Part 5

“Where the fuck is he?” Lance paced up and down, waiting for the Muffin’s lead cheerleader to turn up.. He rubbed his eyes and peered into the distance willing JC to appear.

“Problems?” Justin couldn’t help but stir the shit as he and his squad arrived.

“Nothing we can’t handle. Just worry about The Muffins not wiping their asses on you.”

Joey hung his arms around Justin and Chris’ necks. “Bring it on sweet-pea, bring it on.”

In the basement JC pulled helplessly at the tape binding his hands together, the build up for the championships was beginning and JC screamed in frustration.

The Tennessee Tornados, completed their first heat in the lead with no problems, without JC the Muffins had managed to scrape into the top ten. Justin could see Lance pacing back and forth, worry clearly clouding his judgement. A tall bottle-blond boy dropped an arm around his shoulder and spoke in hushed tones to him. Lance shook his head and began to cry.

The Tornados leader, chewed his lip deep in thought, oblivious to his two friends that had come to join him.

“What’s up Jup?” Joey asked.

“It’s meaningless. A hollow victory.”

“What?” Chris and Joey looked at each other confused with Justin’s babbling.

“The contest, if we win. It’s meaningless. To win we should beat the best. They aren’t the best,” he pointed to the Iowa Angels. “Or them,” he said pointing to where Lance was now sobbing openly for his missing friend. “JC is the best, to be the best I have to beat JC.” he started running towards the exit. “Stall for me.”

“What? How?”

“Tell them I’m throwing up, tell them anything, just stall them till I get JC back here.”

Joey gulped, “you’re letting him go, now?”

Justin stopped briefly turning to face his partners in crime. “I want to beat him Joe. You can understand that can’t you?”

“Go get him small fry, we’ll do what we can to get us and The Muffins switched to last.”

JC blinked unbelievingly as Justin bounded down the stairs to his prison. “I know you!”

Justin grinned sheepishly, “Tennessee Tornados.”

Justin unlocked the padlock from around JC’s throat. Pulling a small Stanley knife from his pocket he slit the tape holding JC’s hands and feet together. “You’re not going to attack me are you?” he asked nervously as JC flexed his body.

“Maybe later, after I win the nationals for The Muffins.”

“Bullshit, you are going to be second best this time JC.”

JC’s eyes drifted to the TV. “If we don’t get there soon neither of us will win.”

Justin seized JC’s hand and pulled him up the stairs. “My truck is outside, I got Joey and Chris stalling for us.”

“The other two Kens?”

“Yeah.” They both climbed into Joey’s truck and Justin turned the key , bringing it to life.

As they neared the venue JC turned to Justin. “What made you change your mind?”

“JC I wanted so badly to win, To lead my squad to victory. I forgot that it’s all about the competition. A real win would only be against you.”

JC looked into Justin’s eyes as they pulled up in the competitors compound at the stadium. ”I won’t give you an easy win Justin.”

“I wouldn’t want you to.”

“See you again when I hold the trophy.”

“When I hold it you mean.”

A huge cheer went out and screams of JC echoed around the stadium. JC sashayed to the front of the squad, his pink silk shorts hugging his ass tightly. He stood with his head lowered and his feet apart. His wrists were crossed before him as he stood waiting for the first beats of the music to start.

The music blasted out and JC’s head shot up and he surveyed the crowd. He did a neat back flip and was immediately surrounded by Lance, Wade and another catcher. He was tossed high in the air. JC twisted his body, spinning twice before being caught again. The music pulsated, pounding the ears of the watching audience. Too soon the routine was over and JC hung in Wade’s and Lance’s arms, his head thrown back and his eyes wide open as he panted in exhaustion.

Justin stood on the sidelines waiting for his turn to shine. JC was going to take some beating. The Tornados were announced and Justin and his squad ran noisily onto the mat. They took up their starting positions and their music started.

“Second runner up. Jefferson High LA.” The crowd roared and the squad ran excitedly to collect their prize. ”This was the tightest competition in years, the winner did so by .5 of a point. First runner up.” The crowd went silence in anticipation of the announcement. “The Tennessee Tornadoes.”

Justin looked at Joey and Chris. “Second,” he said dejectedly.

“Hell yeah!” Joey screamed whooping loudly. “Second fucking place whooo hoo.”

A grin spread across Justin’s face “Yeah second. Whoooo.” he hugged his friends and led his squad to pick up their prize.

JC walked over to him, the winner’s trophy in his hands. “I told you I wouldn’t give you an easy ride.” he said, but you can hold it if you like,” adding quietly, “even though you did try to kidnap me.”

“Just make sure you look after it Jace, cus I’m taking it off you next year.” Justin stroked the cool metal before handing it back to the slender brunette.

“I’m going to Florida state next year. I got a cheerleading scholarship. My folks were a bit disappointed but I’m taking English along with music and dance so that appeased them.”

Justin smiled. “I’m going to Florida too, same scholarship, man we are going to be on the same team.”

“That will be cool Justin.”

“So do you have like a date for the dance tonight?”

“I was going with Lance.”

“Oh. Your boyfriend?” Justin reached out and took JC’s hand, playing with his fingers.

“My best friend.”

“My friend Chris doesn’t have a date.”

“Oh.” JC couldn’t hide the disappointment in his voice.

“I think Chris and Lance would make a cute couple don’t you think?”

A shy smile spread over JC’s face and he stepped closer to his rival. “But if Lance goes with Chris, who will I go with?”

Justin reached out cupping the brunettes face in his hand tilting his head upwards. “Me,” he whispered before he covered JC’s mouth with his own.

They broke away from each other. “Don’t think this makes up for kidnapping me.” JC muttered seriously.

Justin grinned wickedly. “I don’t, I think this one will.”

The End.

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