Part 28

“Pregnant!” Justin was knocked into a stunned stupor. “Pregnant, are you sure? I mean … oh my god! Joshua …” Justin grabbed Joshua and crushed him to him. “A daddy! … I’m going to be a daddy!” He smothered Joshua's lips, too excited to curb his enthusiasm. “I love you,” he gasped in the brief seconds he took to break his kiss before attacking Joshua's mouth once again.

The young breeder glowed, basking in the glory of his husband’s attention. He snuggled closely into Justin's embrace all his previous fears alleviated.

“I was afraid that you wouldn’t want to start a family yet. We haven’t been married very long and we haven’t really had much time together.”

Justin grinned. “We had long enough though obviously.”

Joshua blushed and a bashful smile spread across his face.

The guest house was set back from the main building and although it was much smaller than the house it was very comfortable. There were three bedrooms, a living room, a small chrome kitchen and a functional bathroom with a small bathtub. Lance ushered Trystum into one of the bedrooms and asked him to see to Caleb as the small boy was fretting and then he showed Justin and Joshua to one of the two main bedrooms.

“Oh my!” Joshua exclaimed. “It’s almost like being at home.” The room had been tastefully decorated and was very reminiscent of the Deep South.

“Even I get homesick sometimes Joshua. Just because I defected north doesn’t mean that I don’t miss my home. I miss the magnolia and the fried chicken and everything else that I used to take for granted.” Lance gazed sadly out of the window towards the smoking remains of his mansion house.

Joshua placed an understanding hand on his arm. “I understand,” he said sympathetically.

“I’m not sure I do,” Justin said accusingly and he really didn’t. He found it appalling that any soldier would turn their back on their country and turn traitor. “Why did you defect? What makes a man turn his back on his family, his country?”

Lance’s southern accent was more pronounced than Joshua had ever heard it before. “I had a brother; he was older than me by three years. He was a breeder and I adored him. I wanted so much to be like him. He had long blond hair that hung down to his waist and pale green eyes. He was tall and so elegant and I loved him. Then he was sent to do his duty and I swore that when I reached age I would go to the farm and visit with him. My father just said ‘we’ll see.’

“Did you ever see him again?” Joshua asked already knowing that the answer was probably no.

“I saw him.”

Joshua and Justin were both shocked by the answer.

Lance continued his eyes glazed as he stared into space. “I was assigned to accompany a group of breeders that had just reached age to the facility. They were excited, nervous and eager to do their duty, pretty much like you were when I first met you Joshua.. Then we saw the farm for the first time. Breeders locked in pens, their heads shorn, every one of them impregnated and miserable. I couldn’t tear my eyes from them, the hopelessness and the pleading in their faces. They just wanted it to end. It was then I saw Emmanuel, I recognised him at once despite his terrible condition. He looked up at me and begged me to leave. He so was ashamed of what he had been forced to become.”

A tear ran down Lance’s face as he remembered the last time he had seen his brother alive.

“They had to drag me out of there screaming. I was so incensed, my beautiful, gentle brother being forced to live like an animal, subjected to constant rapes and beatings all in the name of southern survival. I went straight to my father and told him what I had seen. Do you know what he told me?”

Joshua and Justin shook their heads.

“He told me to forget Emmy, that he was the state’s property now and to get over it. He said one day I would understand. I didn’t want to understand, I will never understand. I went back to the farm under cover of night and I broke in. Emmy had gone of course. In his place was one of the new breeders I had delivered that morning. They had cut all his hair off and he was covered in cuts and bruises and he was so scared. So I took him. I couldn’t save my brother but I could save him. We ran north that night.”

“What happened to the Breeder?” Justin asked unable to curb his curiosity.

“The Union found him a husband that would love and cherish him,” Lance said and a smile spread over his face. “I’m Godfather to all three of his boys and he is very happy. I of course was held in custody; after all I was a southern soldier. It was then I met Joe. We fell in love and I decided to swear allegiance to The Union and join the army so we could be together. Pretty soon I was asked to infiltrate General Chasez’s household. Who better to pose as a southern officer but a southern officer?”

“I’m sorry I had no idea,” Justin said guiltily.

Lance gave a half laugh. “Why would you? I know all you see is a turncoat. You think you are the first to question my motives?” Lance turned so he was facing Joshua and trailed his fingers softly down the side of his face. “If I was a breeder you wouldn’t even ask.”

Lance sighed and kissed Joshua's forehead. “Get some rest my lord, dinner will be at seven.” Lance left closing the door quietly behind him.

Joshua sank into a soft padded chair. “He gave up so much.”

“It just goes to show that good people live on both sides of the border.” Justin dropped to his knees before Joshua and rested his head on his lap. He sighed happily as the young breeder played with his short hair. He looked up and smiled, lifting his lips so that his husband could reach them.

Joshua groaned as Justin pulled his tongue into his mouth, sucking on it hungrily. “I love you so much,” Justin sighed into his mouth just before he deepened the kiss. He drew Joshua to his feet and led him over to the bed, lowering him gently to the silk covered mattress. The young breeder submitted eagerly, whimpering as Justin's mouth explored his throat and neck. Justin's fingers fumbled with the fastenings of Joshua's shirt, pulling the soft cotton apart and baring the young teen’s chest. He attacked the pale flesh with vigour, trailing his tongue down over Joshua’s pectoral muscles to his nipples. He sucked at the hard pinkish brown buds in turn, catching them gently with his teeth and pulling and teasing until Joshua was writhing with pleasure.

The soldier slowly worked his way down, placing tender kisses on Joshua's narrow hips before he kissed the soft swell of his belly. Even though his teenage husband was only a few weeks pregnant he fancied he could already see a difference in the flat taunt stomach,. He stroked Joshua's belly, detecting the subtle changes. He closed his eyes and pressed a kiss to it, whispering words of love to the newly developing foetus.

Joshua's fingers caressed Justin's head, stoking contentedly. “You are happy aren’t you Justin?”

“Happier than I could ever be sweetie.” Justin slid further down Joshua's body and pulled down his pants before relieving himself of his own clothes. He kissed Joshua’s penis, rolling his tongue around its tip before sucking him inside his mouth. Joshua arched up gasping while Justin alternated with his sucking, licking and kissing. He mewed with delight as strong digits slipped inside his ass, stroking the inner walls, reaching and probing until they grazed his prostate. With a loud moan he wriggled down on Justin's hand, gasping at the firmer touch to his sweet spot. His mouth was covered and Justin's tongue slipped between his teeth and engaged in an erotic dance with his own.

Joshua came hard, crying Justin's name. He whimpered as Justin turned him on to his belly and wriggled between his legs.

“I’ll be gentle sweetness,” he whispered. He pressed his cock to Joshua's opening and the teenager cried out as he was penetrated.

“Hush baby, I know it hurts.” Justin dropped kisses over the back of Joshua's shoulders and rotated his hips gently changing Joshua's whimpers of pain to groans of pleasure.

“That’s it baby, that’s it. I love you Joshua.”

Both men cried out in unison as they reached orgasm. Justin rolled to the side pulling Joshua on top of him so the pregnant teen wouldn’t be crushed and he spooned up against him. Joshua sighed as he snuggled back into Justin's arms.

“I love you too,” he whispered.