Part 1

The band kept playing as JC bounded off stage. It was the last of his club dates and it had totally rocked. Not because his voice was better than it ever had been before. Not because the crowd were so hyped and happy to see him, but because the one person that he wanted the approval of, the one and only person that actually mattered to him was there, watching from the wings, grinning at him like some ultra high Cheshire cat. As he wiped the sweat from his face Justin encased him in his arms from behind and nuzzled into his neck, ignoring JC’s dripping wet hair.

“God you are so fucking sexy when you are all hot and sweaty. I missed seeing you like this,” Justin whispered huskily.

“You were the one that wanted to explore your own solo project baby. I thought you had had enough of seeing me like this,” JC teased. He twisted out of Justin’s arms and skipped back towards the stage.

“”I’ll never get fed up of seeing you like this. There was nothing I loved better than getting you on the bus and licking you all over.” He took a step towards his lover. “Where are you going?”

JC giggled and tossed his head. “Back on stage,” he laughed.


“Because they are calling for me. Honey you’re not the only lusted over Nsyncer. There are a few girls and guys I’ll have you know that actually do fancy me more than you.”

Justin laughed, “That’s right baby there are a FEW.”

JC stopped and pouted. “Carry on like that baby and you won’t be tasting this sweet ass at all.” He paused at the edge of the stage and smiled happily. “Thanks J, it means a lot you being here for me.”

“Where the hell else would I be?” Justin advanced on the slim singer once more causing him to back up.

“Well I know that Cameron . . .”

“Stop! Right there, we don’t say that name in polite company now do we?” Justin pulled JC against him, inhaling deeply and taking in the mixture of sweat and aftershave. “You know she’s only in it for the publicity, same as me. You are the only one I care about.”

JC smiled shyly, he turned and looked at the stage as his cue sounded for the third time. “I’d better answer that,” he said softly.

Justin stroked his face tenderly and guided his lips in for a long sweet kiss. “Hurry up baby, I wanna get you naked and sweatier.”

JC giggled softly and pushed out of his lover’s arms. “I’ll be five minutes.” He sprinted onto stage, grabbing his microphone and ignoring the dirty looks from his band for forcing them to play his intro over and over.

Justin grinned proudly as JC swung his hips and sang very convincingly that he would really love to get it on with two women, cringing slightly when his boyfriend sniffed his fingers after making a very crude movement in front of one of the dancers. “And they say I’m the bad one,” he thought to himself. JC’s eyes met briefly with his. Some Girls, nah they didn’t stand a chance. The only one that would be getting it on with JC anytime soon was him.

All of a sudden JC was bounding back off stage, his grin brighter than the hundreds of light bulbs that were flashing in his wake. He grabbed Justin’s hand and dragged him down the corridor towards his small but practical dressing room, thrusting him into the closet sized room.

Justin looked around him slightly offended that his beautiful, talented lover was forced to put up with such, what was in his eyes, squalor. “They put you in here!”

“It’s fine Justin, I only needed it to get changed.” JC looked around the tiny room. True he was used to better, but beggars couldn’t be choosers. He opted to do clubs and this was the best a club could usually offer.

Justin unconsciously brushed down his pants and the mood was lost. “Lets wait baby, till we get back to the hotel.”

“Okay, if that’s what you want.” JC didn’t bother to hide the look of disappointment on his face or the dejected tone of his voice. “I’m going for a shower.”

Justin sighed and cringed as JC opened the door to the small, grubby looking cubical. “Jace, why don’t you wait till we hit the hotel, the shower’s bigger. I’ll scrub your back.”

JC breathed out a sad sigh. “I know this isn’t what you are used to Justin.”

“It’s not what you are used to either Jace. When did you start to make compromises? This is terrible baby! Why are you doing these tin pot places?”

“Not everyone can be Justin Fucking Timberlake! I have been screwed over by Jive again and again. My album put back, then back again just so they could milk everything they could out of you before they had to settle for second best. Do you have any idea how it feels when every time you are interviewed all they wanna talk about is how good You are doing?”

JC slammed the shower door closed and grabbed his jacket. “I’ll go back to the hotel Justin, Alone. I guess I’ll see you again when I can get a better dressing room.” He stormed out leaving Justin confused as to what had just happened,

As soon as his escalade stopped outside his hotel, JC jumped out and uncharacteristically ignoring the dozen or so fans that had gathered outside, pushed his way into the lobby and into the elevator; leaving his entourage lagging behind. He clicked on the tall lamp that stood in the corner of his room, then after hanging the Do not disturb sign on the outside of his door and double locking it. He snatched some scotch from the bar and lay on his bed swigging it straight from the bottle.

