Part 17

Lance helped Joshua up, letting the older vampire lean on him, supporting his featherweight. “There, there my pet.” Lance cooed, “I can carry you if you need me to.”

“I will not show weakness in front of my brood.” Joshua staggered as his knees gave way from under him.

“There is no shame in being weak Joshua, the nest knows that Justin drained you last night, they heard your pleas the same as I did.” The green-eyed vampire lifted his former master from his feet and carried him down the open staircase, sniffing him, savouring the change in his aroma.

Justin snarled as he walked in through the door, a pretty youth struggling in his grip. “I told you to stay put,” he hissed.

“I asked Lance to bring me down. I wanted to be here to greet you my love.” the lie stuck in Joshua’s throat, but he needed Justin to believe that he was in charge. Justin threw the cowering boy onto the floor, “Stay,” he commanded as he walked over to his lover, wrenching him out of Lance’s arms. “Touch him again Lance and I will stake you. Understand me?”



The blond inclined his head in submissively and allowed the lightweight to be lifted from him. Justin carried Joshua down to the living room, placing him on one of the fancy couches that littered the room. He turned, snarling at the youth cowering on the floor, “Come to me,” he commanded. The boy shook his head, terror oozing from every pore. With a turn of his eye, Justin commanded Christina to drag the youth to him. The boy struggled and screamed as he was brought towards the beautiful pale creature lying serenely on the couch. Joshua lifted himself up, his face peaceful and calm.

“Don’t be frightened,” he whispered. “Sit down beside me. Tina, let him go.”

Christina looked to Justin for permission before releasing her hold. The boy stood shaking too frightened to move. Joshua patted the cushion next to him. “Sit next to me.” the boy felt himself being drawn unexplainably towards the thin exquisite man. He sat down beside him, wiping his eyes. Joshua caressed the side of his face. “There you see it’s all right. No one is going to hurt you.” He smiled sweetly and tilting the boys face towards him, he kissed the youths trembling mouth. “What is your name little one?”

Justin took a step towards his lover, anger on his face. “Joshua, I didn’t bring the brat here for you to play with, feast, now.”

Joshua laughed; “I decide when I eat, not you.” he turned back to the boy, who had started to cry again. “Shh, don’t cry.” he wiped the boys tears with his thumb and kissed him again, deeper this time, pushing his tongue into the sweet cavern of the youths mouth. “What is your name little one? Tell Joshua.”


Joshua smiled reassuringly. “Elias, it means the lord is my god. The vampire stroked his thumb over the boys lips, “it’s wrong, I Am.” his face changed and his fangs elongated as he held the boy ridged with his mind. He licked tenderly at the exposed vein, savouring the taste of fear. He brought his lips to the youth’s ear, sucking the lobe lovingly then whispered sweetly, “I don’t want to kill you little one, I have need of you. Do you come to me willingly?” Joshua released the hold he had on the boy. “Choose.” he said, “eternal life or death?”

The panicked boy looked around him, the angry face of the blond blue-eyed vampire, and the calm satisfied sneer on the face of the green-eyed man. Trembling he stretched his neck to the right, exposing his jugular. “I choose life.”

Joshua chuckled gleefully, knowing even in his weakened state he was still able to control his destiny. He licked the tender neck again, and then sank his fangs deep. The youth cried out and hung to his sire, pathetically weeping as his life’s blood was drained away from him. Joshua broke away, panting as the fresh blood infused him with strength. He slashed his wrist with his nails and pressed the open wound to the boy’s mouth letting him drink a tiny bit before pulling it away. He still wasn‘t strong enough to change the boy on his own. “Lance,” he commanded “Feed him.” the green-eyed vampire pushed through to the almost expired boy, biting his own wrist and feeding him. “Make no mistake Elias, Lance may be feeding you now, but I sired you and I hold your soul, you are mine.” Joshua swung his long legs onto the floor and stood up, stretching in all his elegant glory. “Take care of my child Lance, I’m going hunting.”


