Part 3

The waitress brought him another cup of coffee. “Anything else sweetie?” she asked.

“No thanks.” JC waited till she had moved on then put the file on the table. He sat staring at it for a long time, afraid to open it, afraid not to. He stared at the manila packet until his coffee got cold. He watched as a young woman juggled with her shopping and a baby buggy, smiling thankfully at another girl who held the diner door open for her.

JC picked up the file and opened the flap. His heart pounded in his chest and he took deep breaths trying to calm himself down. He closed his eyes once more then opened them again and began to read.

He sat the whole evening just going over and over the pamphlets. The waitress dutifully kept him supplied with coffee and even talked him into ordering a grilled chicken sandwich which still sat untouched and stone cold before him.

“Are you alright honey? You haven’t touched your meal. Didn’t you like it?”

JC looked up from his reading and smiled. “I’m just not hungry thanks, maybe you’d wrap it for me?”

The waitress smiled back “sure honey.” She picked up his plate and went to the kitchen.

JC checked his watch and gasped at the time. He had been sitting reading nearly all night. He threw thirty dollars on to the table to pay his bill knowing that would more than cover it. Then he waited for his sandwich to be brought back, telling the waitress to keep the change as he took it from her. Then making sure he had picked up all his papers he went back to his car and drove home.

He let himself in and tossed the file on the couch and went up to his room, stripping off and walking naked down the hall to his bathroom. One of the beauties of living alone was if he wanted to, he could. He took his time in the shower, washing away the aches of the day. He leaned back against the cool ceramic tiles and reached down between his legs, palming his ball sack, groaning as he used his free hand to slowly jerk himself off, sinking himself deeply into the self-gratification, the only kind of release he seemed to be getting these days. He came with an intensity that took his breath away and had him sagging back against the shower wall. JC took a few minutes to compose himself then finished showering.

He dried his hair roughly, not caring to style it, not as if anyone was going to see it, he’d do it in the morning again anyway. He crawled under his quilt and sunk into the softness of his pillows. His mind churned with all the information he had tried to digest. Male pregnancy; everything screamed at him to be cautious. Not to believe what he had read; but then there was George. There was no denying that he was pregnant. JC had seen it with his own eyes. Felt it with his own hands. That was reality and that reality excited and scared him.


Justin crept into his boyfriend’s bedroom and sat on the side of the bed. Gently he brushed brunette unruly curls from JC’s face and leaned down, kissing the softly parted lips tenderly. JC blinked a couple of time, startled awake with the lip-to-lip contact.

Justin stroked his hair. “I didn’t mean to wake you baby. It’s just that you looked so damned pretty.”

JC blinked again rapidly trying to clear the sleep from his eyes. “Justin!” he exclaimed. “What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in Canada.”

Justin laid on the bed pressing his long body against his lovers. “I couldn’t leave things how they were. You sounded so hurt, so broken. I had to come home and fix you.”

“Is that how you see me, something to fix?” JC slung the quilt off him fully awake now, and got out of bed storming across the room to get away from the incredibly close contact that was threatening to undermine his composure.

Justin licked his lips at the sight of his pissed off, naked lover. And swung himself up and followed JC trapping him belly first against the bedroom wall. He peppered kisses on JC’s bare shoulder and up the side of his neck. “That’s not what I meant. I hurt you, and you’re right, all I have to do is say no. So I did baby. I said no, I’m going home to my baby boy. Cameron can go fuck herself because I sure as hell am not going to, not when I have the sweetest peach waiting for me at home.” Justin let his hands travel down JC’s body and cup his ass, all the time his mouth travelled over JC’s sensitive flesh. Kissing and tasting his way up and down his neck.

“Justin!” JC cried as the younger man ground his pelvis hard into him. He squirmed and turned in Justin’s arms, groaning when his naked cock came in contact with the hard denim clad mound protruding from the front of his jeans.

