Part 2

It wasn’t long before Josh was pulling on a thick pair of sports socks, sweatpants and a sweater provided by the NYPD, he sat huddled on the narrow cot sipping steaming hot thick broth. Justin watched him carefully. “You have rights Mr Chasez, Josh. You have basic rights that you can demand, I can demand on your behalf. To be clothed is one of them.” The brunette looked up his steel blue eyes were framed with heavy lashes dripping with bright droplets of crystalline tears. “I ... I was so scared.” He worried his bottom lip with his straight white teeth humiliated by his admission to the younger man.

Justin patted Josh’s knee “I would be scared too Joshua. You were pulled out of your bed, cuffed then thrown in a holding cell. Josh you do know why you are here don’t you?”

The brunette shook his head slightly. “They said some thing to me but I didn’t really understand, I was just so scared.”

Justin leaned back on his chair reluctant to tell the frightened man why he had been arrested deciding to just ask his questions for now . Clasping his hands before him leaned forward on to the table. “Where were you on the 17th of October?”

Josh thought hard “Thursday right?” Justin nodded his head.

“I work from Tuesday thru Saturday days and nights so I would have been at work.”

“What time do you finish?”

“ Mostly round two but that night I didn’t finish up till three thirty.”

Justin chewed on the end of his pencil. ”How can you be so sure?”

Josh smiled slightly “Cus I had a date.”

A wide grin broke across Justin’s face. “A date? A date my dear Joshua translates into an alibi. And who was this date with?” Justin was scribbling furiously on his note pad. He looked up when he got no answer. “Josh who was your date with?” The brunette was chewing his nails his knees pulled up tight and his ankles crossed, he rocked gently back and forth tears welling in his eyes. “Josh, who was your date with?”

“I was alone.” Josh turned his face from the young attorney unwilling to face him in a lie. “There was no date.”

The brunette hid is face under his arms and began to sob gently. “Who are you protecting ?”

The older man kept his face hidden “Myself.”

The vision of the traumatised young man played heavily on Justin’s mind. He barely slept a wink all night. tTomorrow was the preliminary hearing and he had nothing to offer. Forensic’ had come back inconclusive and if Josh had gone on a date he was keeping it close to his chest. Justin crawled down his bed and reached onto the floor picking up a bundle of papers he had dropped there earlier, flicking through them thoroughly. He pulled on his sweater and slipped his feet into his sneakers. He needed answers and he wasn’t going to get them in bed.

Frankies was throbbing the que. reached halfway down the road. Justin walked right up to the doorman and showed him his badge. “I need to speak to your boss.” The two hundred pound, 6’6’’ man looked down at the pushy blond and un-hooked the thick cord blocking the entrance. “Up the stairs first on your right.” Justin nodded his thanks and entered the smoky establishment. He made his way up the twisting staircase and knocked loudly on the door before walking right in. “Hello Sir, My name is Justin Harliss and I’m making enquires about an employee of yours .”

The short fat man with greying blond hair and glasses stretched out a chubby hand. “Lou Pearlman, Which employee?”

“Joshua Chasez.”

“Quiet boy, good worker, Whats he done?”

Justin rubbed his head “Well I’m not sure that he’s done anything. I just want to confirm a few things if I may.”

Lou shrugged and pulled out a diary from his right hand drawer. “Ok shoot.”

“Was Josh working on 17th October and what time did he finish?”

Lou opened his book and flipped through to the appropriate date. “17th you say. Yep Josh was working that night, swiped out at 3.33am.”

Justin breathed a sigh of relief “You don’t happen to know if he left with anyone do you?”

“Nope. But go down ask Danni I know they walk home together most nights, She might be-able to help you.” Justin shook the podgy hand once more and went in search of Danni.

It took three JD shots to pin down the active waitress. “Yeah hun, what you want?”

Justin flashed her his district attorneys badge. “Tell me about Josh.”

The waitress stared the young attorney down her hip thrust out to the side as she chewed her gum relentlessly. “What about Joshie?”

“Does he date?”

“Why you interested? Josh is too good for you.” She turned on her heel and started to walk away, Justin grabbed her arm. “Josh is in a lot of trouble. Now I’m trying to help him but I need to know some answers. Was Josh dating?”

The waitress tossed her bleached blond hair and leaned in to Justin.

“He’s got a boyfriend, comes by once in a while, Married man. Uses Josh for sex then disappears on him for weeks on end. Joshie loves him but he’s a scumbag.”

“Do you have a name for this scumbag?”

“Yeah, Bass Lance Bass.”

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