Kevin strode into his mansion, just outside Lexington, Kentucky. His cousin, Brian, met him; the shorter man rubbed up against the dark vampire and accepted the kiss that if they had been mortal would have been incestuous. “I missed you,” he mewed.

Kevin licked over his mouth and smiled against his lips. “What mischief have you been up to while I’ve been away?”

“I added to our numbers, and I dispatched a few enemies.”

“Which enemies?” Kevin asked suddenly interested.

Brian draped himself over a chair, picking his nails with a dagger point. “Jacob, Sean, and the rest of their little nest.”

“Then we reign over the entire area?”

Brian smirked, “did you doubt me Kevin?”

The dark vampire straddled you younger blond, grinding his cock against his hip. “You are of my blood, I knew you would do me proud.” their lips locked in a long wet sensuous kiss, they broke their foreheads touching as the stroked each other’s faces lovingly.

“And what of your quest? Did you capture the breeder?”

Kevin fell back onto the chair arm, a pained look on his face. “Captured, and lost him. We had a traitor in our nest, a viper waiting to strike.”


Kevin laughed. “He hasn’t the intelligence. No this viper is more poisonous, more deadly. He waited coiled in both of our nests, he is banished from mine, but now sits pretty and unexpected in Justin’s.”

“For whose side does he fight?”

Kevin chuckled softly, “That my beloved is a very good question, but I believe he wants the breeder for himself, and I fear he completed the spell.”

“So the breeder is with child then?” Brian asked with a satisfied smirk. “Then the dark one will still be born to destroy the world as we wanted.”

“No, the child won’t be the one we wanted. I had to prepare my body for years to sire the child of destruction. This child is one of chance. There is no telling what it will be capable of, it could be nothing, but then it could be a new beginning for the rest of our race.” Kevin stood up and strode over to the drinks cabernet, pouring himself a large bourbon and downing it without flinching. “We must prepare, the breeders nest will be coming, and Justin will be coming.”

“And the viper?”

Kevin grinned a long lazy grin, “Oh yes and the viper, but which side will he favour, we will just have to wait and see.”


Joshua danced his way into the main dancehall of the Feeding Ground, rubbing against any that ventured close enough to be honoured and surveying his kingdom. The last time he had been here was when he had fallen into Kevin’s clutches. His eyes sought through the crowd, identifying members of his own clan and those of the remaining opposing nest. A warm soft body pressed against him and a hand reached around him grabbing his balls.

“Nice to see you again baby.” Joshua turned around and rubbed his groin against the blond man and licked his goatee.

“You have nerve I’ll give you that Wade.”

“I’m not afraid of your keeper JC.”

“Joshua, I’ve not been JC for over forty years.”

The athletically slim man oozed charm and sucked on Joshua’s neck. “I like JC.” their lips slid over each other’s barely tasting. “Justin snatched you from Kevin’s grasp then?”

“I never doubted he would.”

“He wasn’t going to you know, he was hoping Kevin would kill you. Justin never even waited till morning before he changed Lance.”

“He wouldn’t have left me.”

Wade pulled the dark haired vampire over to a booth, pulling him down on top of him, encouraging Joshua to straddle his lap, so they could continue to grind on each other. “I have it on good authority JC, Justin wanted you dead. When he discovered you was still alive he lost it, smashed the place up and demanded that you were found.” Wades lips moved down Joshua’s neck, lapping at his jugular. “Has he given you the respect that you deserve JC? Or has he used you and abused you since you returned?”

The blue-eyed vampire seized Wade’s throat in his hand, his nails digging deeply into the pale flesh. The blond vampire laughed, unafraid. “It hurts doesn’t it JC? You killed your sire for that piece of shit, and given the chance he will do the same to you. But you have two friends, two that you can trust.”

“Who?” Joshua hissed.

Wade laced his fingers into Joshua’s hair and yanked his head back so he could suck on his Adams-apple. “Well there’s Me.” he whispered against Joshua’s throat, “And there’s Lance.”

The brunette ground hard against Wades lap as the rival vampire bit into him, his mind muddled and confused.