The air above the twin’s cribs crackled and sparked before exploding into a bright starburst of silver. When the light died down a gentile woman with her silvery grey hair drawn back in a bun and a long flowing peach chiffon dress stood watching over the tiny babies.

She smiled pleasantly and withdrew her wand from one of her long sleeves. Moving to the first crib she gazed down at the infant. “Precious child,” she said in her silvery voice. “My gift to you is that of courage and strength. You will grow up to be handsome and brave, a great warrior and a master swordsman. You will be a credit to your father and a great leader to your kingdom.” She waved her wand and a cascade of blue fairydust sprinkled over the child blessing it with the bestowed gifts.

The fairy godmother moved to the second crib. “Precious child you too I bestow a gift. You will grow up to be the fairest of the fair; sweet and gentle shall be your nature and when you reach your eighteenth year your prince of princes will come into your life and sweep you away to happy ever after.” The fairy waved her wand again. This time a cascade of pink fairydust smothered the sleeping baby.

The door to the nursery opened and the king and queen entered the room. They were taken by surprise at the presence of the fairy godmother but relaxed as they realised that she meant their children no harm.

“Your Eminence you honour us with your presence,” the queen said softly, dipping in curtsey. “May I present to you my children Princess Jasmine and Prince Joshua.”

The godmother smiled and gazed down at the babies. “They are beautiful. You must be very proud.”

The queen blushed and held on to her husbands arm.

“I have already bestowed my gifts to them,” The godmother revealed.

The king and queen beamed with glee. “How wonderful, thank you.” The two royals replied happily.

“You were able to tell them apart then?” the king asked curiously. “I have to say that I have to check. If it wasn’t for this little bundle’s, bundle I couldn’t.” The king picked up the baby lying in the second crib.

The queen laughed softly and slapped her husband playfully, giggling at his description of the little boys genitalia.

The fairy godmother looked at the child in horror. She forced a smile. “Of course I could tell the little darlings apart. I am a fairy godmother after all.”

“OOPS” she thought as she disappeared in a cascade of silver sparkles. Oh well maybe it won’t be as bad as it seems.