Part 2

“You lost weight.”

JC avoided the scrutinising look of his best friend and trusted catcher. “No.”

Lance grabbed him by the shoulder. “Don’t fucking lie to me Jace, I have been lifting you for the past three years. You lose as much as an ounce and I know it. So how much did you lose four/five pounds?”


“Jace! Are you trying to kill yourself? You can’t afford to lose a pound never lone seven.”

“The nationals are in three weeks Lance. The squad is relying on me. Me, seven pounds lighter is easier to toss and a lot easier to catch.”

“And of course you had no pressure from Brad?” the accusation in Lance’s voice was clear.

“Leave Brad out of this.”

“Why? Don’t think that I don’t know that he was the one that split your lip and blacked your eye last week.”

JC’s hand went involuntarily to the bruise that still discoloured the skin under his right eye. “I told you how that happened.”

Lance gave a loud grunt. “If that’s the case then why did I have your daddy calling me and screaming at me for dropping his precious baby?”

JC blanched. “You never said anything did you?”

Lance dropped down onto the bench “No. I should have, but I didn’t. I let your daddy yell at me, let him believe that it was my fault the pretty JC face was marred for the past week.”

JC dropped to the bench next to him. “Thanks Lance.”

“So was it Brad?”

JC nodded, “he didn’t mean it, he was jealous that’s all. He overheard some dude say that he wouldn’t mind being my shorts when they get to hug me so tight.”

“So he punched you?” JC nodded again. “And he made you loose weight? Jace, please don’t loose anymore.”

“Ok, I promise.” JC slipped out of his shorts and shirt and threw his towel over his shoulder. “Coming?” he asked.

Lance nodded and stripped before following his best friend into the showers.

Brad was waiting by JC’s jeep when he and Lance came out of school. “You want me to stay?” Lance asked as he eyed the football captain wearily.

JC shook his head and hugged the blond before plastering on his smile and walking up to his boyfriend of the last year.

Brad was everything a star quarterback should be. Tall, blond, good-looking and just as every one had expected he had the prize of Bowie High for his boyfriend. JC had been extremely flattered when the footballer had asked him out and jumped at the chance. Now he was beginning to regret it. Brad had turned out to be a bully that enjoyed getting his own way. He ruled the slight cheerleader with a fist of iron and JC was frightened of him.

“You looked good tonight,” Brad said as he lifted JC’s hair and kissed his neck. A shiver ran up JC’s spine. “Thank you.”

“Key’s,” the quarterback held out his hand waiting for JC to hand them over. The cheerleader fished about in his pocket and handed his bundle of keys to his boyfriend. “Get in.”

“Where are we going?”

Brad smiled his toothy grin. “You’ll see,” he said sinisterly.

JC bit nervously at his nails as his boyfriend drove them out of town and turned into a side road that lead to a small wooded area. “I should really be going home my dad is expecting me.”

Brad turned off the engine. “This won’t take long.”

“I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Did I say you had?” the football jock lifted JC’s chin and turned his face so that he had to look at him. “I want a blow job.”

“But.. But we agreed, you would wait until we were married before we had sex,” JC stammered, really becoming frightened now. What if Brad wouldn’t take no for an answer? What if he forced him to have sex?

“And I will wait for anal sex, but oral that’s a different matter.”

JC’s mouth trembled, he wasn’t ready for this. He didn’t love Brad.

The quarterback took hold of his hair, threading his fingers through the long curls as he undid his pants. “Get me out,” he demanded.

When JC didn’t make a move he twisted his hair harder. “Listen to me baby. Take me out and suck me off or I will break your arm, no arm, no finals. Savvy?”

“Y .. Yes.” choking back a sob, JC reached into brads open zipper and pulled out his cock. He took a deep breath and lowered his mouth over the thick muscle, tears running down his face.

“That’s it baby, suck the poison out.” Brad kept a tight hold on JC’s hair until he came hard. “Swallow it baby, there’s a good little boy.”

JC choked the thick semen down, trying not to gag on the slimy texture. His hair was released. And Brad tucked himself back into his pants. He ruffled his tearful boyfriends hair. “Same time tomorrow sweetness.” he started JC’s jeep and drove them back to the school car park where his own Chevy truck was parked. He tossed JC his keys. “Till tomorrow sweetness.”

Joey sat in his truck watching as the quarterback drove away and the cheerleader fell out of his jeep and vomited all over the tarmac. He flipped open his cell and pressed speed dial. “Jup, seems like our boy got himself a pushy boyfriend.”

“We never banked on that. How hard is he going to be to get around?”

“Me and Chris will be able to take him, no problem, but I’d rather not have anyone know that we got JC.”

Joey heard Justin sigh as he was thinking. “keep watching, see what else he does. I got to go practice.”

“Ok dude, your the boss.” Joey hung up and started his truck, pulling into the traffic a car behind his target. “Let’s see where you are taking me tonight sweet-pea,” he muttered to himself.

Justin walked into the gym , dropping his bag by the wall in the furthest corner so that no one would fall over it. Chris jogged over and slapped his outstretched hand. “Joe call?” he asked.

“Yep, JC’s boyfriend is a big bastard, but Joe says you and him could take him if you had too.”

“Shit, I hope we don’t have to then. I don’t want any injuries before the contest or else why are we doing this?”

“Good point.” Justin shut up as Nick walked over.

“You guys seen Joe? this is the second practice he’s not turned up for.”

Chris took a swig of his water letting Justin answer the question. “he’s doing errands for his dad, he’ll be here in about an hour.”

“Well he had better be or I want a new catcher. Boyfriend or not if he don’t practice I’m not trusting him.” Nick stormed off cussing under his breath.

“I hope Joe does drop him, he gets right up my nose.”

Justin laughed, “he’s probably saying the same thing about you dropping me, y’all know he wants my lead.”

Chris reached out , taking Justin’s hand in his. “You know I wouldn’t drop you don’t you?”

“I trust you Chris, I trust Joe. You have to trust your catcher, if you don’t that’s when accidents happen.”

The coach called the squad to attention and they all took up their positions. “Right gentlemen, I want Justin, Chris, Pete. James can you stand in for Joey, he called in. He’ll be here later Justin.”

“I know he called me too.”

“Basic basket toss. You ready Justin?”

The cheerleader grinned, “ ready” he said just before he went sailing into the air.