Part 42

Justin came home about 6pm and was startled to hear a gruff deep voice coming from the living room. Cautiously he entered the living room and was shocked when he was immediately confronted with a mountain of a man.

Lonnie pounced on Justin as he entered the room, pinning him to the living room wall.

“No Lonnie, don’t hurt him please,” Joshua squeezed himself between the big man and his husband. “This is my husband, Justin this is Lonnie. He is my new friend he helped me when the crowd surrounded me.”

Justin was stunned by the confrontation and couldn’t believe his ears. The immoveable object not only had a name but had won his husbands trust.

Lonnie glared at Justin. “You are his husband?” he asked.

Justin raised himself to his full height and tried to look hard. “You have a problem with that?” he growled.

“Actually yes I do.” Lonnie took a step closer to the curly haired man. “When I found Joshua he was huddled against a wall frightened out of his mind. Where were you?”

“I was working, Joshua knows that. What were you dining outside alone anyway?” Justin turned the question around to make his husband in the wrong.

“I was lonely and bored. I only wanted to spend some time at the park feeding the ducks.”

“Baby you know I have to work. If I could be with you all the time you know I would.” Justin took a step towards Joshua but found a big brown hand pressed in to his chest.

“Shall I throw him out?” Lonnie asked.

Joshua gave a slightly strangled giggle. “No Lonnie. Thanks anyway but I kinda love Justin.”

The big man backed off reluctantly. “I had better be going. It was an honour to have met you Breeder, Bearer of Jemima.”

Justin reluctantly stopped the man from leaving. “Lonnie, can I have a private word with you?”

He led the dark sinned man into the dinning room. “Joshua likes you.”

Lonnie shrugged.

“He trusts you. Why?”

“Because I was there,” Lonnie said stating the simple fact. “You need to look after him, he is special, a bearer of females. You should not assume he is safe. Have you not heard the saying that to assume means to make an Ass out of you-and-me?”

Justin squinted at Lonnie not really understanding then suddenly receiving clarity on the play of the word.

“I have to work,” he explained. “As much as I would love to spend my days with my darling I can’t. I know he is lonely and needs a companion.” Justin took a good look at the older man, his eyes sparkling as he came up with a solution to both his and Joshua's problem.

“Would you be willing to be Joshua's bodyguard and confidant?”

Joshua, who had been eavesdropping behind the door bounced up to them and clapped his hands excitedly. “I’d really love that Lonnie. Would you be my friend?”

Lonnie smacked his lips as he considered the offer. “It’s a big responsibility, protector and bodyguard to the worlds first Breeder of women.”

“One that I’m sure you are capable of,” Justin pointed out. “Joshua is a prisoner in this house, with you at his side that would change. I don’t want my daughter to grow up secluded like Joshua had to and I don’t want Joshua to be lonely anymore. Say yes … please.”

Lonnie chewed on the inside of his cheek absentmindedly as he thought about the offer. He had spent most of the afternoon with the shy teenager and liked him, really liked him. The boy was naive true but he was also intelligent and held a pretty decent conversation. Also there were worse jobs than babysitting a pretty young thing.

“When do I start?” Lonnie asked and Joshua whooped with joy.

The town soon got used to seeing the breeder of the first female born for over a hundred years and his formidable bodyguard out and about. Occasionally someone would be brave enough to hand Joshua a gift, either for himself or for Jemima but they did so under the powerful glare of Lonnie.

The big man was fiercely protective of his charge and hated anyone getting too close. Joshua on the other hand began to enjoy his celebrity. He liked the fact that people wanted to talk to him, touch him or have their photo taken with him. he had lived almost his entire life as an icon that was to be admired but never spoken to now with Lonnie that could change and he knew he was safe and so could relax.

It was after they had been out for one of their long walks that they came home to find Lance sitting in the living room of the house.

Lonnie pounced on the man thinking him to be a threat to Joshua and the young breeder had to pull him off.

“It’s Lance, he’s a friend,” he explained. “You are a friend aren’t you?” Joshua asked.

Lance straightened his crumpled up shirt. “Well I thought I was when I arrived,” he replied half joking.

Lonnie glared at him and grunted. “This must be the famous Lonnie that I have heard all about. You know you have started a trend in Madison and other big cities. Many breeders are now hiring bodyguards, mind you they need them. There have been raiding parties, that’s why I came to warn you and give Lonnie this.”

Lance lifted a dark mahogany box from the seat behind him and passed it to the bodyguard. The dark man opened the lid and nodded gratefully.

“What did he give you?” Joshua asked nosily.

Lonnie took the semi automatic pistol out of its case and held it up for Joshua to see. “He gave me the way to protect you properly,” he replied.

Justin had been ecstatic to see his old friend when he had returned from work. He had embraced the southern man warmly then smacked him around the head for leaving it so long to visit, but now he chewed his thumb nail nervously as he listened to Lance’s story of rogue raiding parties made up of both northern and southern men that were kidnapping breeders and either selling them to rich men or keeping them for themselves.

“We have had to form a special unit to try to get on top of the situation. They have taken boys as young a ten. I just hope to god that they are not trying to use them,” Lance explained angrily. “I wanted to warn you Justin. Joshua would be a target, a prize, but now I have met Lonnie my fears have been eased, although I would be happier if you and he came back to Madison with me. That way Joshua would have a network of people looking out for him.”

Justin shook his head. “I won’t send him away again and I can’t leave the factory right now besides Lonnie can look after him just as well here as in Madison.” The former soldier moved to the seat next to his husband and kissed his lips loving.

“I want to stay here with you,” Joshua whispered. “Whenever you send me away something bad happens to me.”

“Well nothing is going to happen to you while Lonnie is about,” Justin said reassuringly.

