Part 16

Justin woke feeling stiff and damp. At some time during the night he had wrapped his naked young husband up in his breeders robes. He smoothed Joshua’s long hair from his face and studied the fine-featured young man. The more he looked at him, the more of Trystum he could see in him. Joshua’s lips were a deep pink and looked soft and pouty, slightly pursing as the teen slept. Careful not to wake the younger man, Justin got up and left the shelter of the hanging branches. He stretched and yawned, naked in the bright early morning light, his stomach rumbling. He relieved himself against a tree then picked his way bare foot across the foliage covered ground to another tree that had low hanging branches but looked taller than the others standing around it. Using no effort at all Justin swung his body up into the branches, climbing up towards the sky. Reaching the top he made sure he was secure then he surveyed the surrounding area. From his vantage point he could see the road. It was completely deserted.

Sounds of movement alerted him to Joshua’s waking up and he swung himself back to the ground. Joshua crawled out from beneath the hanging tree, clenching his robe around his skinny body and rubbing the remaining sleep from his eyes.

“I woke up and you weren’t there!”

Justin pulled the sulky boy into his arms. “I didn’t want to disturb you. You looked so pretty and so peaceful so I thought I’d take a look around before I was tempted to throw you on your back and ravish you.”

“The teen giggled, “you want to ravish me?” he asked as he provocatively let the robe drop off his shoulder.

Justin growled and sunk his teeth into the soft white flesh, licking and kissing the sore area better. “I could eat you.”

“I’d rather you made love to me again,” Joshua said coyly fluttering his long brown lashes, his face flushing a pretty pink.

Justin groaned and grasped Joshua’s hand, dragging him back under the tree where they had spent the night.

Much later the two lovers lie wrapped in each other, just listening to each other breathing. “We’ll never get to St Charles at this rate,” Justin said as he propped himself on his side, his head resting on his right hand, the fingers of his left hand drawing lazy patterns over Joshua’s skin.

Joshua gazed up at his husband, his blue eyes sparkling with contentment. “I don’t care if we never get there. I want to stay here and be able to run around naked forever. Just you and me. You touching me, inside me. I want you all over me.” Joshua took hold of Justin’s hand and brought it up to his mouth slipping his fingers inside, sucking and licking each individual digit sensuously.

Justin moaned. “Are you sure you were an innocent virgin?”

Joshua tongued his husband’s palm. “As pure as the driven snow” he whispered against the rough flesh.

Justin shuddered as Joshua’s tongue drew spirals over his hand before running up his middle finger and sucking it deep into his mouth. The older man growled and threw his lover on to his back.

“You insatiable little hussy! Do you know what you are doing to me?” Justin hissed before he smothered Joshua’s mouth with his own, kissing him fiercely. The teen mewed with delight and let his legs fall apart inviting Justin to take advantage of him once again.


“We need to move. There will be time to love each other when I have you safely in Birchwood.”

Joshua snuggled close to Justin. “Birchwood, is that where you house is?”

Justin groaned a little as his husbands silken caress once more slid over his flaccid length. “Your house too, baby.” He stopped Joshua’s hand from progressing further. “Sweet thing we have to make a move. Much as I wanna just stay here making love to you all day and all night, its not safe.”

Joshua raised himself up on one elbow and traced his fingers over Justin’s chest. “Not sure I can walk straight, my ass hurts.”

“Well honey I tried to stop a few times but you just kept seducing me,” Justin chuckled. “I had no idea I had married such a Jezebel.”

The dark haired teen brought his mouth to his husbands and played the tip of his tongue across Justin’s lower lip. Justin inhaled deeply. Joshua smelt of heavy musk, of sex and the aroma was driving Justin insane. “You don’t understand,” Joshua drawled sexily, his mouth still millimetres from his husbands. “You grew up being touched, being held. This is all new to me. I never in my wildest dreams could I imagine what it felt like. I don’t want it to stop.”

Justin closed the sliver of space between their mouths, his fingers lacing through his husbands long locks. Reluctantly he broke away, seeing where it was leading again. “Oh no, you’re not going to wrap me around your little finger, beautiful though it may be.” He rolled away from his teenage husband and pulled his pants and tee shirt on. He grinned over at the pouty boy next to him. “Get dressed, you Sweet thing you. Or I promise we won’t be doing anything again for the rest of the trip.”

He turned his back sniggering as Joshua sulkily pulled on his socks, and then slipped on the rest of his clothes. “I’m ready.”

