Part 13

Sleep would not come to JC, even though his beloved now slept in death beside him. He twisted onto his side, and the crimson silk sheets wrapped around his legs. Huffing loudly he slipped out of the bed and slid on a pair of black denim pants and walked bare-chested down the stairs to where the rest of the nest slept. Thick black velvet drapes hung over the windows adding the added protection from the dreaded sunlight to the already blackened out glass. Justin’s nest slept the sleep of the dead, their coffins laid neatly in lines, lids closed tight. He ran his fingers over the ornate carvings of the end coffin, tracing the delicate carvings; he closed his eyes and relished the feel of the rich mahogany. He probed into the interior with his mind, searching for its occupant. The mind was dead, but unmistakably Christina. He felt her soulless rage course through his body, her death had been recent and her resentment lay just under the surface, he might be able to use that to his advantage. Withdrawing he probed each coffin in turn, seeking out their weaknesses and their strengths. Soon he knew the new brood as well as he had the old one.

He stiffened as he felt a movement behind him, and a face in close proximity to his neck, inhaling him, smelling him as an animal sniffs for his prey. A deep growl in his ear warned him not to make any sudden movements. He made a low guttural roar in reply, and flared his nostrils in attempt to discover his stalkers identity. Tentatively he reached out with his mind and was slapped away hard, making him stagger from the force as if he had been physically struck.

The creature behind him continued to scent him, moving closer so mere millimetres separated their bodies.

“What do you want?” JC demanded as he kept the tremble from his voice, sensing the power of the raging beast standing so close to him.

“You tortured me for thirty years, took my youth from me.”

“Lance!” JC gasped and started to turn not believing his ears, the being he could sense was more powerful that even Kevin had been. Hard hands grabbed his shoulders stopping him from moving. Again the nose moved over the side of his neck then over his shoulder. His arm was lifted and Lance continued inhaling his aroma to his armpit.

“”You are still beautiful JC, too bad.”

JC wrenched himself from the blond vampires grasp, turning to face him his fists clenched and his fangs gleaming. “What do you mean by that?” He hissed.

Lance laughed softly, holding his hands up defensively before him and stepping back. “Can’t you feel it JC? Its inside you.”

“What.” Panic resounded in the older vampires voice. “What’s inside me, tell me.”

“The question is who put it there. Kevin or Justin?” a slow satisfied smirk spread across Lance’s face at the terror reflecting on his past tormentor. “I’m surprised you can’t feel it.”

“Lance, please, please tell me.”

The former slave stepped to his former master and inhaled him again, licking up his cheekbone. JC shuddered. “Let me feed from you and I’ll tell you. I will tell you everything.”

JC let out a pained sob, he considered screaming for Justin, Justin was strong enough to fight his former slave. “You are wrong JC, Justin cannot control me anymore that you can.”

“You read my thoughts!” JC breathed, horrified that Lance had the ability to probe his mind.

“Only a little my love.” Lance nuzzled JC’s neck, licking his jugular. “I want you!” He sighed. “Even when I was human I craved your visits. You terrified me, controlled me, fed from me and still I felt excitement at your footsteps on the stairs.”

“I hate you, I should have killed you years ago,” JC spat.

Lance chuckled again, “If you had you would still be starving in Kevin’s dungeon. It wasn’t Justin who found you my pretty. He started his nest, all but forgotten you. It was me that stumbled over Howie. It was me that infiltrated the nest and it was me that led the attack that all but wiped out the Kevin’s brood.” He paused and kissed the pale flesh of JC’s throat before continuing. “And I was the one that took the prisoners, protected them from Justin’s minions that were baying for their blood.”

“Am I meant to be grateful, that you took prisoners?”

“You will be.” Lance crushed his lips against the slender older mans, bending him backwards over Christina’s coffin. JC’s mouth filled with his blood as Lance’s fangs sank through his lip. The blond sucked greedily at his former masters blood, groaning as his erection ground against JC’s. “I should fuck you right now, pound into your sweet ass.”

JC’s eyes shone in arousal and blood lust. “Why don’t you then?” He purred. Lance howled and ripped the buttons from the prone vampires jeans, tearing the denim from his body. JC bit into the blonds shoulder drinking deeply as Lance’s cock pushed up into him. The sex was fast and violent, Lance penetrating his former master without mercy, digging inside him relentlessly, assaulting his prostate as their hips moved in unison. They cried out together as both succumbed to their orgasm. “I hate you.” JC breathed as he licked Lance’s throat.

“And I hate you my pretty.” Their mouths met again in a wild flurry, sucking each other’s tongues. “What’s inside me Lance?” JC asked breathily.

Lance lifted off him looking into the blue-silver depths of his eyes. “At best a child.”

“And the worse?” JC asked afraid to hear the answer.

“The devil.” Lance replied.