JC stood on the cabin porch watching the ocean roll in and out of shore. The moonlight and stars sparkled on the dark water. He sighed and leaned back as two strong arms enveloped him.

“What you thinking baby?”

JC wriggled his butt back into Justin’s crotch. “Just thinking how beautiful the stars are out here. It’s funny how your can’t see them in LA.”

“It’s the city lights that make them disappear.” Justin nuzzled the back of his husbands neck.

“Out here you take them for granted. I could stay here forever.” JC sighed again and relaxed against Justin’s chest. “Why did I do it Justin? How could I have been so stupid?”

Justin tightened his arms around JC’s waist. “You were conned baby, it’s not your fault.”

“Then who’s fault is it? You tried to warn me but I wouldn’t listen. I destroyed our trust. I nearly destroyed us.” JC closed his eyes and gave a soft whimper as tender kisses were placed down the side of his neck.

“You were conned by a very clever con artist. She tapped into your greatest desire and your worse insecurities. She gave you hope at a time when we were parted and I was being forced to play happy families with Cameron.” Justin inhaled JC’s aroma, rubbing his nose against his skin.

“I thought we didn’t say that name in polite company?” JC joked half heartedly.

Justin sniggered. “I’ll never say her name again, promise.” JC groaned as Justin slipped his hand down the front of his shorts and fondled him gently, his tongue dragging up and down the side of his neck.

“I’m sorry,“ JC breathed. “I was a fool, I only did it because I love you and I could see you slipping away from me. George made it sound so easy. He offered me a way to keep you. I believed him. I wanted to believe him, her.”

“I am as much to blame as anyone baby. I could have talked to you, listened. Hell even got Johnny to check everything out. I nearly lost you baby. I don’t know what I would have done if I had lost you.” Justin’s right hand brushed the scar that ran from under JC’s ribcage to his pelvic bone. “I wish I could take away the pain and make it right again.”

“It is right Justin. I’m almost a hundred percent now and apart from not being able to eat very much at one sitting I got off lightly. Out of the seven of us that you and the guys saved only three of us survived and the other two suffered kidney failure and other problems. You saved me Justin. You saved me.”

Justin turned JC around in his arms and kissed his lips lovingly. “Come to bed,” he whispered.

The slim man smiled shyly and took Justin’s hand in his. “I will if we can make love.”

Justin pulled back so he could look his husband in the eye. “Are you trying to seduce me Mr. Chasez -Timberlake.”

“Yes Mr. Timberlake-Chasez. Do you have a problem with that?”

“None what so ever and its Chasez-Timberlake, you’re the bitch in this relationship not me.”

JC pouted and pushed Justin away. “Well if I’m the bitch I have the right to change my mind don’t I?”

Justin grabbed at his hand again and yanked him inside the cabin and towards the bedroom, making JC giggle hysterically as he was suddenly thrown over Justin’s shoulder in an attempt to get him there quicker. Justin kicked the bedroom door open and tossed his husband on the bed, diving on top of him. He brushed JC’s hair from his eyes and leaned down kissing and licking over his full pouting lips

“I love you Joshua Scott,” he said before he covered his mouth once more.

The End.

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