Frankies was busling, friday night was always a heavy night. The barman a blue eyed brunette opened three beers passing them to the three girls busy studying his body. “That’s ten bucks Ma’am.” The blond handed over a twenty “You can keep the change if I can have a kiss.” Josh blushed taking a deep breath he leaned over the bar and let her lips meet his. After a few minutes he pulled back “Ma’am I have to go back to work.” The blond sighed deeply and turned to her friends “That was so worth ten bucks.” The trio collapsed into fits of laughter and made their way over to the dance floor.

Josh shook his head and wiped over the bar grinning and placed a coaster in front of the man who took their place.

“Yes sir, whats your poison tonight?”

He looked up into startling green eyes and a deep southern voice replied “Scotch on the rocks and how about the same treatment that, that little girl just got?” Josh reached over and grabbed the mans collar crushing his lips to the smiling mans, his tongue snaked out and was sucked into a eager mouth. teeth clamped down holding his tongue tightly in their grip, Josh whimpered unable to escape. Then he was freed, “I missed you baby.” He whispered. The green eyed blond threw his credit card on to the counter “Keep the drinks coming sweetheart I want to be nice and relaxed for the night I’m going to spend with you.” Lance grinned as his boyfriend screamed with glee “The night ? the whole night? My god Lance how?”

“She thinks I’m out of town with a client sweetie. Now my beauty get me my drink or I’ll have to punish you later.” A wicked smile crossed Josh’s face.

“What can I get ya pal?”

He winked playfully at his lover as he served the person standing next to him leaving Lance without a drink. “You are so going to pay for this Joshua.” The deep voice sent shivers down Josh’s spine as he grabbed the blondes tie and pulled him in for another kiss between serving more drinks “I hope so” he smiled “I really hope so.”

It was three thirty before Josh got out of the bar he ran over to the silver Mercedes parked on the right hand side of the now empty parking lot and climbed in the passenger seat. He was pressed back firmly as a mouth attacked his and his bottom lip was sucked into lance’s mouth, teeth clamping down of the soft pink flesh once more. He groaned loudly as Lance’s hand began to kneed his cock bringing it springing to life. “Take off your pants sweetie.” Josh looked at his boyfriend through the darkness.


Lance planted a soft wet kiss on his mouth and breathed into him “Here baby, right here . Ride me honey.” The brunette slipped off his jeans, The green eyed man couldn’t help but smile at his boyfriends lack of underwear as Josh straddled his lap. He eased himself down breathing heavily as the 7inch cock penetrated his tight hole. He buried his face in the blondes neck and lifted himself up only to drop straight down again. Lance held onto Josh’s hips guiding his depth and speed. “Harder baby. Ride me harder.” The car windows ran with the condensation they generated as their heated breath consumed all the oxygen in the confined space. Josh’s moans became more urgent as his prostate was jabbed hard over and over again. He could barely move now, it was Lance thrusting upwards and pulling away again that had the brunette purring like a kitten. “I love you Lance.” He screamed as he shot ropes of cum over his boyfriends bare chest. Convulsions tightened his ass around the huge cock that was still plunging deep inside him causing Lance to cum long and hard.

They stayed locked together, Lance’s hands wandering tenderly over Josh’s back as he sucked on his neck. Josh hung helplessly in his lovers arms relishing the incredible closeness of their bodies. “I mean it, I do love you Lance.” He was rewarded with a passionate kiss and a deep southern reply “I know you do baby. I know you do.”