Justin turned around and faced his husband again. “You know it makes sense baby. Come on, the sooner we get to St Charles the sooner we can touch each other again.


As Justin expected, Chris had left them a pack of supplies hidden in the undergrowth. He rummaged through the bag finding a bar of chocolate, which he immediately gave to Joshua. The young breeder was looking very grey and was hungry and tired. “I told you that we needed to conserve our energy,” Justin said, playfully chastising his husband.

“When you said it wasn’t far, I thought you really meant it. We’ve walked for miles.” Joshua sat down on the side of the road and tore open his candy. He broke off a chunk and stuffed it into his mouth. His eyes closed as he savoured the smooth creamy flavour and he groaned with pleasure. Remembering he wasn’t alone he broke off another piece and offered it to Justin.

“Thanks,” Justin said and took the chocolate.

“How much further is St Charles?” Joshua asked.

“From here about 45 miles give or take a mile.”

Joshua’s mouth dropped open. “45! Justin I can’t walk 45 miles in one day.”

Justin repacked the backpack, having checked what exactly Chris had seen fit to leave them. “Baby I did it in four hours.” He turned to see what Joshua was doing and found his husband looking very worried. “Baby I don’t expect you to do it in that time. It will probably take us a couple of days unless we get lucky and grab a lift.” Justin heaved the heavy pack on to his back. “Are you ready?” he asked.

Joshua reluctantly got to his feet and sighed. His feet already hurt, the tough leather boots rubbing raw the flesh already tender from the previous days walking. “Justin,” he said softly. “My feet hurt, you said to tell you next time. I’m sorry.”

Justin put down his pack. “Its good baby that you told me now, I’m not angry. Let me see.”

The brunette sat down again and took off his boots and socks. Sure enough his heels were bleeding again. Justin got out the med kit and smeared salve over the brutalised skin before bandaging them carefully. “Put your boots back on baby. When they start to hurt again, tell me.”

Joshua nodded and laced his boots, standing up and testing how his heels felt.

“Better,” Justin asked.

Joshua smiled. “Much better. Thank you.”

Justin shouldered his pack once more. “Lets move it baby. We have along way to go.


Chris skidded into the compound outside the Union headquarters. He put the jeep into park and climbed out, helping Trystum out, Caleb sleeping in his arms. “You’ll have to wait in here,” he said leading Trystum into a small office. “It’s not much but its warm and dry. I’ll bring you some food. Do you need milk for junior?” he asked.

Trystum shook his head. “Nature provides.” Chris frowned and looked puzzled. “What do you think nipples are for Sergeant?”

Chris’ gaze dropped to Trystum’s chest “you mean .. you actually, Ewww. That’s just so … sexual.”

“No Sergeant its natural and I wish it was something that I could do myself.” A tall blond officer stood in the doorway his green eyes sparkling with anticipation. “You must be Trystum.”

“Sir you have me at a disadvantage,” Trystum said holding his child close to him.

“My name is James, James Bass Fatone. When I heard that you were here and that your baby had been born I had to come. Waiting was killing me.” James stepped closer tears filling his eyes. “Could I … would you allow me to hold him please?”

Chris made himself scarce, letting the two men have privacy for this important first meeting.

Trystum hesitated then smiled slightly. “Of course,” he said. “Here let me show you how.” The older man gently passed his baby into James’ big hands. “Use your hand to support his head.” The older man sniffed and James looked up making eye contact.

“You’ve changed your mind haven’t you? You’re going to keep him.” A tear ran down the hardened soldier’s face.

“His name is Caleb, his brother named him I hope you don’t mind,” Trystum said softly.

“You mean …?” James’ face lit up and then he began to cry harder.

“I made a bargain captain, one child as payment for another. Caleb belongs to you.” Trystum ran his finger over his baby’s tiny face and took a deep breath. “Make sure he is loved.”

“He will be, I promise. Trystum …” James said as Trystum started to leave. The old breeder turned to face the man that he had given his baby up to. “Where are you going?”

“It’s best I leave now. I’ll send some formula for Caleb.”

“Fathers milk is best though isn’t it?” James asked stepping towards Trystum.

“I can’t Captain, please don’t ask me to do that. How could I leave him after doing that?”

James smiled and stepped so close to the father of the infant in his arms that the child was touching both of them. “Then don’t leave him. There’s a room already made up for you in my home, and later when you want more space an apartment that is attached to the side of the house. Caleb will always be your son Trystum. He’s blessed he has three daddies instead of just two.”