Part 6

Justin looked at himself in his mirror. “Not bad!” he exclaimed as he twisted and turned admiring himself. “Princy is going to fall for me for sure.” He collected his mask and placed it over his face. “God I’m hot, how will he resist me.” He grabbed his cape and draped it over his shoulders before leaving his rented bedroom.

Joshua sighed, he was bored. He really wanted to dance but his father had banned the DJ from playing Y.M.C.A or the Macarena. Instead the music system pumped out waltzes and Foxtrots; in one moment of bravado the DJ even played the Gay-Gordons much to the king’s distaste. It was quite discerning to see his daughter prancing around in her hobnail boots, leading her poor dance partner and spinning him into a tizzy.

Joshua sighed again and scratched his ass, taking the opportunity to discreetly pull his G-string loose from where it was trying to worm its way up his hole. He smiled politely at the young princess that flounced up to him and then cringed when she grabbed his hand and dragged him onto the dance floor. The DJ slapped on another waltz and the masked girl stood waiting patiently, tapping her foot expectantly. Joshua rolled his eyes and started jigging from side to side making his favourite little rolling arm movement that he thought made him look cool. The girl looked appalled, well as appalled as one could look wearing a duck mask and feathers. She stuck her tongue out at him and stomped off to torture another poor unsuspecting soul while Joshua continued to jig around with his eyes shut totally oblivious to the fact that everyone was now staring at him open mouthed.

“Joshua,” Jasmine snapped, “take my hand now.”

“No, I’m not going to,” Joshua pouted and stamped his foot. Jasmine had ruined his dancing just like she ruined everything.

Not to be put off Jasmine stamped her hobnail boot on to Joshua's delicately slippered foot and grabbed his arms as he hopped about on one foot his eyes watering in pain.

“Now,” she said smiling sweetly. “Follow me, one, two three. One, two three.” Jasmine dragged Joshua around the dance floor to the tune of the Blue Danube. The prince yelped as his sister stomped on his foot again and again in her efforts to teach him how to dance ‘proper.’ He had just about given hope of having a good time when the trumpeters sounded a fanfare and a man dressed in white with a red, white and gold mask hiding his features jumped on to the top of the staircase with a loud ‘Taa- daa’.

Joshua stopped dancing and gazed up at the stranger his heart pounding excitedly. “Maybe tonight wouldn’t be such a washout after all; a quick fumble behind the bike sheds would be just the thing to keep him going till his prince came to rescue him …again.

Jasmine grabbed his ear and dragged him off the dance floor. “Stay here,” she insisted. “I’ll check him out, you can’t be too careful you know.”

The stranger had skipped flamboyantly down the long staircase and was now scrutinising every person male and female, even flipping some of the masks that covered their features. He snatched up a glass of champagne from the tray of a passing waiter and threw it back in one gulp.

Joshua peered out from behind the post that his sister had deposited him behind and marvelled at the young man’s ability to down a drink in two seconds flat and thought enviously ‘wish I could do that’. Joshua caught sight of Jasmine sneaking up behind him and on a sudden impulse he dashed out from his given hiding place and grabbed the stranger’s hand, dragging him out on to the dance floor.

“Wow you are a forthright little thing aren’t you?” the stranger said, squinting as if he could see through the mask.

Joshua blushed. “I was saving you,” he said shyly. “My sister princess Jasmine was about to jump you from behind and believe me it’s not as pleasant as it might sound.”


This time it was Joshua that squinted. “Justin is that you? You look hot.”

Justin pushed his mask to the back of his head and grinned. “Just a little number I ran up on my sewing machine this afternoon. Of course the proprietor of the boarding house that I nicked the curtains from to make it doesn’t know yet, but hopefully I’ll be gone before he finds out.”

The DJ, fed up of playing boring old people music became defiant and put on the Cha-Cha slide.

“Are you dancing?” Justin asked holding out his hand.

“Are you asking?” Joshua replied.