“Justin don’t …”

“Why not baby? Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t ravish you right now.” JC’s answer was smothered by Justin’s lips and his knees buckled as his young enthusiastic lover made love to his mouth, slowly tongue fucking him, twirling and contorting his tongue around his, controlling the length and depth of the kiss. Justin drew him towards him, walking him back to the bed, not breaking their lip contact. He pulled him down on top of him; still lapping at his mouth then rolled him over, pinning him to the bed. Justin ground himself against JC’s cock making the older man whimper.

“Undo me,” he muttered into JC’s mouth. “Get me out.”

JC fumbled with Justin’s pants, reaching inside and finding Justin’s stiffness. The younger man moaned into JC’s mouth as JC’s soft hand closed around him. Justin shimmied out of his jeans and thrust his knee between JC’s legs, pulling him sharply down the bed. He hooked the panting brunettes right leg over his shoulder and thrust inside him. JC threw back his head and howled in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He growled and grabbed the back of Justin’s head, arching up so their foreheads touched.

“Harder,” he panted. “Harder.”

Justin slammed himself into his lover with renewed vigour; nasty, dirty sex with JC excited him beyond belief. No woman had ever made him so turned on as the willowy Nsync-er did. He felt JC begin to shudder and his whimpering suddenly went up two octaves, a sure sign of his impending orgasm. Justin stifled a scream as JC’s teeth sunk into his shoulder and he rammed himself in to his ass harder as punishment. JC came hard, with Justin a heartbeat behind him, pulling out and coming over JC’s spurting cock saturating them both in a mixture of their cum. They lay glued together, neither one with the strength to get up and clean themselves. Justin rolled them both in the discarded quilt and they snuggled together.

JC licked at Justin’s throat, nuzzling him and inhaling his aroma. “Justin,” he whispered.


“I do love you, I never meant to doubt you.”

“I know that baby boy.” Justin hugged JC closer.

“I don’t want to lose you.”

Justin kissed JC’s head fiercely. “You won’t. I promise,” he breathed as they both fell into an exhausted sleep.


Justin woke early and lay for a good hour just watching his sleeping boyfriend. He was tempted to wake him and make long slow love to the sleepy man. Instead the call of nature urged him out of bed and once up he went downstairs to get a drink instead. He padded across to the fridge and got out some juice and drank it straight from the carton. Silently he chastised himself, miming in his head his little Impression of JC telling him off. He threw the empty juice carton into the trash and went into the living room, switching on the TV. Justin slumped down on the couch, dropping JC’s folder onto the floor. He channel hopped for a while then curiosity got the better of him. He reached for the folder and opened it. He frowned at the heading and began to read.

When JC came down stairs Justin was sitting at on of the high stools at the breakfast bar eating a bowl of cereal. JC sat opposite him and took a mouthful of his coffee. “Didn’t hear you get up darlin’,” he said seductively. “I was kinda hoping for a replay of last night.”

“Why? Did you think if you did it enough times you’d get pregnant? “

JC went white. “ I don’t know what you mean,” he lied.

Justin reached under the counter and took the file that was resting on his lap and tossed it at his boyfriend. “Don’t lie to me Joshua Scott.” Justin pushed his cereal away in temper, knocking the bottle green dish on its side and spilling its contents over the counter.

“What the fuck are you thinking Jace?” he shouted. “What are you doing reading this bullshit?”

JC trembled, recoiling from his boyfriends temper. “I was going to tell you about it. It’s not bullshit Justin, it’s real.”

Justin shook his head. “No, no its not real. It’s total madness.”

“But Justin …”

“I said no JC. It’s total crap. Did you read what they do to you? How they make you ready to conceive? Its nothing short of butchery. They cut your diaphragm and shove all your internal organs up and stick an artificial womb inside you. You wouldn’t be able to breath, never lone have a baby.”

Tears started to run down JC’s face; reacting to the intense anger he was receiving from his boyfriend. “Its real Justin, I’ve seen the results.”

Justin lunged over the counter grabbing JC by his upper arms and shaking him. “What! Did some dude show you a baby and say he had it. It’s a scam. A way of milking cash out of idiots that don’t know any better.”

