Part 2

Justin crept stealthily through the dark passageway. No one had though to tell him to bring a torch. He yelped, swore then hopped around on one foot as he attempted to massage his bruised toes without falling over. “Isn’t it about time someone invented steel toed boots,” he muttered as he stepped onto the first stone step. He steadied himself with his hand against the rough wall, recoiling when his fingers touched something slimy and living. “Get a grip Justin,” he said to himself. “You are a Prince; Princes do this all the time. Look at Charming, if that asshole can rescue a princess you can.” Swallowing his revolt he reached out again.

“You had better be worth all this,” he moaned miserably. “But I bet you are nothing but trouble.”

Justin traversed the rest of the stairway without incident. He stood gasping on the top step, his hand on his chest, catching his breath before he showed his potential bride how brave he was. The rusted handle squealed as he turned it and he cringed as the sound echoed through out the tower.

“Way to go Justy, wake the whole bloody building. Let everyone know that you are running away with their precious princess.” Justin peered nervously into the bedchamber, half expecting to be hit over the head with a flowerpot or some such like crockery. When he summoned enough courage to open his eyes he saw that the room was swathed in semi darkness, lit by just one candle that flickered against the wall. Justin waited for his eyes to adjust to the dimness. He scanned the room for the princess, giving a small sigh of relief when he didn’t see her. He was just about to leave when a small movement on the chiffon draped bed caught his attention.

He crept silently to the side of the sleeping figure and looked down catching his breath in his throat. A mop of brunette curls covered the pillow. Justin followed the curve of the sleeping princesses’ jaw. It wasn’t as delicate as some girls but it was beautiful all the same. Justin stared down at the delectable creature that slept undisturbed. In one quick moment of bravado he swooped down and smothered the sleeper’s lips with his own.

Two bright blue eyes snapped open and stared terrified back at Justin for a split second and then Justin's jaw exploded in pain.

“Fuck!” Justin exclaimed. “What the fuck was that for? I came all the way here to whisk you off to happy ever after and you fucking slug me!”

Joshua opened his mouth to retaliate and was silenced by his ‘rescuers’ lips closing over his once more. He groaned long and low in the back of his throat and temporarily forgot that he was being accosted in his own bed. The kiss ended and Joshua sighed contentedly his eyes still closed.

“I’ve come to rescue you,” Justin informed him in a slightly bored tone, his jaw still aching from the punch. “So I’d prefer it if you didn’t hit me again lady.”

Joshua sat up, his eyes wide open. “Lady!”

“Look I can rescue you the hard way or the easy way,” Justin continued as he examined his nails.

“Lady!” Joshua exclaimed again insulted that this interloper prince or what ever the hell he was not only broke into his castle but thought he was a girl. “I’m not going anywhere with you,” he squeaked.

Justin shrugged. “Ok,” he said slightly pleased, “easy way it is then.” Before Joshua could react Justin's fist connected with his jaw knocking him out. “Sorry,” Justin said sheepishly. “But you did hit me first.”

When Joshua opened his eyes again he was alarmed and also slightly curious about the fact that he seemed to be hanging over a horses back watching the ground go racing by, not only that but he couldn’t move. He wriggled around attempting to get leverage to lift his head and see something other than the ground, which by the way was starting to make him feel quite nauseous.

“You are awake princess, I’m so glad. Sorry about hitting you but you were really beginning to get annoying, you know not wanting to be rescued and all. And I had come a long way, through forests and crossed mountains and survived snowstorms and such.” Justin nudged Joshua in the ribs “princess, hello.”

Joshua didn’t answer; he had to think about this on the one hand he was flattered that a Prince had ‘rescued’ him but on the other hand he had the distinct feeling that the prince had suffered a case of mistaken identity, i.e. he wasn’t a princess. He looked nothing like a princess. Princesses were all girly and did things like tapestry. Ok he’d give the prince that one. Princesses had long hair and were locked in the highest towers … ok he’d give the prince that one too. Aha he thought triumphantly. Princesses wore frocks. Joshua groaned as the nightdress flapped around his ankles. “Shit,” he thought. “I’m a fucking princess.”

Justin rode into his castle’s courtyard in triumph, waving and grinning at the crowd that gathered to welcome him and his ‘bride’ home. Joshua hung over the horse scowling at anyone that was unfortunate to catch his eye. Two strong firm hands grabbed him around the waist and pulled him off the horse. He slapped Justin's hands away then straightened his nightdress and smoothed his hair into place before stomping into the castle, kicking an unfortunate squire that got in his way.

Justin's father came up behind his son. “Feisty isn’t she?”

“And has a mean right hook. Are princesses meant to stride like that? I was under the impression that they were meant to be sweet and obedient.”

“Maybe she’s just in shock,” the king suggested.

“Maybe she’s just a bitch. I didn’t want to rescue her in the first place.” Justin said as he followed his princess.

“Great another bloody tower,” Joshua groaned as he was shown to his room. He stood in the middle of the circular room totally at a loss of what to do next. His bare feet were freezing from the long ride and so were his legs. He opened the huge closet looking for some pants and swore. Row after row of expensive dresses hung on a golden rail, each with a matching pair of slippers.

Joshua slumped down to the floor really pissed off. Obviously the prince had though he had liberated Jasmine. ‘Well aren’t you in for a surprise,” he muttered.

“Don’t you like them?”

Joshua rolled his eyes and stood up, ignoring his rescuer as he climbed into the four poster bed that sat against one side of the room. He pulled the covers up under his chin and stared into space.

“You’re really not a very nice princess are you? Didn’t your fairy godmother bless you as a child?”

Joshua screwed up his face. “My what?”

Justin sat on the bed. “Your fairy godmother, all princesses have one you know.”

“Well I don’t,” Joshua huffed.

“Well that’s obvious. If you did you wouldn’t be such a bitch.”

“I am not a bitch!” Joshua exclaimed indignantly

“Yes you are.”

“Am not.”

“Are too.”

“I am not a bitch. You kidnap me from my nice comfortable tower. You throw me over a horse after might I add knocking me out. You drag me halfway across the country.”

“Forty miles,” Justin interrupted.

“You said you braved forests, scaled mountains, and all you came was a lousy forty miles!”

“It was raining.”

“Oh you poor thing, it must have played havoc with your hair.” Joshua caught sight of a vase perched on a table nearby and wondered how much force it would take to smash it over the prince’s head.

“Let’s start again,” Justin suggested. “I’m Prince Justin and you are?”

“Pissed so don’t push it.”