Justin carried a birthday cake from the kitchen to the table of children and adults waiting patiently. They all began to sing happy birthday loudly to the little boy sitting on Joshua’s lap. “Happy birthday dear Scott, happy birthday to you.” Everyone clapped and Joshua kissed the little boy on top of his head.

When everyone had cake Joe pulled Justin to the side. “How are things going?”

“Good. He forgave me completely for what I did to him. It was only when I saw him, naked, crying, so vulnerable, trapped in that acid tank that I realised how much I really loved him. It doesn’t matter that he’s not real. I love him and he loves me.”

“How is he with Scotty?”

Justin laughed. “Brilliant, much better than I am. It’s a quirk in his programming, Scott has my DNA, he senses that and therefore he loves him too.”

Joey grinned “I’m happy for you Justin, how did Sam take it?”

“He was furious, tossed aside for a pile of silicone and optic fibres. Things got nasty there for a while but he left eventually, after he realised that I wasn‘t going to change my mind again. Josh means the world to me. Explaining him to my parents was a hurdle, but they understand.”

“Does Sam know about Scotty?”

“No, I never told him. Scott is my son, mine and Joshua’s, the only one we will ever have. I‘ll not risk Sam taking him from me.” Justin looked over to where Joshua was singing ‘The wheels on the bus’ happily to his baby boy and Joey’s five children. “He’s so beautiful Joe. How could I ever have considered destroying him?”

“You were confused Jup, that’s all. Hey what about Chris and Lance’s news?”

Justin grinned “I know, who would have thought that after all this time they’d be matched by the central computer.”

“Well, they weren’t exactly matched.”

“What do you mean?”

Joey leaned in close and whispered in Justin’s ear. “Can you keep a secret? Joshua hacked into the computer and changed Lance’s DNA details.”

“HE DID WHAT?” Justin was horrified but mostly impressed.

“Yeah, brilliant or what. He went through so many different paths they’ll never notice. I guess that‘s one of the perks of being a machine yourself. No insult intended.” Joey held up his hands in surrender to the black look that Justin threw his way at the mention of his lovers lack of humanity.

“I can’t believe he would do that, never lone being capable.”

Joey smirked “yeah he shocked the hell out of me. You are a really lucky man Justin.”

Justin looked up smiling, meeting the beautiful blue eyes of his automated lover across the room. Yeah he was lucky and he thanked god that he was.

The end

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