Lance stayed a few more days trying to convince Justin that Joshua would be safer with him in Madison but the former soldier was adamant. Joshua would stay with him. It was while Lance was still with them that they received a phone call from Chris. Ben had had his baby, a bonnie 7 ˝ pound boy that they had named Declan Sean Kirkpatrick. Chris was ecstatic as he described the birth, explaining every little detail of what he described as a miracle.

Joshua listened enviously as Chris explained that Ben had only been in labour for two hours and had enjoyed the birth but nothing had prepared him for the outpour of raw emotion when he was handed Declan.

The gentle southerner had disintegrated into a storm of tears and hugged the baby so tight that for an instant everyone had feared that he would crush the tiny boy.

Joshua shed a tear and counted his blessings. He could understand the reaction. Ben had given birth to 11 children in his short life and this was the first one that he had actually wanted and loved unconditionally. As Justin severed the phone connection Joshua hugged him from behind.

“Do you love me?” he asked

Justin turned around in his arms. “Why do you ask that?

“You haven’t touched me since Jemima was born.” Pure innocence filled Joshua's face as he waited for Justin to answer him. “Don’t you love me anymore?”

“Oh my sweet boy, it’s because I love you that I haven’t touched you.” Justin gathered Joshua into his arms and kissed him softly on his lips. “I didn’t want you to think that I only wanted to breed with you. I wanted you to recover completely from the trauma of Jemima’s birth before subjecting you to my passions.”

“I’m recovered,” Joshua said in a small pleading voice. “I miss your touch … touch me.”

Justin's cock leapt at the whispered words. He had been playing the waiting game for more than three months now. Hoping, waiting for Joshua to approach him, afraid to rush his teenage husband. Now the moment had arrived and Joshua was once more pliant in his arms and begging to be touched.

He wrapped Joshua's arms around his neck and hooked his arm under the teen’s legs, sweeping him off his feet and carrying him upstairs to their shared bedroom where Justin laid him on the bed.

“Are you sure you are ready my darling? “He asked. His heart pounded in his chest praying that Joshua hadn’t changed his mind.

“Do I have to give you a written invitation,” Joshua asked cheekily He looked up through long dark lashes and a gently slopping smile spread over his lips. “Dear Mr. Timberlake,” he joked, pretending to write on an invisible piece of paper. “Would you please be so kind as to come here and fuck my brains out. Yours faithfully, Joshua.”

“Minx,” Justin cried and jumped on top of the now giggling teen, pinning him to the bed. He licked over Joshua's lips and sighed with pleasure as the plush pink cushions parted and let him slip his tongue inside. Justin suppressed the urge to groan as his husbands silky hand pushed under the waistband of his jeans and wrapped around his already pulsating cock.

“Make love to me,” Joshua breathed into his mouth. “Make love to me like you did the first time.”

Justin's mouth connected with his young husband’s throat, licking and kissing at the softness. He scrapped his teeth over the skin just under Joshua's ear and the youth shuddered and gasped.

The older man raised himself up so that he was straddling his husband, looking down at him.

Joshua looked up; his eyes glazed his chest rising with short gasping breaths. He was so incredibly turned on and Justin's heart did a somersault. He fumbled with the small white buttons that held Joshua's shirt closed, swearing with frustration when they refused to cooperate with his shaking fingers. Eagerness to touch the pale white skin the smooth cotton was hiding drove him to seize the shirt and rip it open.

Joshua whimpered at the determination and strength of the man covering his body the whimper turning into a needy groan when Justin's teeth clamped around his left nipple. His hand fastened in Justin's short curls and he slowly rotated his hips, thrusting into his occupied husband’s groin making him moan and attack his lips once more.

Joshua felt the cool air hit his ridged erection as his pants were pushed down his legs. He helped kick them off and lie still and naked while his husband’s hungry eyes devoured him. His once round belly had shrunk back to its original tautness and apart from the tiny stretch mark on his lower abdomen, it was impossible to tell that the slender youth had ever had a child.

“It’s incredible,” Justin breathed. “I swear you are more beautiful every time I look at you.”

Justin parted Joshua's legs and crawled between them. Hooking one of the slim youth’s legs over his shoulder he reached down and circled Joshua's opening with his spit covered finger, pushing it slowly inside and making the beautiful breeder groan and clench his muscles around it.

Justin took his time; he didn’t want to rush this. He wanted Joshua to remember and feel every second. He slipped another finger into the searing hot tightness of Joshua's ass, stretching and teasing until he felt the resistance ease.

He spat on his hand and coated his cock before rubbing the head over the opening. Using the minimum force he could he pushed into Joshua's anus. Joshua reared up and buried his face into his husband’s neck, panting his way through the burn.

“You okay?” Justin whispered prepared to pull back out and to sleep if the gentle boy in his arms said no.

“I’m okay,” Joshua breathed. “Just go slow, I want this, I want you so much.”

The two men writhed against each other slowly at first building in speed and depth of penetration. Sweat coated them as they licked and kissed at every available inch of flesh and soon Joshua was gasping his climax looming.

Justin reached between his husband’s legs and stroked him the rest of the way, timing each long tug with a deep thrust.

Joshua bit into Justin's shoulder, shuddering as he came. The older man joined him no more than a minute later, collapsing on top of his thin husband exhausted. He rolled off pulling Joshua into him and squeezing him tightly.

They lay pressed together just inhaling each others breath, neither man speaking, just gazing into each others eyes.

Joshua was the first to blink sleepily and his eyes drifted closed only to be snapped back open.

“It’s alright my love,” Justin whispered. “Go to sleep. I just want to look at you a little longer.”

“I love you.”

Justin smiled lovingly and leaned in kissing Joshua tenderly. “I love you too Joshua. Go to sleep and when you wake up I’m going to prove how much again.”