Part 48

Lonnie shook Joshua awake and lifted him into a sitting position. “You have to go back in your pen for a while,” he said.

The teenage breeder trembled but didn’t protest as his former bodyguard lifted him off the bed and slipped the choke chain back around his neck. “I will come for you later but until then be a good boy. Defiance will just get you thrashed.”

Joshua hung his head and followed obediently out of the bedchamber and back to his tiny pen. He hesitated not wanting to go back inside but a stern look from Lonnie made him put his head down and shuffle inside on his knees. He swallowed the whimper that leaped into his throat as he heard the door being padlocked behind him and backed up hopefully thrusting his still bound hands though the bars.

The thong that held them was cut and he edged forward still on his knees, rubbing his wrists and flexing his fingers in an attempt to get the blood flowing back to his hands.

Joshua did his best to get comfortable in his confined space, already the cold was seeping into his bones and he had only been back mere minutes.

A pained groan reached his ears and he lifted himself up as far as he could to see where it had come from. Another groan rang out this one more urgent and the gaunt jailor stomped his way over to a side pen. There was a mumbled conversation and then a bell rang out three times. Two men walked past Joshua's pen in the direction of the pained cries. Again there was mumbling and then the three men returned but this time they had a breeder, whose belly was swollen to massive proportions, on a stretcher. Joshua recognised the signs of labour and lowered himself back into a seated position. From where he sat he could see the other breeders watching with anxious eyes as the first of their group gave birth.

The breeder screamed over and over as he was encouraged to push his child out and then his screams were replaced with the begging pleas to hold his new born child.

Tears ran slowly down Joshua's face at the ignored pleading and he covered his ears as the distinct sound of a leather striking flesh filled the air closely followed by new cries of pain. The breeder was dragged from the birthing table and across the dirt covered floor and forced back into his pen.

All the breeders were crying now as they listened to the heartbreaking sobs of a boy denied the touch of his baby. They all knew that the emptiness that the breeder was feeling awaited them all and the reality of what they were hit hard.

“Shut up all of you,” the jailor yelled. “Or I’ll take the skin off all of your backs.”

The room of pens went silent broken only by the soft sobs of the new father.


It became his new routine. Each day he would be ordered from his cage and made to kneel while his hands were bound, then a choke leash would be slipped around his throat and he would be taken to the bedchamber where Lonnie would be waiting for him. He wasn’t afraid of his former bodyguard anymore. If the big man had wanted to rape him he would have done so by now. So Joshua cried in the right places and squirmed underneath him when they were interrupted upholding the illusion that Lonnie was careful to create. Each day when he was returned to his pen Lonnie reassured him that everything was going to be okay and not to worry. The frail breeder had lost track of time so when he was pulled from his pen and forced onto the birthing table to be examined he was stunned.

He gritted his teeth as he was examined internally and then burned with humiliation as a tube was pushed into his urethra and into his bladder causing it to release.

His urine was taken away and he lay still on the bed not wanting to draw attention to himself. He was just beginning to think, hope that they had forgotten about him when his jailor returned.

“Get up breeder,” he snapped and roughly pulled Joshua by his upper arm back to his pen and pushed him inside, locking the door behind him. The gaunt man scribbled on a board that was attached to the bars and then walked away muttering to himself.

Joshua sat on his bottom and pulled his knees up to his chest. He wanted to know what had been written on the board but there was no way he could see from inside the pen. The captive breeder rested his head on his knees and closed his eyes and remembered happier times, time when he was protected, revered, innocent.

With his eyes still closed he pictured the garden that he grew up and played in as child and he rocked gently imagining he was on his swing. The smell of magnolia and the rustle of his robes flared in his memory. He had hated his robes almost as much as he had hated having long hair; now he would give anything to have them both back. For the first time in his life he understood why they were so important. They protected him, singled him out, robbed of them he was nothing, just a farm animal to be bred and abused.

He started to cry silently, salty tears dripping off his nose. He was cold, lonely and afraid and even though Lonnie had not touched him and had constantly reassured him that everything would be okay he still couldn’t bring himself to trust the man ever again. If it wasn’t for Lonnie he would be safe in the compound in Madison with his father and his baby girl.

Joshua's heart ached, Jemima, he missed his little girl so much. The first days and weeks in the breeding farm had left him with tender breast tissue where he was still producing milk to feed his infant daughter but the burning had began to subside, his chest swelling had abated and gone back to normal and his nipples no longer leaked. Was Justin home? Did he even care that his husband was gone after all he still had Jemima?


He looked up and Lonnie was crouching in front of his pen. The body guard reached through the bars. “Come closer,” he said in his deep base voice. Tentatively Joshua edged forward until he was within reach of the man’s big hands.

