Justin woke up on the floor of a strange room. He struggled to his feet and leaned heavily on the window ledge too dizzy to stand unaided. He noticed it was dark outside it had been early afternoon he was sure. Joshua, where was Joshua? He burst into tears as realisation hit him hard, he was back, back in 1980. And Joshua .... Joshua was dead. He forced himself to stand upright and staggered back to his room and threw himself on the bed tears blinding him.

“Its June 18, 1912 you are in the grand hotel, Joshua is waiting for you, he loves you. IT IS June 18, 1912.”

Justin repeated the phrases over and over his eyes squeezed tightly shut, tears seeping from the corners. He screamed and beat the pillow with frustration

“Its not working... Josh its not working.”

He spent the rest of the night trying to return to his lover. He went to the hall of history and pulled up a chair staring at his lost love for hours before returning to his room and trying again. His days blurred into endless heartache. He stayed in his room just staring at the lake, picturing his love dipping a slender foot into the deep waters. He spent hour after hour his liquid blue eyes transfixed on the portrait of the beautiful man that had captured his heart.

He cried agonised tears for the pain he knew now he had caused Joshua. More than once he screamed into his pillow. “Stupid, stupid, So fucking stupid” He had caused this, he had been too stupid to check all the pockets before he embarked on his journey. He couldn’t sleep. He couldn’t eat. Every time he closed his eyes he saw the anguished look of terror on his loves face as he was ripped so cruelly back to his own time and the horrified scream


He pulled a chair to the window, wrapped a blanket round his shoulders and sat staring out.

A week later Joey became most concerned he hadn’t seen the golden haired young man. He had seen him a couple of times early in the week staring at the picture of Joshua Chasez. He knocked on Justin’s door but received no answer. He went and spoke to the hotel manager voicing his apprehension about the young writers sudden reclusiveness. The two of them went up to Justin’s room banging on the door calling out for him to please open the door. The old man looked pleadingly at his younger manager who nodded. Joey pulled out a large bunch of keys from his pocket and unlocked the door.

They found Justin sitting on a chair staring out at the lake a blanket wrapped round his shoulders. Barely breathing his deathly pale skin almost luminous in the sunlight. Big blue eyes filled with uncried tears. Joey quickly phoned for an ambulance as the manager tried to talk to the stricken man. Justin couldn’t see him, he just wanted to be left alone with his grief. His eyes fixed on a light in the corner of the room watching it get brighter and brighter, watching it fascinated as it took shape. Then he was there, Joshua stood before him his face serene a small smile resting gently on his luscious soft lips surrounded in a bright glow. He reached out his hand smiling lovingly. “Come back to me Justin.” He begged. Justin reached out and their hands touched. Joshua drew his blond lover into his arms kissing him lovingly.

“I waited for you, I knew you would come.”

Justin’s body died.

They would be together now .... Forever.

The End.

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