JC went limp in Justin’s hands, Justin realising what he had said in temper released his hold.

“Get out.”

Justin rounded the counter wrapping his arms around his distraught lover. “Oh baby I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get so angry with you. It’s just.. You’re so trusting. You need protecting. I didn’t mean to hurt you again.”

JC looked up at him with tears streaming down his face. “Why do I need protecting Justin? Because I’m an idiot?”

“No, no baby you’re not, I didn’t mean that. It was anger speaking. And I’m not angry with you I’m angry with the bastards that have been filling your head with this crap.”

JC controlled his breathing. “You said it was a scam for idiots that didn’t any know better. You said I was an idiot.”

Justin tried to hug him but was shrugged off.

“Well I’m sure you don’t need to be tied to an idiot Justin so it’s over.” JC walked over to the window staring out over the hills, his vision bleared from his crying.

“Jace you don’t mean that.” Justin came up behind him attempting to hold him once more.

“Get out Justin, Get out. GET OUT. GET OUT!” JC screamed, he snatched a glass from the side and threw it at his boyfriend. Justin dodged it and it smashed against the breakfast bar. “GET OUT OF MY HOUSE,” JC screamed again.

Justin backed up. “You’re crazy JC. I’ll come back when you’re willing to see sense.”


Justin snatched up the spilt file and stormed out of JC’s house. He pulled his cell out of his pocket and pushed speed-dial. He raked his nails over his scalp, waiting for an answer.

“I thought I told you to look out for JC!” Justin screamed down the phone as it was answered.

“What the fuck!” Lance screamed back. “I did fucking keep an eye on him.”

“I’m on my way over and you better have a fucking good excuse.” Justin hung up before Lance could say another word and got into his car.

He stormed into Lance’s house his face black with rage. He threw his car keys on the kitchen table and turned on his band mate. “You said you’d see he was alright. You said that you’d keep an eye on him!”

Lance got up in Justin’s face. “And I fucking did. He’s a twenty fucking seven year old man, what am I supposed to do, baby sit him? Get him some walking reigns? Get fucking real Justin.”

“You should have stopped him getting involved in that!” Justin threw the file at Lance.

Chris came into the kitchen. “What the fucks all the shouting about?”

“Superstar here thinks we haven’t been looking after his boy right,” Lance said as he flipped through the paperwork Justin had thrown at him. “What the fuck is this?” he asked.

“That is what JC has been up to. He’s got it into his head that he could have a baby, that its actually possible. What the fuck have you been giving him to smoke?” Justin helped himself to a coke from Lance’s fridge.

Chris started to thumb through the papers that Lance had already skimmed over. “You got to be fucking kidding me.”

Justin snarled, “Do I look like I’m kidding?”

“Surely JC doesn’t believe this?” Lance said sitting down opposite Justin at the table.

“Oh no, of course not. That’s why I just left him sobbing his heart out because I told him it was a load of crap. Then he told me that we are through and kicked me out.”

“This is bullshit,” Chris said dropping the papers back in front of Lance. “I knew he’d developed an obsession with fan fiction, in particular Mpreg, but I never imagined for one minute that he was taking it seriously.”

Justin looked up at his band mate. “Mpreg?” he asked.

“Male pregnancy fiction. I stumbled across one or two when I was having late night sessions on the net.”

Justin slapped his hands on the table, making Lance jump. “Oh and you thought it’d be a good idea to show JC them. Good thinking Chris. Great use of your psychology degree.”

“I never told JC shit! He already knew about them. Anyway I told Lance.”

Lance looked up “Ummm, what? Justin where‘s JC now?”

“At home why?”

Lance got up and went to the phone. “He’s not answering. Are you sure he’s there?”

Justin went pale. “He was. Maybe he’s not answering because he thinks it me. Try his cell Chris.”

The founder member of Nsync dialled his friend and waited. “It says it’s turned off.”

“Oh fuck no!” Justin grabbed his keys and ran out to his car, Lance and Chris a step behind him.