“Yeah, I’m asking.” Justin said coolly flipping his collar.

“Then I’m dancing.” Joshua replied shyly.

Somewhere from the rafters the fairy godmother groaned. “Just bloody well get on with it. And quit with the silly and very bad Liverpudlian accents.”

The two princes danced all night. They did the Time Warp; the funky chicken and the twist. They would have done the Monster Mash too but the king, fed up with this entire new-fangled teenager pop stuff, had the DJ shot and took over the decks himself, putting on a nice slow smoochie number by the Backally boys. (They used to call themselves the Backstreetboys but found out that there was another group called that and they were threatening to sue them if they didn’t change their name.)

Justin pulled Joshua close to him and blew in his ear. “So do you come here often?” he asked trying to act cool.

“I live here; duh!” Joshua replied and shivered as he looked around to see where the sudden draft had come from.

The clock struck midnight.

“Well?” Justin asked.

“Well what?” Joshua asked back.

“Don’t you have to rush off before you turn into a pumpkin or something, leaving a slipper behind so that I can scour all the kitchens in the land until I find you?”

“You read too many books mate; besides I wouldn’t be caught dead in a kitchen, well not unless they were cooking chicken masala and rice with a side serving of stuffed naan.”

“Oh,” Justin was confused now. When prince charming had his ball, he had to track old Cinders down; mind you he was always down the pub complaining that she was obsessed with housework and never gave head until she had scrubbed it first.

“So what now?”

Joshua shrugged. “You ask me to marry you and I say yes?”

“Actually I was hoping for a quickie behind the bike sheds, you know just to make sure that we are compatible.”

“Oh,” Joshua said disappointedly. “I sort of hoped for a good hard fuck but a quickie could work … I guess.”

Justin's mouth fell open and Joshua pushed it shut again. Once Justin had recovered he snatched up Joshua's hand and dragged him from the ball, running him up the stairs into the main part of the castle.

Joshua could hardly catch his breath as his prince ran him up the winding staircase that led to his room in the top most tower. The prince threw him on the bed and then collapsed in a heap having worn himself out of the two hundred odd stairs.

Joshua lifted himself up on one elbow and grinned. “See anything you fancy?” he purred.

Justin's eyes strayed to the collection of star trek figures sitting on Joshua's window ledge. “Could be,” he purred back then grunted as a pillow hit him on the back of the head.

“You were meant to say me!” Joshua pouted and banged his ass down on to the bed. “It sucks being a princess.”

The super slim prince sighed heavily and lay down. “All I want is someone to rescue me and to whisk me away to a far off land where I will be loved and cherished and maybe worshiped as a goddess.”

“Don’t want much do you?” Justin noted as he sat next to the pouting prince.

He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Joshua's mouth and then kissed him again firmer and harder this time.

Joshua whimpered and opened his mouth so that he could taste Justin's tongue.

“Eww, you been eating marmite,” Joshua complained.

“And you had garlic bread and tuna paste, but am I complaining?” Justin replied haughtily. He leaned in and kissed his prince again and this time Joshua didn’t complain, firstly because Justin's tongue seemed to have taken up residence in his mouth and secondly because he was enjoying it way …way too much.

A shower of rainbow coloured sprinkles showered down over them and a satisfied tinkle of laugher floated in the air.

“And they all lived happily ever after,” the fairy god mother proclaimed.

The end.

“Fairy god mother!” King Royston screamed. “You may have sorted out the other fairy in this house hold but what about Jasmine?”

The fairy godmother tapped the side of her nose. “Look out side,” she said.

The king went to the window and looked out side just in time to see his daughter getting into an army truck. She was dressed in kaki green and had a grin the size of a barn as she waved goodbye.

“What will happen to me now?” the king said sadly.

“You’ve still got me,” the fairy godmother quipped.

The king rolled his eyes. “Oh joy,” he muttered sarcastically under his breath as a cascade of yellow sparkles drifted down over him.

Now that’s the end.

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