Lonnie touched Joshua's belly, splaying his fingers over the smooth taunt skin. “It’s amazing you know, the creation of life.”

Joshua inclined his head towards Lonnie, puzzled at his former bodyguard’s words.

“Congratulations breeder, you are with child.”

Joshua sat back hard with shock sending a jolt up his spine. “But we never …. You never ….”

“It’s not mine Joshua. Justin had impregnated you before he went away. I was hoping he would. I knew they were going to test you sometime this week but not when. I was going to replace your sample with one of the other pregnant boys just in case but it looks as if my fears were unwarranted.”

Joshua blinked not understanding anything that was going on. “I want to go home,” he begged softly. “Please Lonnie take me home to my little girl.”

The dark man stood up and began to walk away.

“Lonnie please.” Joshua reached through the bars towards him. “Don’t let them take my child from me.”

As Lonnie walked away he could hear his former charge’s heartbroken weeping and his heart broke too.

Joshua was torn. He wanted another child with his husband but he didn’t want to be pregnant now, not now. They would take away his precious child the minute he or she was born and he would never see them again. He wriggled around in his confined space until he was as comfortable as it was possible to get and closed his eyes again, retreating back into his happy memories.

There was a large bang then another followed by the rapid sound of gunfire. Joshua struggled to his knees and gripped the bars of his cage and stared fearfully into the darkness.

“What’s happening?” a breeder to his right cried.

“They come for us,” another cried emotionally. “I knew they would, I knew it.”

Hope surged through Joshua and he rattled his cage door trying to shake the latch free. The door to the breeding pens was thrown open and the whole room was flooded with light blinding the captive breeders. By the time their eyes had adjusted the gaunt jailor had seized up his rifle and had it levelled at Joshua's chest.

The teenage breeder backed away wide-eyed in terror. They wouldn’t be rescued, their jailor had been ordered to murder them rather than let them go free. The gaunt man lined up his sights and applied pressure to the trigger. Joshua squeezed his eyes shut and prayed. There was a loud band and Joshua clutched at his belly.

“Joshua you are safe my child, Lonnie is here, didn’t I promise that I would keep you safe?”

Joshua slowly opened his eyes and moved his hand from his stomach amazed that there was no blood. Lonnie opened his pen and the teenager threw himself into his former bodyguard’s arms.

“There there Joshua. It’s over now. It’s all over now.” Lonnie hugged him tightly then held him away from him. “I need you to help me with the other boys.” He handed Joshua the bunch of keys that he had in his hand. “Take these and release all the boys from their pens. Do you remember where the room is that you spent the nights with me?”

Joshua nodded.

“Good take all the boys in there and lock the door. Do not come out until I tell you to.”

The breeder took the keys and then hugged his bodyguard once more. “I knew you wouldn’t desert me. I don’t understand all of this and I don’t understand why you betrayed me to start with but thank you for coming back for me … for all of us.”

“There will be time for us to talk later Joshua but for now do as I have asked. I can’t protect you all when you are spread out like you are.”

Joshua nodded obediently and hurried to do as Lonnie had asked. Above them he could hear the continued gun fire and the sounds of heavy boots. He unlocked the first pen and helped the pregnant boy out before rushing for the next one.

As soon as all the breeders were all freed he led them all through the semi-darkness to the rear room. A couple of the boys hung back crying, the last time they were in the room they had been held down and raped. Joshua went back to them and urged them forward. He looked back to where Lonnie was standing facing the door, his guns raised ready to protect the helpless breeders.

Joshua closed the door and drew the bolt. A young breeder winced and slid down to the concrete floor his hand on his abdomen.

“Are you in labour?” Joshua asked concerned.

The boy shook his head. “No he just likes to kick me in the kidneys every now and then.”

Joshua exhaled loudly. “Oh thank god! Is every one else alright?”

He received a quite chorus of yeses as his answer.

There were twenty of them altogether. Fifteen of them were obviously pregnant; three including Joshua were in their early stages and two had already given birth. The sound of gunfire sounded closer now and the boys grouped together for comfort.

Joshua began searching the room, opening cupboards and drawers looking for something, anything that he could use for a weapon. Thwarted he picked up a wooden chair and smashed it against the end of the brass bed that dominated the room. It took him a couple of attempts but in the end the chair broke apart and he picked up one of the solid legs and tested its weight and swing in his hands.

“What are you doing?” one of the breeders asked fearfully. “If you fight back they will kill you.”

Joshua turned and faced the frightened boys. “I’m having a child,” he said emotionlessly. “Not a child of rape but one of love, my husband’s child and I will not let them take him away from me. I control my own life, not them and if I have to die then I’ll die but this is my child, MINE.”

The breeders looked at him stunned and he turned again to face the door and ready to kill anyone that tried to come through it.