He knew Justin would turn his nose up at the conditions he was being forced to put up with but he never expected him to be down right rude. He took another gulp of the scotch, relishing the burn as it trickled down his throat. His phone started to ring. After five minutes it was still ringing so JC pulled it out of the wall and tossed it onto the floor. Two minutes of peace ensued before his cell phone started. The annoying high-pitched sound of Cry me a river filled the hotel room and JC screamed, burying his head under the pillow.

Eventually whoever was calling gave up and JC took his scotch into the bathroom, turning on the shower before stripping off his show clothes and stepping under the scalding hot water, leaving his bottle within reaching distance. The relaxing water felt good on his skin as he let it cascade over his tired body. Why did he let Justin get under his skin like that? He had been so looking forward to being with his boyfriend again and now he had blown it. Justin would go back to LA or Florida and it would be another two months before they saw each other again.

JC turned off the water and wrapped his towel around his narrow hips. He picked up his bottle of scotch and took another long gulp before walking back into the bedroom. He stopped dead his mouth hanging open in shock and confusion. He looked over his shoulder at the door that was still double locked then back at the man laying naked on his bed.

“How the fuck did you get in?” he snarled.

Justin propped himself up on one elbow and grinned. “I have my ways.”

“You jumped the balcony! Are you stupid? Do you know what floor I’m on? You could have killed yourself.” JC was horrified that his lover would take the risk of climbing over balconies when they were on the twenty-fifth floor.

“You’re worth the risk baby.” Justin got up and walked over to JC, pulling the white hotel towel loose and dropping it on the floor. “I’m sorry Jace. Sorry I criticised you. I didn’t realise how hard it must be for you.” As he spoke Justin started to fondle JC’s cock and balls. “I know Jive have put a lot of effort into my solo effort. I just figured that they would do the same for you.” Justin nuzzled his nose against JC’s and placed a small peck on his lips.

JC sagged, his determination to be mad with his boyfriend dissipating. “I didn’t mean to take it out on you J. it’s just so frustrating. I’ve worked so hard.”

“ I know you have baby.” Justin took hold of JC’s hand and led him over to the bed.

JC sighed and sat on its edge, his eyes lowered. The scotch had blurred the edges of his world and made it just that little bit unstable. Soft fingers lifted his chin and his lips were covered by Justin’s lush mouth. He groaned with pent up need as Justin’s hands wandered down between his legs, tugging gently on his cock till it thickened and lengthened under the tender ministrations. The two men’s lips stayed glued together as their tongues explored and tasted each other’s mouths. Lust overtook them both, pushing foreplay out of the window. JC wrapped his legs around Justin’s waist and lifted his ass. Their eyes met, dark with wanton desire.

JC groaned and raked his short manicured nails down Justin’s back as he was penetrated, lifting up in perfect precision with Justin, helping the younger man hit his sweet spot with every thrust. Both men came hard almost simultaneously and lay panting and glued together. Justin’s body covered the naked form of his lover, reluctant to move and break the intimate contact. Slowly their breathing returned to normal and the sweat that covered their bodies started to cool making them shiver. Justin rolled off JC and tugged the quilt over them both, spooning into the slim brunette.

“I missed you Jace. All the time I was in Europe, it wasn’t the same without you to come home to.”

“I never thought that I mattered to you anymore.”

Justin sat up. “How the hell can you say that? You know you have always been the most important person in my life.”

“Well where will you be when I have my release party Justin? Will you be in New York holding my hand? No, you’ll be in Canada. Making your precious movie.” Joshua rolled out of bed, snatching his boxers from the chair and slipping into them. He walked over to the mini bar and took out his scotch, drinking it straight from the bottle.

Justin sighed and followed him. He took the liquor away and screwed the top back on. “Baby.”

JC shrugged him away. “No Justin, you are never there for me. You never support me, not ever.” The brunette walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. “I think you should go.”

“JC don’t be like this baby. You know I love and support you. If there was anyway I could be there with you I would.” Justin took a step towards his upset lover only to be stopped by JC’s hands pushing him away. “I’m tired Justin. You know the way out.”

The bathroom door closed in Justin’s face. The singer leaned his head against the cool painted wood, his heart breaking at the soft muted sounds of his boyfriend’s sobs. “I love you,” he whispered. He picked up his clothes and got dressed. As he unlocked the bedroom door he spotted the three-dozen red roses he had sent JC earlier in the day. He pulled half a dozen stems from the vase and laid them over JC’s pillow, then with a sad sigh left.