Part 40

Justin glanced up at the clock ticking loudly on the wall. He mopped Joshua's brow and held a small cup of water to his lips. He was beginning to worry. His teenage husband had been in labour for nearly ten hours and didn’t seem to be getting any nearer to delivering.

Joshua lay against his pillows, to weak to even cry out anymore with each passing contraction. The Deliverer had come back a couple of times and even he now seemed to be worried. Justin watched apprehensively as the midwife took his husbands blood pressure and pulse.

“He’s still fine,” the Deliverer said reassuringly but I think I’ll get the doctor down. Joshua is getting exhausted; the doctor may decide that a caesarean is required.”

Joshua lifted his head slightly from its resting place. “No Justin … I don’t want that. Please don’t let them cut me. I can do this. I know I can do this.”

Justin took his hands in his shuddering at how clammy they were. “Baby, please think about it. I don’t want to lose you. If it comes to a choice between the baby and you, I want you angel.”

“I can do this Justin. You once told me to trust you, now you must trust me.”

Justin looked up at the clock then back at his husband. “Two hours Joshua; if you haven’t delivered in two hours then I will instruct the doctor to operate.”

Joshua lifted himself up so he could reach his husbands lips. They kissed softly, tasting each others mouths until another contraction prised them apart.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

Trystum and Ben tried not to run as they entered the hospital. Lance had somehow managed to arrange for them to be there for the birth of Joshua's baby. Joey met them at the main entrance and whooped with joy as he saw Ben’s big belly and then again when he spotted Caleb.

Trystum handed over the baby, now nearly a year old. Although he was verging on walking and was very wilful he went willingly to his surrogate father, pulling on the big mans beard curiously.

“What did you call him?” Joey asked tears forming in his big brown eyes.

“Caleb, Joshua named him. It seemed fitting as they were brothers and he delivered him.”

Joey gazed starry eyed at the child in his arms. “Hello Caleb,” he said softly. “I’m daddy Joe, and you are the most beautiful little boy I have ever seen.”

“He’s a breeder,” Trystum said proudly. “It’s been confirmed.”

Joey kissed the little boy making him giggle and plant a sloppy wet kiss on the end of Joey's nose.

“I’ll take him to see Lance if you like then you can go to Joshua. He’s having a tough time I’m afraid.”

“Thank you. I’d like to be with him.”

Joey turned to Ben. “Congratulations on your pregnancy Chris will be thrilled to see you.”

Ben bounced excitedly. “Chris is here? Where, where is he?”

Joey laughed at the sight of the pregnant belly bouncing up and down in excitement. “Calm down honey, you will do yourself an injury. He is on the tenth floor room 10036 and he’s in a bad mood because they won’t let him go to you.”


Trystum opened the door to the delivery suite and poked his head inside. “Hey,” he whispered. “Can I come in?”

Justin's eyes lit up at the sight of the older man. “Yeah sure.”

Trystum sat on the side of the bed next to his son and stroked his sweat drenched hair before kissing his forehead. “How long?” he asked.

“Nearly 12 ˝ hours. He won’t let them give him a C-section.”

Joshua's eyes fluttered open and they glimmered with hope seeing his maternal father looking back at him. “Daddy …it’s too hard ….why can’t I do it … why can’t I do it?”

“Hush sweetheart, it takes time that’s all. I’m here now and between us we will help you.” Trystum stood up and taking Justin by the arm drew him away from the bed. “How dilated it he?”

Justin gave a huge sigh. “I don’t know the Deliverer just keeps saying he’s doing fine and that it shouldn’t be too much longer.”

The door to the room opened again and the Deliverer came in. “How’s he doing?” he asked.

“He can’t take much more,” Justin said worriedly. “I want a C-section performed on him.”

Joshua gave a weak pathetic whimper. “No … Justin … just a little longer … please,” he panted.

The deliverer approached Joshua. “I’ll make you a deal. If you have dilated since I last checked then I will give you the time you want but if you are still only two inches I’m calling the surgeon.” He turned to Justin. “Help me get his legs into the stirrups.”

The Deliverer gently performed an internal and when he withdrew his hand he was smiling. “Ten inches, this baby is going to be with us any time now.”

On the bed Joshua sobbed with relief and clutched at his daddy’s hand.


“Big push Joshua,” the deliverer said as he placed his hand between the laboured mans legs.

Joshua pressed his chin into his chest and bore down with as much strength as he could muster, gasping with exhaustion when the contraction subsided.

“You are doing really well sweetheart, isn’t he Justin?”

“You are amazing baby,” Justin said praising the struggling youth.

Trystum sat behind Joshua so the boy was leaning onto him and was smoothing his hair a proud look on his face.

“Not long now darling. It will soon be over,” he whispered reassuringly in his ear.

“One more big push Joshua and the baby’s head will be out, and then I want you to pant like I showed you earlier.”

Joshua nodded his understanding and gave a strangled scream as he bore down.

“That’s it sweetheart; the head is free, rapid breathing now. Justin and daddy encourage him.”

Behind him Trystum started the breathing pattern for Joshua to follow. Justin joined in, his lips pursed as he blew air out of his mouth.

The deliverer manoeuvred and manipulated the baby until he worked the shoulders free. “Right Joshua,” he said. “With the next contraction I want one last push, give it everything you got.”

Joshua pushed his chin into his chest and pushed with the last of his strength, crying with relief as he felt the newborn baby slide free. The Deliverer rushed the baby over to a work surface and began to clean it up and a thin but persistent wail rung through the room.

“My baby,” Joshua wept as he tried to see where the child had been taken.

The Deliverer gave Justin a worried look as he picked up the phone and talked in low tones.

Justin squeezed Joshua's hand then approached the midwife. “What is wrong?” he demanded.

“I just need the doctor to come down that’s all. Baby seems healthy.”

“Then why can’t Joshua hold him?”

The door to the delivery suite opened and a middle-aged man with thinning hair came in. “What is the problem Jake?” he asked.

The Deliverer took him over to the whimpering baby and carefully shielding him from Justin's view, unwrapped him. “The baby is deformed,” he whispered.

“Oh my lord god!” the doctor exclaimed as he took a step back. “Get security down here. I want a guard with this young man 24-7. “The doctor picked up the baby and carried it over to where Joshua waited with Justin's arms holding him tightly while they waited for news of their baby.

The doctor laid the precious bundle into Joshua's arms. “You will be in the history books young man. You are the proud Bearer of the first little girl to be born in over one hundred years.”

Joshua gulped and stared into the face of his daughter then looked up to meet Justin's tear filled eyes.

“We have a daughter,” he wept, then jumped as Justin hit the floor in a dead faint.