Part 21

The teen lay snuggled against Justin, his breathing even and un-laboured. Justin kissed his head tenderly and got out of bed. He got dressed, went into the kitchen and turned on a pan of water. He got a bowl out of the cupboard and then got the bar of chocolate that he had found in the bottom of his pack. He broke it into small pieces and dropped it into the bowl. He waited until the water started to boil then placed the bowl over the pan of water, melting the chocolate.

One by one he dipped the strawberries into the mixture, setting them aside to set. Padding over to the refrigerator he retrieved the bottle of sparkling wine that seemed to be in ample supply in the pantry. It wasn’t French champagne but it would do the job. Justin arranged the chocolate coated fruit on a plate and collected two glasses from a cupboard. He was simply amazed that the shelter was as well stocked as it was. There was nothing missing. The previous owners had thought of everything. They could live there for the next fifty years and not run short of supplies. While Joshua had been fevered, Justin had taken one of his husband’s quiet lulls to go exploring the surrounding area. It was then he had found the vegetable garden, overgrown but flourishing.

Justin decorated the strawberries with freshly picked mint then placed it on the tray with the glasses and wine. Then humming to himself carried it back in to his sleeping lover.

He stood watching Joshua sleep. The pure innocence of the teenager surrounded him like a mantle. The boy sighed softly and turned over seeking out his lover’s body for warmth. Not finding it the teen sat up blinking, confusion written on his face.

“Hey sweetie.”

Joshua looked up at Justin a pout on his face. “Why is it every time I wake up I’m all alone?”

“Because my pet the only time I can bare to leave you is when you are sleeping. You only have to look at me with those beautiful eyes and I’m too captivated to go anywhere.”

Joshua blushed and lowered his eyes. “And you are full of shit.”

Justin laughed and placed his tray on the bed. “Then you won’t be wanting any of these then?”

“What are they?” Joshua went to take one of the chocolate coated fruit and Justin slapped his hand.

“Nah-ha, close your eyes.”


The older man chuckled. “Close your eyes or you won’t get one.” Pouting Joshua closed his eyes. Justin grinned and placed the tray on the floor. He straddled Joshua's legs and caressed the side of his face.

“You know what; I don’t trust you not to peep.”

Joshua's eyes snapped open. “What do you mean?” he snapped.

“See! You peeped.” Justin teased.

Joshua pushed at his husband’s chest. “I hate you.”

Justin laughed as he fell backwards. “I’ll give you one more chance,” he said as he got back onto his knees. “Close your eyes.”

Joshua closed his eyes once more, his pout bigger than ever. Justin reached into his pocket and pulled out three lengths of black cloth.

“Keep your eyes closed my darling,” he whispered and he lifted one of Joshua's hands. He wrapped one of the lengths around his slender wrist then tied it tightly to the bed frame. Joshua's eyes snapped open once more.

“Close your eyes baby,” Justin whispered as he leaned in and brushed his mouth over Joshua's lips.

“What are you doing?”

“Close your eyes baby.”


Justin pressed his finger over Joshua's lips. “Trust me. Now close your eyes.” He lifted Joshua's other hand and repeated his actions so that both his husbands hands were tied to the bed. He took the remaining piece of fabric and wrapped it around Joshua's eyes. He leaned in again this time kissing his husbands lips more firmly. Licking playfully at the plush cushions of his mouth and pulling away before Joshua could reciprocate the kiss. The teenage breeder squirmed against his bonds, his breath coming in short pants, aroused by his helplessness.

Justin lifted the tray and placed it on the bed. Not taking his eyes off his husband he uncorked the wine, the stopper making a loud pop and causing Joshua to jump.

“Justin,” he breathed.

“Shhhh darling.” Justin poured the clear sparkling wine into a glass and set it beside the plate of chocolate covered fruit. He dug into his pocket and took out a book of matches and lit the candle that he had set on the side. Joshua whimpered.

“It’s alright baby, I’m not going to hurt you.” Justin kissed Joshua softly, reassuring him that he intended him no malice. He stood up and took off his clothes, taking his time, folding them neatly before putting them on to the chair. Naked he climbed back onto the bed and straddled Joshua's legs and gently began to tug at his cock, using his free hand to roll his husband’s balls. Joshua's whimpering intensified.

