had packed earlier, testing the weight. “Can you carry this?” he asked as he handed it to the younger man.

Joshua winced as the weight yanked at the underused muscles in his arm. “ I’ll try.”

“Good.” Justin gave him a little smile and picked up the bag that contained the bedding and walked over to his father-in-law. “Trystum, I’m sorry but I need you to carry this bag. I can’t carry two and my rifle.”

“I’ll be fine. I’m not as fragile as I look.”

“Unlike some,” Justin said quietly as he watched Joshua hauling the rucksack he had been given on to his back.

“He is trying Justin. It’s not his fault. He never asked to be brought up as a virtual recluse, forbidden to do anything except read and paint.”

The northern soldier flicked his cigarette butt on to the ground and stomped it out with the heel of his boot. “It’ll be dark in a couple of hours, we had better get going. Josh, you ready?”

The slim teen nodded and staggering under his packs weight started to trudge after his father and husband.

They walked in silence, Justin taking up the lead and Joshua the rear. Trystum walked between them, casually glancing over his shoulder every now and then, checking that his son wasn’t falling too far behind. Justin kept watch too, his respect for the breeders growing with every passing mile. There had been whining, no moaning, no pleading to stop, just a resigned trek through the thickly wooded area. Light was fading fast and Justin was straining to see more than a few feet in front of him. He looked over his shoulder and noticed that Joshua had stopped and was taking a pee. He chuckled; it was only a few hours ago that the boy had been repulsed by the idea of relieving himself in public. Joshua was trying so hard; he must have been in pain. The pack he was carrying would test the strength of a trained soldier, never lone the flimsy muscles of an underdeveloped teenager.

Justin swung his pack off his back and lent his rifle against a tree. “Take the weight off fellas. We camp here tonight.”

Joshua painfully lowered his rucksack and slumped onto the foliage-covered ground. He pulled his foot up and unlaced his boot, pulling it off with a relieved sigh. Trystum had also sat down and was removing his own footwear. Joshua hissed as he peeled off his sock to reveal a huge burst blister surrounded in blood. He sucked his lips into his mouth as he pulled the stuck fabric free.

“You should have told me Josh,” Justin said as he crouched down, lifting the foot and examining the damage.

“I didn’t want you to get angry with me again. I don’t need your sympathy.” Joshua pulled off his other boot revealing a similar scenario. He got unsteadily to his feet and limped over to where his father was sitting. “You okay?” he asked.

The older man smiled reassuringly. “I’m fine darling, just a little tired that’s all.”

“Can I get you something? A drink, something to eat?”

“That would be wonderful.” Trystum gasped as he saw the state of Joshua’s feet. “Sit down darling, your feet!”

“It’s not as bad as it looks daddy. I’ll be fine. I’ll get you some food.” Joshua went back to where Justin was relaxing. “Can I give Trystum some food?”

“No. I’ll give him something to eat, I want you to sit down and rest. I’m proud of you my love. You must have been in a lot of pain.” Justin patted the ground next to him and Joshua relented sitting next to his husband.

“If he wasn’t complaining,” Joshua said, inclining his head towards his father, “what right did I have?”

Justin lifted his husband’s feet onto his lap and blew the brutalised skin softly, cooling the inflammation. “I have some ointment and dressings in my pack. How are Trystum’s feet?”

Joshua shrugged. “Don’t know he still has his socks on.”

“I’ll go check. You stay here, I’ll bring a pan of warm water so you can bathe the cuts then I will dress them for you.”

“I can look after myself Justin.”

“I know that my love, but I want to.” Justin reached out, tracing Joshua’s lips with his fingertips. “Not quite the honeymoon I hoped to give my bride.”

Joshua gave a little smile, “I never expected to be married yet, so I can wait.”

Justin lifted Joshua’s hand and kissed it tenderly. “Get some rest, once I’ve seen to your daddy I’ll bring you some food.”


Trystum was settled for the night. The pregnant breeder was exhausted and fell asleep almost before they had finished eating. Joshua was struggling to keep his eyes open too. Justin cleared away their plates while his husband unrolled his bedding. The soldier smiled, pleasantly surprised to see that Joshua had laid out his bedroll next to his own and was sitting nervously waiting for him to come to bed.

“How are your feet now?”

Joshua lowered his eyes and looked up through his lashes. “Painful. I thought they would feel better by now, but they just seem to be worse.”

“That’s the ointment. They will be less sensitive by the morning.”

“Everything hurts Justin. My arms, my back, my legs.” Joshua lie back on his bed and rolled onto his side, drawing his legs up into the foetal position.

Justin moved close behind his and began to rub his shoulders. “Better?” he asked.

Joshua nodded, groaning as Justin’s strong fingers worked his tired muscles. “Take it off.” Justin ordered as he reached around and tugged at the buttons holding his husbands shirt closed. Joshua slipped out of his clothing and laid on his back so he was looking up at the man sitting next to him. Justin traced his fingers over the pale unblemished skin and licked his lips in anticipation as he stripped himself off too.

“C - can I touch you?” Joshua’s voice shook as he asked the question shyly.

“You never have to ask permission to do that.” Justin took his husbands hands in his own and guided them down to his cock, closing his hand around his shaft. He groaned at the silken caress and thrust up into the fist that was held tightly around him. “I know now why southern men don’t let their breeders do manual work. It’s like being wrapped in pure silk.”

Joshua stroked his fingers teasingly over the sensitive head and nuzzled his husband’s neck, kissing and licking it playfully. “Am I doing this right?” he breathed, his tongue painting pretty patterns over Justin’s skin. He was answered by a long guttural groan, an intense shudder and a sudden warm stickiness in his hand.

“So good baby.” Justin mewed in his husband’s ear. The soldier kissed his husband’s mouth, capturing his bottom lip between his teeth and tugging at it gently till Joshua whimpered in protest. He straddled the brunette’s body and ran his hands over his chest before leaning down and lapping at his right nipple. Justin closed his teeth on the sensitive nub and Joshua hissed, arching up to relieve the pressure. Justin wrapped his arms around his back, stopping him from laying back down. He ground his cock against Joshua’s, feeling the stiffness of his husband digging into his groin. “I love you Joshua,” he whispered as the teen exploded his orgasm over him.

Justin continued to grind on his boy, mashing the cooling cum over both their bodies. Joshua was clinging desperately to him, whimpering in his need as his lips and tongue licked and kissed every scrap of skin that he could reach. The two young men fell back on the ground as their lips met once more. Reluctantly Justin broke away and pulled the sleeping bags around them.

He kissed Joshua’s forehead. “Try to sleep my love. We have a long walk ahead of us.”



“I love you too.”

Tears filled Justin’s eyes and he pulled Joshua closer, crushing him to him. He prayed that he would be able to protect his innocent husband and father-in-law till he could get them safely to Wisconsin and home.