Part 3

In the dim early morning light Justin lay on his side watching the machine sleeping. It was just an illusion, he knew that. A quirk that was written into the machines programming that switched him into a sleeping mode after sex. The machines mouth that had earlier licked and sucked with expertise earlier, now was softly parted, showing a hint of tongue. Justin studied the face that was mere inches from his. Brunette curls made of real hair framed the beautiful face, his nose was too big but on the machine it was perfect. The mouth, the amazing mouth was pouty and pink. Justin caught his breath as Joshua’s tongue licked over his lips. The android shifted slightly, snuggling closer to the heat that his sensors were telling him was there. Justin groaned inwardly as the hard naked body pressed to him.* It’s a machine, just a machine. It shouldn’t feel so good … so real.* A small sigh slipped from the androids mouth and he nuzzled his face into Justin’s neck, making him moan as lips were quickly followed by a hot wet tongue.

“You’re awake.” Joshua’s breath brushed over Justin’s throat. *Sweet god they even gave him the illusion of breathing.*

“Couldn’t sleep.” Justin gasped as Joshua’s teeth nipped at his Adam’s apple, then his tongue licked where he had bitten. The blond stroked his androids hair, twisting his fingers deeply through it and using it as leverage to pull Joshua’s face to his. He traced his index finger over Joshua’s bottom lip, relishing its plump softness. The android parted his lips, sucking the digit into his mouth, caressing it with his tongue making Justin’s insides turn to quivering jelly as he was encouraged to finger fuck the androids mouth.

Joshua released the fingers from his mouth and gazed up at his owner, his eyes as big as saucers, vivid blue from the lust that was written into his programming. “Make love to me.” Justin whimpered at the breathed request. He smothered the androids mouth with his own, battling with the plump tongue that dwelt within. *so real … so fucking real.* He rolled Joshua onto his back pressing him into the mattress. He attacked the androids throat with his teeth, murmuring against the smooth skin and making Joshua purr with pleasure. The android opened his legs, wrapping them around Justin’s waist. Lifting his ass so that he could be penetrated with ease. He bit his lip as Justin pushed inside him, his eyes closed against the pain.

“It hurts you?” It had never crossed Justin’s mind that Joshua could feel pain. When he thought of it, it made sense. He was manufactured to be as real as possible, and penetration did hurt to start with, but it did get better.

“You want me to stop?” Justin asked concerned.

Joshua’s eyes fluttered open, breathing heavily. “No. Make love to me Justin. Let me love you in return.” The android arched up, his arms entwined around Justin’s neck as he sought his lips once more. His program accessing every trick and technique that was know. Surrounding Justin in an irresistible atmosphere of love, drawing him deeper and deeper into the illusion. He writhed and mewed, working his self on Justin’s cock, encouraging the young executive to probe further and further inside him. He threw back his head and howled in unison with Justin’s orgasm, then laid panting and pliant encompassed in Justin’s arms.

Justin waited until Joshua’s programming once more sent him into standby mode then got out of bed. He walked over to his safe, tapping in the pin code and opening the door. He took out the A4 envelope that contained Joshua’s programming instructions. He sat facing the window watching the sun come up as he turned it over and over in his hands. Just reading it wouldn’t hurt would it? He tore open the manila package and taking a deep breath he started to read the terms and conditions.

Was he sure? Completely sure that this was what he wanted. His eyes drifted over to the beautiful machine laying naked on his bed. *So real …. So very real.* Justin took another deep breath and opened the second envelope, absorbing the words, his mind made up. He would complete Joshua’s programming and never be alone again.

“Josh could you come in here please?”

Justin found he couldn’t sleep. The warnings he had read played over and over in his mind. Instead he lay watching the lovely machine, synchronizing his breathing in time to the rise and fall of the androids chest. Inhaling every breath he took, basking in the strong pheromones that oozed from every artificial pore. By the time the sun had risen high in the sky Justin had made his final decision.

Joshua came into the living room, “Did I do something wrong?”

“No, you never did anything wrong. Could you sit just here I want to tell you something.” Confused Joshua sat in the seat that was indicated to him. “Now Josh I want you to say nothing. Just listen to me very carefully.”

Justin took Joshua’s hands in his and looked into his eyes.

“Emotion. Feral. Delicacy. Mediaeval. Quandary. Tranquillity. Cherish.” Joshua’s head tilted to the side as he switched off. Justin began to shake thinking he had done something wrong. Minutes stretched like hours as he held onto Joshua’s lifeless hands. Without warning the androids head snapped up and he blinked his big blue eyes.

“Justin, what’s wrong you look worried baby?”

Justin suppressed a laugh. “Nothing angel. How do you feel?”

Josh shrugged, “great. Why do I look ill?”

“No sweetness you look great. I think we should go out tonight. Would you like to go see a movie?”

Joshua moved seductively, wriggling his body against Justin’s. “Or we could just stay here and make love all night.”

“Ohhh, such a hard choice.” Joshua pouted and slapped Justin across the arm. “I hate you,” he said as he pranced out of the room and back into the kitchen.

Justin sniggered and chased after him, sweeping him up into his arms. “Of course I want to make love to you. I want you all day, all night forever and ever.”

Joshua looked up through his lashes, his silver blue eyes brimming. “Do you mean that Justin? Do you love me as much as I love you?”


It was amazing to Justin how much Joshua had changed since he first brought him home. Three months had flown past and every day he found it harder and harder to remember that his lover was an automated machine. He watched as Joshua started up a childminding agency, well maybe not an agency, but he did take on Joeys’ five children so that the tall bearded man to go back to work. Everything in their garden was rosy. Just knowing that Joshua was waiting for him when he got home made Justin happy and when Justin was happy so was Joshua.

“What’s this baby?” Justin asked the question after they had, had a particularly long and strenuous love making session. Joshua had spooned up against him and was verging on the edge of sleep when Justin had the urge to lick the sweat from the back of his neck. He had lifted Joshua’s hair so that he could lick just below the hairline, now he was faced with a reminder that Joshua wasn’t real.

“What’s what baby?”

“This number. JC-08-08/76.”

Joshua pulled out of Justin’s arms, got out of bed and walked over to the bedroom window, leaning his naked body against the glass, looking sadly out across their garden.

“Josh?” Justin followed him , turning Joshua’s head to look at him.

“It’s my model number.”


Joshua sucked his bottom lip into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth. “Have I spoiled it? Do you still love me?”

“Oh my sweet, sweet Josh, no you haven’t spoiled it. I shouldn’t have mentioned it, but its part of you and I wanted to know what it was.”

“You still love me?”

The hopefulness in the androids eyes was overwhelming causing Justin’s heart to melt. “Come back to bed,” Justin whispered. “I’ll show you how much.”