Justin dipped his finger into the wine then rubbed it over both of Joshua's nipples. After they hardened from the icy cold fluid Justin sucked one into his mouth, nipping at the hard bud before moving his attention to the other one. He sat back up and took a sip of his drink. Keeping it in his mouth he took hold of Joshua's hair and pulled his head back, just hard enough to make the teen open his mouth to cry out. Immediately Justin covered his mouth with his own and drizzled the wine into Joshua.

Joshua swallowed obediently only to have the bottleneck slipped between his lips. “Just keep swallowing darling, I won’t force more than you can handle.”

The cold wine started to fill his mouth and Joshua kept swallowing trying not to choke. After a few minutes his head began to swim and he had an incredible urge to giggle as he felt Justin's hand tighten on his balls again.

Justin took the bottle out of his mouth took a long swig then leaned in and kissed his husband deeply. He sat back and looked at his husband, bound and blindfolded. Half drunk and flushed. “Beautiful,” he whispered. He picked up a strawberry from the tray and held it over the candles flame, melting the chocolate slightly. Joshua recoiled as the strawberry was daubed over his nipples, coating them in rich milky chocolate. He opened his mouth to protest only to have it filled with the chocolate covered fruit. He groaned with delight as the creamy candy melted on his tongue and was replaced by the sharpness of the strawberry. Another strawberry was wiped around his lips. He went to bite it and it was pulled away. Justin touched it to Joshua's mouth again and again withdrew it when his husband attempted to bite it. The teen whined with frustration and tugged at his bonds. Justin took pity on him and pushed the sweet fruit into his mouth. He crushed Joshua's lips beneath his, sucking some of the fruit back into his mouth and swallowing it. He turned his attention back to the bound teenager’s nipples. Circling each chocolate covered bud with his tongue before sucking hard, cleaning the candy away. He carefully pulled Joshua's legs so that he was lying down with his arms stretched out above him. He lay by his side drawing patterns over Joshua’s skin with his fingertips. He plucked another strawberry from the plate and heated it over the candle. He took hold of Joshua's cock and daubed the head with the melted chocolate then licked it off again. He repeated the action a couple of times making his young lover buck his hips and mew like a kitten. Justin popped the strawberry in to his mouth.

“Open your legs for me my love let me see your lovely ass.”

Joshua let his legs drift further apart and Justin took full advantage, swooping down to caress the downy covered balls with his mouth. His fingers found Joshua's anus and started stretching and preparing him for penetration.

“Are you ready my love?” Justin whispered in Joshua's ear.

The only answer he got was a purred moan and a pair of narrow hips dancing on his hand. He chuckled and positioned himself so his cock was pressing against Joshua's opening. “So you want this baby?” Justin murmured as he licked his teenage husband’s ear. He eased himself inside Joshua, teasing the youth by just inserting the tip of his cock. “I’ll only put it in if you really want it, if you beg me for it.”

Joshua bucked his hips again in an attempt to force Justin further inside of him.

“Nah –ha baby. You want to play, ask me for it. Ask or I’ll leave you now and come back when you are ready to beg.”

“Fuck me,” Joshua's breathy plea was almost silent, lost in the wanton groan that Justin urged from him by applying just a tiny bit more pressure.

Justin popped a strawberry into his mouth and chewed it before sharing the mashed fruit with his husband. “I didn’t hear you baby,” he purred as his tongue licked a trail of juice that trickled from the corner of Joshua's lips.

“Fuck me. Fuck me you bastard fuck me! Please Justin fuck me.”

Justin smiled and shoved himself all the way inside his husband, rolling his hips and angling so that he hit Joshua's sweet spot with every jab. “Not fucking my darling, loving, this is called loving.”

Joshua screamed and came, whimpering unashamedly as Justin continued to pound inside him. Justin shuddered and came not bothering to pull out. Sleepily he reached up and pulled the loose ends of the silk bonds, releasing Joshua's hands. He pushed back the blindfold and kissed each of Joshua's eyelids before covering his lips once more.

“What did I do Joshua? What did I do that was so good that god would give you to me?” he licked over Joshua's plump lips once more and gazed down into his steel blue eyes. “I love you.”

Joshua smiled gently, the corners of his mouth barely lifting. “I love you too,” he sighed. “Now can I have another strawberry?”