Part 3

Opening night at The Feeding Ground was an amazing success all four levels were packed to capacity, Justin had decided to go with Chris and Joey’s idea of keeping three clubs going instead of one. He watched as his lover flittered from man to man rubbing his lithe form erotically against them before moving on to the next. Justin almost laughed out loud at the emotions flooding from the lucky few Joshua flirted outrageously with. They wanted him, they craved his attention. Their eyes transfixed at the beautiful creature that fluttered from table to table. They would all come back to the club, all desperate to be the one that Joshua decided to leave with.

A tall dark man in dressed in a black tee shirt and black leather pants watched the brunette from his booth in the far corner. Thick brown eyebrows drew together in concentration bringing his brow down over his jade green eyes as he stroked his neat goatee beard. He studied the graceful man as he swished back and forth. One of his kind, the first he’d seen in over thirty years. He recognised David’s work, This was the one that had killed his sire for the life of a human. He swept his eyes round the room finally resting on the curly haired blond licking his fingers provocatively. Another one, two in this small a space meant only one thing, Lovers. This must have been the mortal, Pretty.

He searched out Joshua again watching as he chose his victim, rolling his hips into the young mans groin, licking outrageously at the tender skin of the mans throat. They started to move towards the door and Joshua nodded discreetly at his young lover who grinned and turned his attention to a pretty redhead staring fascinated by his groin. As the dark haired vampire walked towards the glass elevators he stopped suddenly his head snapping round, scouring the room for the presence he could feel, He felt threatened and the fine hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. Justin took a step towards his agitated lover unasked questions written over his face. Joshua felt a gentle tug on his arm and he turned his attention back to his nights meal guiding him through the open door for the journey down to the street.

Kevin Richardson downed the remnants of his drink and left his booth shrugging on his black leather coat. It was interesting that he sensed his presence, he’d have to be more careful. He gave the blond vampire one last look as he followed Joshua into the street. He should be easy to track, he’d got the human with him. He would want to take him somewhere quiet, somewhere where he wouldn’t be disturbed. A small smile played at the corner of his mouth as he walked down towards the huge central park. He kept to the shadows stalking his prey, he lifted his nose to the air and sniffed , a wide grin spread across his face, Blood. He walked towards the heavy stench careful not to make a sound as he crept through the undergrowth. He crouched down and watched as Joshua dispatched the youth he had tempted out of the safety of the club.

Joshua lifted his head from his kill.

That feeling again.

He threw the body of the boy from him and sniffed at the air. He dropped into a crouch his leg stretched out to the side ready to use it as leverage if he needed to strike out quickly. His ears strained and his eyes sought to penetrate the pitch blackness of the park. He gave the appearance of breathing rapidly as he swung his leg round tripping Justin as he walked up behind him. He leaped on the fallen vampire his fangs bared, ready to kill to protect himself.

Kevin watched as the blond curly haired vampire punched Joshua in the face, stunning him temporarily, enabling the blond to throw the brunette off him and jump on top of him straddling his body pinning him to the damp grass. He brought his lips down hard on to the mouth of the hissing brunette. “Hush my sweet, My dark angel. What has you so spooked that you attacked me?”

Joshua stopped struggling “Justin!”

Lips attacked his mouth once more. “Enlighten me my angel.” Justin twisted his fingers into Joshua’s hair and lowered his nose smelling his lover before running his tongue over his lips.

“Justin” The fear resonated through his voice “Someone watches me.”

Justin threw back his head and laughed. “You are a fool Joshua. The only one that watches you .... is me.”

“You watch me?” The older man was enraged and struggled hard against Justin’s hold.

“Yes I watch you, because I don’t trust you, You killed David, what’s stopping you from killing me? hummm.” he kissed his lover hard and messily.

“Justin I wou ...”

“Silence. I don’t believe you but i want you.” Justin undid Josh’s pants and pulled them down freeing his cock. “You belong to me my angel of the night, and I’ll have you when I want, where I want. You are no match for my strength. You know it ... I know it. He used his foot to drag the pants the rest of the way down Josh’s legs and wriggled between his thighs grinding his erection against his lovers.

From the thick bushes Kevin Richardson watched as the blond penetrated his lover. His hand slipped down the front of his own pants and he began to stroke himself to the rhythm of the fucking couple, He imagined the raw guttural moans slipping from Joshua’s mouth were for him as he watched the pair lift slowly from the ground floating six foot in the air as they fucked. The brunette rolled so that Justin was underneath him. Kevin let his head fall back as he brought himself to climax. He was interrupted by a heavy thud as Justin hit the ground. The dark vampire suppressed a laugh as he realised what had happened, It was Joshua with the gift of levitation and he had manoeuvred his lover into a vulnerable position then let him fall. The brunette floated himself into a sitting position crossing his legs Indian style hovering just out of reach of his furious lover. “Justin my sweet strength you may have, but intelligence you lack. I’m going back to the mansion. Find someone else to fuck.”

Richardson chuckled softly as Joshua floated off. Justin screamed in frustration as he brushed himself off. He searched the darkness Josh’s pants and began the long walk home. The dark vampire stepped out in the open and stared after the rapidly shrinking dot flying swiftly towards his lair.

“David always had good taste.”

“You want that creature?”

Kevin leaned back into the arms that surrounded him tilting his head to the side to allow his companion to kiss his neck. “Jealous Howie?”

The younger vampire grunted “Of that, No. Be careful my love he’ll stake you the first chance he gets if not him then his pet blond will.” The older of the two drew the younger into a kiss. “Then I had better not give him the chance.” He broke the kiss looking at the sky. “We should get inside the sun will rise soon.” he walked off calling over his shoulder “And you are jealous.”