Part 19

“Where are you taking me?”

Lance shifted on his seat so that he was facing the battered vampire that moaned softly, still in obvious pain.

“Somewhere safe.”

Joshua’s breath caught in his throat as a spasm consumed his belly. A few minutes passed before he could speak again. “Nowhere is safe, not for me. Not anymore.”

“You will be safe with me Joshua.”

“Nowhere is safe for me,” Joshua breathed. His head rolled sideways and his eyes rolled back in his head.

Lance pressed the intercom. “Lonnie, stop the car and bring me the creature in the trunk.” The blond vampire pulled his former master onto his lap and bit into his own wrist. He held it to Joshua’s mouth, dripping his blood onto his dry lips. The barely conscious vampire’s eyelids flickered and opened, his tongue snaking from his mouth to lap at the sticky fluid. Weakly he reached for Lance’s arm to pull it closer.

“No my prince you can not have my blood. I used it only to rouse you.”

The car stopped moving and the door opened. Lance peered out at his drivers smiling face. “I found an underpass.”

“Thank you Lonnie. Please take Joshua from me.”

“No … no, you promised. You said you wouldn’t give me to the sun.” Joshua clawed helplessly at the heavy black man that was pulling him out into the open.

“And I won’t sweet prince. See, this place is sheltered from our natural enemy.” Lance cupped Joshua’s pointed chin in his hand. “I’m here with you.” He stroked his thumb over the badly bruised cheek. “It’s time for you to eat. Lonnie bring the creature to us.”

The driver walked to the back of the car. When he returned he had a teenage girl in his arms.

The feeble vampire’s mouth began to salivate as the aroma of fear reached his nostrils. It didn’t go unmissed to him that Lance was feeding him a child, but he was too hungry and weak to argue.

“Give her to me.”

He reached for the terrified girl, almost weeping when she managed to wriggle free of his grasp.

Lance was on her in a blink of an eye, his fangs ripping out her throat. He pressed the wound to

Joshua’s mouth and he fed frantically, sucking and biting, swallowing small pieces of flesh with each bloody mouthful. The blond vampire ripped her from his former master, discarding her like a piece of garbage in the darkness of the underpass.

“More give me more.” Joshua’s fangs gleamed in the half light and his mouth was red with his

victim’s blood.”

“You have fed enough for now.” Lance took hold of the brunette’s arm and shoved him towards the car.

“I said I want more.” Joshua faced off to his former slave, hissing, his eyes blazing with


Lance chuckled and before Joshua could react had him bent over the hood of the limo, with his head pulled painfully backwards and his hands gripped behind him. Lance placed soft kisses down the side of the older vampire’s neck. “Calm down, let the virgin’s blood infuse you. I will give you another in a few hours I promise you, but I cannot let you gorge yourself, you have a child to consider.”

“I don’t care about the abomination. I want food.”

Lances tongue danced over Joshua’s icy cold skin. “Let me care for you dark prince. Let me adore you, worship you like you deserve to be.”

“What are you after Lance?” the dark man groaned as his Adam’s apple was sucked.

“Nothing …. You don’t believe me?” Lance smirked and licked up the side of Joshua’s face.

“I trust no one.” Joshua hissed. “Not you. Not Justin, no one.”

Lance ignored the comment he had his mind on other things right now, like the way Joshua felt pressed up naked against him.

Joshua struggled against the cold metal hood as Lance pressed down on him, forcing his knee between his legs. “You should always be naked and open like this JC. You may be a prince amongst our kind, but you should be a slut, a slave slut … my slave slut.”

“Is that what you intend Lance revenge? Payback for all the years that I kept you enslaved?”

Joshua shuddered as Lance didn’t answer him. He just thrust up into him and fastened his fangs into his throat, holding Joshua helpless as he fucked his former master violently.

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